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The chronicled adventures of the adventurers of Ithron as part of the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Some information on the term “physrep” and assorted kit sundries can be found here. Kit tutorials can also be found here.

For more information on the system, suggestions of IC songs or to read up on some of the player characters featured in the archive, follow the links below …

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JAN 2020Ithronian Adventures #252 – The Missing Wolf Whistle
Player Day Site – seeking a missing heirloom, undead and a werewolf
Monster Day Site – investigating rumours of a hulking beast capable of throwing a man 20 paces

FEB 2020Ithronian Adventures #253 – The Battle of the Bridge (part 2)
Player Day Site – holding the line for the militia vs the Mistwaters (Charlecote Social)
Monster Day Site – the battle of the bridge (part 2) in the Charlecotes vs the Mistwaters (Charlecote Social)

~ The Long March – a period referring to the lockdown period / pause of Fools and Heroes during the Corvid-19 / Coronavirus crisis of 2020 ~


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