Archive: 2010 – 2011

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OCT 2010: Random Wednesday #1: Walk softly, carry a stick, run away…
Player night site – a little about Fools and Heroes, first mission

DEC 2010: Random Wednesday #9: Christmas lights make the world brighter
Player night site – mission to investigate a disappearing army in the snow



FEB 2011: Random Wednesday #15: Of Larp and Spring Cleaning
Monster night site – Vampires and Hamilcar’s last stand

MAR 2011: Random Wednesday #18: Return to Ithron
Player night site – Alternate Berwickshire and DeKlan’s puzzle box

MAR 2011: Random Wednesday #22: Fight the brave fight
Player night site – Into Sharda and the demise of DeKlan

APR 2011: Random Wednesday #24: Shuffling, shambling gait and the …
Monster night site – National Plot, undead moving west and a siren

JUN 2011: Random Wednesday #27: On a dark stormy night …
Player night site – Open Dene event. Dodgy alchemists and dark elves
Monster night site – Introducing Abraxian treachery and an ominous orb

JUN 2011: Random Wednesday #29: Nerd East 2011, blood red hands …
Player day site – Fygolian heretics, meeting abraxians and “curse you Penden!”
Monster day site – The bounty of Longstor, “It’s a trap!” and Llaminusians in Ithron

JUN 2011: Random Wednesday #31: In the realm of the Fae, choose your …
Monster night site – Strange goings on in the Fae ways

AUG 2011: Random Wednesday #34: Arming the legion
Larp froth – Llaminusians back in Ithron to settle near Maccamwell
Monster day site – Save a dodgy Traldan shrine before the tax man comes
Player day site – Keeping the peace in the borderlands of Ithron
Monster night site – Entering Willow’s Deep and performing a cleansing

AUG 2011: Random Wednesday #35: Preparing to travel
Monster day site – A journalist’s “big scoop”
Player day site – Escorting the Longstorian NPC Priestess to a village

SEPT 2011: Random Wednesday #36: And they all went galumphing back
Summerfest round up – monster mission, player mission, monster battle, player battle

SEPT 2011: Random Wednesday #37: Serving those who seek our aid
Player day site – Alshanti puppies and emergency surgery on an ogre
Monster day site – Fractured time loop. Infinite cake

SEPT 2011: Random Wednesday (Thursday) #39: From the Fireside and …
Monster night site – A secret wedding and much confusion was had by all

*OCT 2011: Random Wednesday #40: Death to the false prince?
Monster night site – A sleeping king and the evil that wants his magic sword

OCT 2011: Random Wednesday #43: Mercy Blackstaff’s Woe
Player night site – Missing Physician’s drugs and Llaminusians in trouble

NOV 2011: Random Wednesday #44: Bobbing for Apples – the Crowan …
IC party – Saving a lost soul from certain doom. Plus party games

NOV 2011: Random Wednesday #48: If you go down to the woods today…
IC party – Rumours of a fell beast, a feast and a crowan priest’s last vow
Player night site – Hunting the fell beast and Mercy’s ritual circle

DEC 2011: Random Wednesday #50: Visitors from foreign lands
Player day site – Strange searching foul spawn and a visiting elf
Monster day site – A journey to fae leaves the Surgeon General behind

DEC 2011: Random Wednesday #51: Dwarven Hospitality
Monster night site – A trip to Dun Mhurdo to trade for men


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