I wants it, precious – translating inspiration into reality


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The best thing about having LARP characters, in my opinion, is having the opportunity to take the styles and fashions that you see in your favourite films and tv shows and bring them into your life. It’s a way to find excuses to wear outrageous gowns, or to flounce around in a draped cape that you can casually toss aside when someone challenges your honour or opinion, or a chance to wear big hats with feathers outside of a wedding season. It’s a chance to step outside your usual norm and wear something you wouldn’t dream of wearing out in ‘public’ – like lashings of heavy gothic makeup for a Vampire masquerade, a wimple and veil or even armour. LARP is, as ever, a chance to escape the realm of normal and to be someone else.

If you’re anything like me you’ll find part of your mind picking up on costume details when you’re sat in the cinema or in the comfort of your living room, obsessing over some detail or outfit that would be ‘perfect’ for your current or future character. But how does one take that image on the screen and recreate it in real life on an often limited budget?

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Christmas 2017


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In this season of thanksgiving and family, we are taking time off from the blog to be with our family, but would like to wish you, dear readers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May 2018 prove to be a fruitful year for you,

~ Space-wolf

christmas 2017

Here’s a little owl-dragon with his mug of hot chocolate to wish you the best of the season’s greetings.

Ithronian Adventures #219 – Sleepers awake


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Ithronian Adventures

Sometimes adventurers are hired for a specific task, but sometimes they stumble upon the dangers that prey upon the common man in the wilder places. When upon a hiring one wintry day our heroes find several side quests that lead them off the beaten path and into the shadows. Is it just mischief makers running afoul of them, or is it something more sinister afoot?

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