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The chronicled adventures of the adventurers of Ithron as part of the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Some information on the term “physrep” and assorted kit sundries can be found here. Kit tutorials can also be found here.

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JAN 2018: Ithronian Adventures #220 – What a lovely holiday
Monster Night Site – the great Fairy Godfather heist

JAN 2018: Ithronian Adventures #221 – The anointing of the Baron DePiercy
Monster Day Site – discovering what is wrong at the hidden Traldan shrine
Player Day Site – the treachery of nobles ahead of the Baron’s ceremony

JAN 2018: Ithronian Adventures #222 – Corruption at the heart of Middlesbourne
Monster Day Site – heretics and the New Table at the Traldan Cathedral (Tees Valley)
Player Day Site – foulspawn attacks on hamlets (Tees Valley)

FEB 2018: Ithronian Adventures #223 – Stolen from under their noses
Player Night Site – investigating a possible Rolborian holy site and an angry Black Knight

FEB 2018: Ithronian Adventures #224 – The Bandit Matthews
Monster Day Site – the bandit Matthews and his merry band (Peterborough)
Player Day Site – the New Table and demonologists in dwarven tunnels (Peterborough)

MAR 2018: Ithronian Adventures #225 – The rising dead
Monster Day Site – Seeking the Merchant Greene
Monster Day Site – The death of the Ceyder and the rise of the Calamity

MAR 2018: Ithronian Adventures #226 – The tale of Exceedingly Violent Jack
Monster Night Site – coming face to face with the harbourmaster of the Port of Carlech

APR 2018: Ithronian Adventures #227 – The Iron Fist and the foulspawn
Monster Night Site – uncovering the source of the trouble with the White Star Orcs

APR 2018: Ithronian Adventures #228 – One hell of a housewarming
Monster Night Site – Conchobar’s housewarming and the fae

APR 2018: Ithronian Adventures #229 – The final breath of Lucretia Sigmund
Monster Day Site – rescuing villagers in the path of the Calamity
Monster Day Site – fighting the Golden Dwarf and Lucretia’s demise

MAY 2018: Ithronian Adventures #230 – The Devouring Horde
Springfest 2018 – the Troll War at Fort Fotheringaye, camp and battles

MAY 2018: Ithronian Adventures #231 – Refugees on the road
Monster Day Site – refugees heading to Firebridge in the advance of the Calamity
Monster Day Site – handling mage guild business and locating a missing Vleyborian

MAY 2018: Ithronian Adventures #232 – The ghosts of Old Kirk Leigh
Leedsfest 2018 – reclaiming the city of Old Kirk Leigh from the spirits and demons within

JUN 2018: Ithronian Adventures #233 – With claws and teeth, with chains and bones
Newcastlefest 2018 – recovering the old hold of Dun Chevin from an ancient evil


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