Fools and Heroes Characters

Characters past and present played by Space_wolf in the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Lady-Knight Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge (Feudal Knight)
Brigit Wooller (Crowan)
Ravenna Corvidae (Black Knight)
Filegethiel “Wren” Forvenniel (Blacksmith)
Lady Miriam Celther (Sidhean)
Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale (Crowan)
Mercy Blackstaff (Physician)

Lady-Knight Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge

(Jan 17 – )


Mark P - Judith armour

Mark P - Banquet

Family Heraldry: Argent, per fess wavy azure, a tower sable.


Knights of Ithron: Feudal Vassal
Rank: Knight-of-the-Realm (Banner Man)

Notable achievements:

  • Investigating the creations of the Formark (Jan 17)
  • Assisted the Thane’s Court in appointing the new Baronet of Wark (Feb 17)
  • Defended members of the company as they thawted the Necromancer at the Redmaye banquet (Feb 17)
  • Rescued the Lady Gwenevieve, the betrothed bride for the son of Lord Lumley, from bandits (Mar 17)
  • Bore the Abraxian relic to its destruction for the dwarves of Ironedge (Mar 17)
  • Investigating the canal workings near Whitebay (Apr 17)
  • Assisted in defeating the Liche in the Utterdark (May 17)
  • Protected the dwarven Orech of DunMhurdo from assassins at the request of the Thane’s Chaplain (May 17)
  • Knighted by her Baron, the Earl Berwick-Farron, at her Father’s Keep (May 17)
  • Had her soulfire accidentally awoken during the defence of Middlesborne (Jun 17)
  • Fought against the Blood Queen during the battle for Dragonbone Island (Jul 17)
  • Fought against the War Lord Ik Harrass in the Battle of the Rowanwood (Jul 17)
  • Helped rescue Casper Thomas from the Akenwode (Aug 17)
  • Became Thane’s Champion of Newcroft (Aug 17)
  • Assisted the Law in quelling the Tiverton Cult training ground (Aug 17)
  • Relieved the threatened town of Fengate from the Arch-Liche’s forces (Oct 17)
  • Duelled a Vampire Knight of the Hollow Lord – Vampirebane (Oct 17)
  • Lost arm removing a false Abraxian Baronet from Halwell (Nov 17)
  • Recovered the new Baron DePiercy when he was betrayed (Jan 18)
  • Travelled to Fort Fotheringaye (May 18)
  • Aided in the destruction of the demons in Old Kirk Leigh (May 18)
  • Volunteered as Voice of the Feudals (May 18)
  • Travelled to Axir to act as the King’s Representative (Sept 18)


  • Captain Shaun Baseborn – Commander of the Maid’s Own, Mercenary (pc)
  • Mister Pirran Lanistly – Magical Advisor, Thaumaturgist (pc)
  • Aidan of Prudha’s Ridge – Scout (pc)
  • Douglas Beck – Blacksmith (pc)
  • Captain Ingram – Mercenary (pc)
  • Family Blacksmith (npc) – Smith Matthews
  • Page (Valet) (npc) – Percival Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge
  • Taste tester (npc) – James
  • Apothecary (npc) – Poppy
  • Excommunicant Rolborian weaver/skivvy
  • Games Keeper (npc) – Eric
  • Steward (npc) – Thomas
  • Master-of-Arms (npc) – Captain Ward


  • Mixed heavy leather, heavy studded leather and plate armour, chain shirt
  • Longsword, round shield, mace, dagger, escan steel dagger, weighted bastard-sword, feudal knights escan steel longsword
  • Assorted sundries – bandages, alchemy, lantern, candles and tinderbox

Introducing Judith – an introductory post to kit / inspiration
Judith’s Capsule Wardrobe – costumes for the adventuring Lady-Knight
Judith’s Winter Tunic – tunic and arming jacket for winter kit


Avatar made using Doll Divine’s The Tudor’s Scene Maker. Photos taken by Mark Petrie, May 2017.