Tutorials & Projects

Below are a selection of “how-to” posts which show how I make a selection of kit for the LARP system Fools and Heroes.



Preparing for LARP


Sewing and embroidery

Kit Walk Throughts

Knitting and crochet

  • Owl Cardigan
  • Men’s to Ladies’ waistcoat

Other Projects

  • Garnets and rubies – a red and black lace corset gown – Jan’17 Crafting Challenge
  • Moss Dufflecoat
  • Waistcoat

Project round ups

  • Round up of projects – belt sash with pocket, dwarf coat, crowan gown and shirt
  • 2017 projects – Lady Judith’s cap, veil and sleeves, Summerfest 2017 props, scout costume, and some fashion sewing


Disclaimer: I consider myself an amateur costume/props maker and keep looking at new ways to make things and expand my current knowledge. There are probably lots of ways of making these things, and there are lots of tutorial videos on youtube and walkthroughs on the internet. If in doubt, take a look and practise on a bit of scrap cloth if you’re unsure of a stitch. Also, my names for stitches might not be the “correct ones”, so if my jargon’s a bit off – sorry!

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