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The chronicled adventures of the adventurers of Ithron as part of the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Some information on the term “physrep” and assorted kit sundries can be found here. Kit tutorials can also be found here.

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JAN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #185 – Scouting through a warzone
Monster night site – scouting mission into the dark elven valley

JAN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #186 – Into the dark
Monster day site – bandits and foulspawn in Meadhamstead (Peterborough)
Player day site – Roden, bugs and demons in the tunnels beneath Wells (Peterborough)

JAN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #187 – Sacrifice at dusk
Monster day site – a travelling market of demons and more (Tees Valley)
Player day site – the gathering of elves and Brigit’s final battle (Tees Valley)

JAN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #188 – Battling the Ix Tal’Shea and their “allies”
Player day site – fighting the Cult of Transmutation and dragonkin
Monster day site – dark elven valley part two: demon time

FEB 2017: Ithronian Adventures #189 – A Minor Property Dispute
Night site – assigning the Baronetcy of Wark and sorting its troubles

FEB 2017: Ithronian Adventures #190 – On the shore of the Elderwater
Player day site – bringing righteous fury to the Cult of Transmutation
Monster day site – fae on the lands of Baronet Redmayne

FEB 2017: Ithronian Adventures #191 – Red of hair, black of heart
IC party – the necromancer at the Redmayne Keep

MAR 2017: Ithronian Adventures #192 – Of Wreckers and Roden
Player day site – rescuing a lady from would be heroes and a wreck
Monster day site – hunting Roden escaped from a mine

MAR 2017: Ithronian Adventures #193 – Raiding the Demon Vault
Player day site – destroying an Abraxian axe (Derby)
Monster day site – destroying a phylactery and raiding the Collector’s vault (Derby)

APR 2017: Ithronian Adventures #194 – Ambush
Monster night site – returning to the dark elf valley to recover the map piece

APR 2017: Ithronian Adventures #195 – The House of Demons
Monster day site – bringing down the demon cult in the big house (Tees Valley)
Player day site – investigating troubles at the White Bay canal works (Tees Valley)

MAY 2017: Ithronian Adventures #196 – Into a place of Death
Springfest 2017 – monstering, playing, battles and other adventures in the Utterdark

MAY 2017: Ithronian Adventures #197 – The Templars and the Door
Monster day site – the adventurers opening the warded door to demons
Player day site – heretics and grudges, dwarven assassination attempts

JUN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #198 – The rising darkness
Lady-Knight Judith’s Knighting
Monster night site – seeking to stop the fae lord Noinimod from affecting Ithron

JUN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #199 – The Cup of Sir Etrin
Monster night site – the final part of the quest for Sir Etrin

JUN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #200 – North on the King’s Road
Monster day site – militia duty clearing the King’s Road of an angry oriead
Player day site – Rolborian field trip

JUN 2017: Ithronian Adventures #201 – Middlesborne has fallen
Monster day site – the Traldan Shrine and the docks (Tees Valley)
Player day site – the mage tower and the bank (Tees Valley)

JUL 2017: Ithronian Adventures #202 – The Mire of Sigmundside
Player night site – retrieving the dwarven page from the black handed dwarves

JUL 2017: Ithronian Adventures #203 – A day of sport
Player day site – investigating a village of automata
Monster day site – investigating the silence at the Site 1 mining works

JUL 2017: Ithronian Adventures #204 – To Dragonbone Island
Playing and battle monstering Leeds Valley Fest 2017 – where our heroes go to Dragonbone Island and fight the Blood Queen and the Dracoliche

JUL 2017: Ithronian Adventures #205 – The Blackest Market
Monster night site – the three man squad who brought down the Collector

JUL 2017: Ithronian Adventures #206 – War
Monster day site – hunting and destorying the big bug demon
Player day site – fighting through the front line to attack the dark elf warlord

AUG 2017: Ithronian Adventures #207 – The misadventures of Caspar Thomas
Player night site – trekking through the Akenwode looking for Caspar Thomas

AUG 2017: Ithronian Adventures #208 – the Knighting of Sir George Stennet
IC party – Thanes Champion duels, the Grand Melee, archery, story telling and a revenant

AUG 2017: Ithronian Adventures #209 – Hadsfield and the Conclave of Primates
Summerfest 2017 – monstering, playing, camp attacks and battles against the roden hordes and those that stand against the Gods

SEPT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #210 – Dark Deeds
Monster night site – delivering the Sigmundside Brewery deeds to the auction square

SEPT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #211 – Holding the thin red line
Monster day site – fighting undead and aiding the Korell militia
Player day site – escorting the young Vintner to peace talks with dark elves

SEPT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #212 – Middlesbourne’s Battle Royale
Monster day site – heretics battle it out in Middlesbourne to become Champion (Tees Valley)
Player day site – a case of missing goods have the Lithgow Boys on the case (Tees Valley)

OCT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #213 – Yanking the chain
Monster night site – investigating a merchant’s alchemy disposal on DePiercy lands

OCT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #214 – The demon at the dinner table
Monster day site – investigating the bandits who dare steal from the Korell family
Player day site – gatecrashing the Sigmundside Mire banquet to kick in a demon

OCT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #215 – A lament of the broken hearted
Derby Special Weekend – the defeat of the Hollow Lord and Aldred the Undying (Derby)

OCT 2017: Ithronian Adventures #216 – Love from beyond the grave
Monster day site – bad adventurers up to no good on the Korell Baronial lands
Player day site – mysterious letters sent to bring heroes to a ghost’s widow

NOV 2017: Ithronian Adventures #217 – A heart of shadow
Newcastle Social and connected day site – a shadow knight arises from behind the wards placed by a Kharachian priest years before, and a group go hunting foulspawn


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