Ithronian Adventures #145 – Seeking the lost


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On a lovely atmospheric day Brigit and Tungdil found themselves on the road southwards in the company of good friends and compatriots. With danger behind them and the unknown before them, it was just another day for the adventurers of Ithron.

Thank you Tees Valley for a lovely day out of fun and adventure, and for putting up with the mini-Newcastle invasion. We all really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to coming back to your branch in the near future.

If you know you were there and have been misnamed (or forgotten on the lists) please comment below or contact me at wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Ithronian Adventures #144 – In which our adventurers get the wrong impression


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The season has turned and mist often hangs like ghostly bunting between the trees early in the morning. The woodlands are beginning to burn with green turning to amber and gold, but the woes of the world have not slowed with the changing season.

The White Star have gone quiet, which is alarming – and a trader seeks the aid of adventurers to retrieve an artefact of ancient Barwyckshire. But not all is what it seems …

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Prayers for the Pious – making a set of Crowan prayer beads


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I like adding pieces of “tat” to my kit collection. I always swear I’m going to go kit light with my characters, but end up with multiple little things that go through the wash or have to be found before packing into pouches and bags and things before going to an event or away for a long weekend. I do keep trying, my OH can attest to this. We both try – we just like to flesh out our characters. Some pieces of kit develop due to taking up faith, having to carry specific tools of your trade, kit “upgrading” as insignia/heraldry is added etc.

This time I’ve chosen to add a second holy symbol in the form of actual prayer beads, modelled after the Anglican prayer beads I bought over the summer. So if you’re interested in making something similar, or just piecing together a beaded chain necklace, then look no further.

prayer beads

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Crafting the dramatic swirl – making the Crowan Cloak


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I decided that I wanted a cloak for my priestess to add another layer which I can bundle myself up in on cool evenings and cold days. I have admired the full circle cloaks you can find on the internet and thought this character would probably suit one. However, when I got out my sewing machine to hem a piece of cloth to go in my “Shrine Kit” jar, disaster! So whilst I shipped it off for a bit of tlc from a guy who’s serviced it before, I had to face up to sewing stuff without my trusty machine. And you know what? The thought unnerved me.

However, I really really wanted a long red cloak that swirled dramatically. Wanted it badly enough to do the research and mathematics before snapping up the last of some red polar fleece on Amazon (though I wasn’t quick enough for the amount I originally decided I needed). Enough to look up hand sewing seams tutorials online. Enough to decide to bite the bullet and just do it! <cue music!>

Since people seem to have enjoyed my previous kit blog posts I thought I would document the process in turning a roll of cloth into a swirly cloak of doom! And show you that you don’t need a sewing machine to make awesome kit … but it certainly helps!

Crowan Cloak

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Ithronian Adventures #143: Summerfest 2015 – Hadsfield Retaken


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Two weeks ago I was sat in a field, probably reapplying sun cream in the unexpected good weather and preparing for the weekend event. Every year the Fools and Heroes system gathers together for the biggest event of the fest season and spend three days in Ithron as a gathered force of Churches and Guilds engaging in the story being told by the CC and his team of refs and mission writers.

As always I wish I could summarise Summerfest better – but so much happens that it’s hard to pin it all down a single coherent story. The beauty and joy of Summerfest is that it’s an event for everyone, where everyone can pursue their own story and be their own hero. Most of the time you spend the weekend in character (apart from monster slots and a few hours helping behind the scenes) where you can interact with other people’s characters – drink, eat, sing songs, fight battles, place bets or play pranks – and simply exist. For me it rounds off the summer nicely, and its an event I look forward to in the years I’ve been part of the system.

I would like to offer my thanks (again) to the CC, the site refs, the adventure runners, the prop makers, admin monkeys, cooks, bar staff, helpers, first aiders, dogsbodies and general helpers who make this event and the other fests possible. You guys deserve a rest and plenty of drinks! I also look forward to the year ahead.

I will try to give an overview of the story of the event as best I can, but it will be biased towards the tale of Brigit and the things she (and her player) did.


Over the course of the last year a threat has been growing, formed from among the common men. It began as a movement against demons on the plane, but soon it became a cult who wished to seen an end to all extraplanar influences – gods included. The faithful can not allow this to occur and the cult went from being a simple group of rabble rousers to an armed militant force intent on taking control. The Cult of Mithra, in quartered green and gold livery, began to sweep across the country – taking Barra and slaughtering the faithful, seeking nobles in positions of authority to gain prestige and power, calling men and women to their cause. Perhaps it was too late, perhaps things had already been set in motion, but as the summer waxed to its fullness the Cult of Mithra was taking control and it felt for a time that there was nothing the adventurers, faithful or sensible people could do to stop them. People died. Adventurers became outraged.

And Hadsfield, the seat of the ancient power of the King, was taken by the Mithrans.

This could not be allowed to stand – and adventurers were called to arms to take back the site. But this time they would not be fighting foreigners or demons or monsters that could just be dismissed – they would be fighting Ithronians. The threat was much closer to home, and for some the question was asked – would they really be forced to raise arms against their own, and be expected to kill?

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