Fools and Heroes Characters

Characters past and present played by Space_wolf in the LARP system Fools and Heroes.

Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge (Feudal Knight)
Brigit Wooller (Crowan)
Ravenna Corvidae (Black Knight)
Filegethiel “Wren” Forvenniel (Blacksmith)
Lady Miriam Celther (Sidhean)
Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale (Crowan)
Mercy Blackstaff (Physician)

Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge

(Jan 17 – )

lady-judith Mark P - Judith armour Mark P - Banquet

Family Heraldry: Argent, per fess wavy azure, a tower sable.


Knights of Ithron: Feudal Vassal
Rank: Knight-Banneret (Banner Man)

Notable achievements:

  • Investigating the creations of the Formark (Jan 17)
  • Assisted the Thane’s Court in appointing the new Baronet of Wark (Feb 17)
  • Defended members of the company as they thawted the Necromancer at the Redmaye banquet (Feb 17)
  • Rescued the Lady Gwenevieve, the betrothed bride for the son of Lord Lumley, from bandits (Mar 17)
  • Bore the Abraxian relic to its destruction for the dwarves of Ironedge (Mar 17)
  • Investigating the canal workings near Whitebay (Apr 17)
  • Assisted in defeating the Liche in the Utterdark (May 17)
  • Protected the dwarven Orech of DunMhurdo from assassins at the request of the Thane’s Chaplain (May 17)
  • Knighted by her Baron, the Earl Berwick-Farron, at her Father’s Keep (May 17)


  • Captain Shaun Baseborn – Commander of her men, Mercenary (pc)
  • Mister Pirran Lanistly – Magical Advisor, Thaumaturgist (pc)
  • Family Blacksmith (npc)


  • Mixed heavy leather, heavy studded leather and plate armour, chain shirt
  • Longsword, round shield, mace and dagger
  • Assorted sundries – bandages, alchemy, lantern, candles and tinderbox

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Avatar made using Doll Divine’s The Tudor’s Scene Maker. Photos taken by Mark Petrie, May 2017.