A little light reading – in-character notebooks and ledgers


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There is something I enjoy about handling and making books for my characters at LARP. From hauling a small library of notebooks about to keeping an in-character journal on my person, I try to find bound books that fit my character and decorate them, fill them, and enjoy them. Some books remain private, some get taken out at every opportunity and shared with others. Some are text books or books of the law, others are collections of knowledge and understanding, some are work ledgers that the boss will want to examine at a moments notice – but all are tools and props for the game.

I’ve said this before, sometimes what makes a character are the small details, and often for me those details can be found in the books.

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Finding your character – slipping under their skin


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In my opinion a LARP character is more than the costume you wear or the skills you choose to take from the game mechanics. They’re more than the armour or props or accessories they carry or wear, no matter how pretty or shiny or cool. They are the choices they make, their quirks, the little things that turn the player into the character – all the things that turn a creation on paper into a living breathing ‘person’.

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Tokens of faith – making holy symbols and jewellery


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In most LARP systems there is often a pantheon of Gods, both benevolent and cruel, who often guide, help or hinder the efforts of the players. Some may delight in pranks and tricks, in meddling with the world of men; whilst others are aloof and distant, looking down upon the goings on of mortals with indifference. Either way, good or bad, those who choose to follow one or more of these deities often wear tokens to show their dedication or allegiance. These vary depending on the calling, but I thought a quick guide to making holy symbols and similar might be useful – I don’t know about you guys, but the winter is often craft central in our household.

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Drawing and details – decorating with inks and watercolours


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I enjoy writing in-character letters and documents for the LARP system I’m involved in – from sending proper snail mail letters to prayer scrolls, teaching materials and physical copies of the Law to carry when in-character.

We’ve covered writing in-character letters before here on Wolfish Written, but given we’re heading into the longer winter evenings I thought it might be nice to shake up these previous posts for you. Hopefully these will give you interesting projects to fill your evenings and enhance your LARP keen over the ‘off’ season.

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So, some of you may have noticed over the last months or so that very rarely is Lady-Knight Judith Tirel mentioned in the write ups for the website, and I’ve not been writing much about the kit I’ve been making to flesh out her wardrobe. For those readers not connected to us on Facebook or actually encountering us at events, it may surprise you to know that for the last 9 months we’ve been brewing up a surprise.

So, surprise! My OH and I are delighted to announce that we have been blessed with our first born sproglet. This has meant that during our pregnancy I’ve chosen to take a step back from the regular adventures to protect myself and the baby from accidental harm, and to reduce the burden of care I would have placed on others. This has not stopped me though, as you might have been able to tell by the larger events I’ve attended during our Fest season, and the excuses to dress Lady Judith up in gowns rather than armour. Long live elegant frocks!

Updates to the blog might become sporadic until we can establish a new routine around life with a mini monster; but we’re still here, still LARPing and I’m looking forward to getting back to being field active once more. That and taking up my fencing that was also put on hold due to bump safety.

See you in the field!