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JAN 2016: Ithronian Adventures #152 – The Tomb of Sir Lunaris
Player day site – death knight and vampire at an old black knight tomb
Monster day site – a strange sickness and an alchemist’s dumping ground

JAN 2016: Ithronian Adventures #153 – One Last Breath
Monster day site – Roden and fae under Dunlirron (Edinburgh)
Player day site – Chaplain High Father Greyson Kelly’s final battle (Edinburgh)

FEB 2016: Ithronian Adventures #154 – The Ragged Man
Player night site – in which the dreams of villagers are disturbed by a fae monster

FEB 2016: Ithronian Adventures #155 – The Weight of Doom
Monster day site – Hunting a Hag in the Glade of Ages
Player day site – Fighting Scarahai and tracking a rogue alchemist in Willow’s Deep

FEB 2016: Ithronian Adventures #156 – Off To Foreign Fields
Monster day site – Guarding a nobleman’s execution (Tees Valley)
Player day site – Travelling to the stone at Flax and Tholon to seek Oleg (Tees Valley)

MAR 2016: Ithronian Adventures #157 – Trouble at the Port of Carlech
Monster night site – Smugglers and Guiadonese near the Port of Carlech

MAR 2016: Ithronian Adventures #158 – At the food of the Carron Oak
Player day site – investigating the Pack near Crow’s Rest and the Carron Oak (Glasgow)
Monster day site – seeking to cure world hunger by removing your stomach … (Glasgow)

APR 2016: Ithronian Adventures #159 – The Halfsplitter Tunnels and the K’Gan
Player night site – attacking the White Star through the Halfsplitter tunnels

APR 2016: Ithronian Adventures #160 – In memory of a once might library …
Monster day site – Hunting Mr Niels near Pestlestone.
Player day site – travelling the Lands of the Dead looking for a book.

APR 2016: Ithronian Adventures #161 – Kick in the doors
Player day site – stopping the trade of undead and demons in the Valley (Tees Valley)
Monster day site – storming the camp, fighting the Grudge and a cyclops (Tees Valley)

MAY 2016: Ithronian Adventures #162 – The Land of the Five Elements
Springfest 2016 – player missions, monster missions and camp shenanigans

MAY 2016: Ithronian Adventures #163 – the Brack-on-Hill Brothers
Player and Monster day site – investigating thefts from the Alchemists and Blacksmiths.

MAY 2016: Ithronian Adventures # 164 – The Burned Lady
Monster day site – re-consecration of the Sidhean shrine at Darlan Pass
Player day site – return to the site of the Githasian tree and Albrecht’s demise

JUN 2016: Ithronian Adventures #165 – The Tale of Albrecht’s Fear
Player night site – hunting the fae realm for the monster with Albrecht’s contract

JUN 2016: Ithronian Adventures #166 – The Starfall Company
Monster day site – a race against the Starfall Company for foulspawn ears
Player day site – hunting bandits, Abraxians and a fateful encounter with Niels

JUN 2016: Ithronian Adventures #167 – Konnish in Ymal
Monster day site – Capturing the Port of Troi (Tees Valley)
Player day site – Breaking the Siege on the Great Library (Tees Valley)

JUL 2016: Ithronian Adventures #168 – The wolves and the monster
Leedsfest 2016 – player mission, monster mission and battles

JUL 2016: Ithronian Adventures #169 – The Cups and the Curse of the Herberts
Monster day site – the theft of two silver cups before a wedding
Player day site – the duality of Colwyn Wooller

JUL 2016: Ithronian Adventures #170 – The Gateway and the Garden
Player day site – The search for the disappearing garden (Tees Valley)
The annual Tisa Valley Tourney
Monster day site – Demon hunting in Sharda’s Kettles (Tees Valley)

AUG 2016: Ithronian Adventures #171 – From dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return
Player night site – fighting and ending Mr Niehls in the Akenwode

AUG 2016: Ithronian Adventures #172 – Well-intentioned Misadventures
Monster day site – looking for of Lord de Brus (Tees Valley)
Player day site – investigating unusual foulspawn activities (Tees Valley)

AUG 2016: Ithronian Adventures #173 – Thieves didst steal it from us!
Player day site – Tracking the northern group and Rolgolians
Monster day site – Tracking the southern group and dark elves

AUG 2016: Ithronian Adventures #174 – The Defence of Labry Keep
Summerfest 2016 – playing and monstering, battles and mayhem.

SEPT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #175 – Sybilla, the Nurturing Mother of the Flock
Monster night site – the first of the vampiric “gods” of the hidden valley

SEPT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #176 – A gesture full of hope
Monster day site – the gift to the K’Ghan
Player day site – the second of the vampiric “gods” of the hidden valley

OCT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #177 – The Pit of Dun Mhurdo
Player night site – venturing into the Pit of Dun Mhurdo

OCT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #178 – The Halls of Darius
Monster night site – the third of the vampiric “gods” of the hidden valley

OCT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #179 – In the shadows of the Eldergloom
Player day site – the elven grove and the Eldergloom
Monster day site – finding Lilly the Pink

OCT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #180 – Abomination
Player night site – removing a vampiric taint on Kharach’s holy day

OCT 2016: Ithronian Adventures #181 – The Garden of Dreams
Monster day site – An infestation in Sharda’s Kettles (Tees Valley)
Player day site – rescuing the girls in the garden of Jane DeLaney (Tees Valley)

NOV 2016: Ithronian Adventures #182 – A Pleasant Seventh Day Adventure
Player day site – seeking Lord Nelfaril’s wayward daughter and “the General”
Monster day site – tale as old as time …

DEC 2016: Ithronian Adventures #183 – The things we fear
Monster day site – seeking a man missing from debtors prison (Tees Valley)
Player day site – looking into the illusions of nightmares and dreams (Tees Valley)

DEC 2016: Ithronian Adventures #184 – A fine masquerade
Monster day site – hunting bandits in foulspawn masks
Player day site – undead and a “cursed” tomb


* Mission written by me