Fools and Heroes Characters

Characters past and present played by Space_wolf in the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Nioniel i Randiriel “Nesta” (Physician)
Lady-Knight Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge (Feudal Knight)
Brigit Wooller (Crowan)
Ravenna Corvidae (Black Knight)
Filegethiel “Wren” Forvenniel (Blacksmith)
Lady Miriam Celther (Sidhean)
Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale (Crowan)
Mercy Blackstaff (Physician)

Nioniel i Randiriel “Nesta”

(Sept 19 – 2020)

Guild: Physician
Rank: Guildsman

Church: Vleyborian
Rank: Kindred

Notable Achievements:

  • Caught a ‘Douglas’ who ran off into the woods, had vexed her sorely, and deserved it (Oct 19)
  • Hasn’t murdered the party in furious Vleyborian rage … yet …

Nesta’s first mission, and first mission abroad …

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