What is Fools and Heroes?

Fools and Heroes

Fools and Heroes is a UK based Live Action Roleplay (LARP) set in the high fantasy world of Ithron.

We have playable races such as humans and elves, dwarfs and halflings, with other races forming the monsters of the realm. There are eight professional guilds, five knightly orders and seven churches your character can interact with or join and the society operate out of 18 or so branches nationwide. For more information on the society, see the Fools and Heroes website.

It’s like playing a computer game, kinda like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft or any of the other fantasy style games. You make a character and learn skills, advance in rank through your profession and get to go kill bug eyed monsters with foam and latex weapons. You also, at times, act as monsters to provide enemies for the players, which in itself can be great fun (as if you die, you get back up again!)

We have our own written language, laws, history and so on and so forth, but its roughly set in medieval England around the time of the Norman Conquest (which won’t happen as the “Roman Empire” is still exerting its control over the country). We also have lots of supernatural stuff like demons, fae creatures and the usual bug eyed monsters out to feast on fresh human blood.

We have a number of gatherings over the year, some centrally organised (Summerfest) and some organised by certain branches (Springfest, Leedsfest) where adventurers from around the country gather together for some event, eat, drink, be generally merry and deal with the events that unfold around them, living for about three days in the world of Fools and Heroes. This is one of the elements I enjoy about Fools and Heroes – getting to know other people’s characters and listening to the stories they tell.

I’ve been playing for a few years now and have loved every minute. Even playing in the cold and the dark and the rain and the scary moments of “oh god, theres a man in that bush!”. Even the icky goo moments. I’ve been “out-of-branch” quite a few times round the country, and have enjoyed the warmth, welcome and friendship I’ve found in each branch my OH and I have visited (from Edinburgh to Birmingham).

To read up on the (mis) adventures of the heroes of Newcroft and beyond, follow the links found in my archive. These entries chronicle the events of the previous weekend’s adventures, be they day or night sites or part of the greater gatherings from the point of view of the player or monster crew, whichever “team” I was on.

I hope you enjoy reading them!

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  1. Hellо! You have a beautiful and very interesting blog! I enjoy it! All good in 2015! And Marry Christmas! 😉

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