Adventure Awaits #5


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The prompts for this blog post were generated from a solo co-operative game of “Call to Adventure“, the board game where you create your hero with a destiny and follow heroic or villanous paths through the events of their lives. Choosing their Origin, Motivation and Destiny, you play the game through 3 acts to reveal the tale of your hero. Shall they be victorious and stand as a hero of the people, or will darkness claim them in the end?

What adventures shall we explore this time?

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There is a Castle #3


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There is a castle so huge no one has walked from one side to the other and returned to tell the tale. It houses forests, mountains and seas, rooms within rooms, and cities and civilisation that has never gone beyond the four walls of their room. Beyond the villages, towns and cities there are the vast wildernesses of the Roomlands where dwell many dangers, including the walking towers known as the Rooks that are mysterious and strange.

Welcome to the world of Colostle.

Previously: Squire Malek and his mount Pod, on a mission for the Order, have spent a time at sea in search of Crown Isle and the mysterious power it is rumoured to hold. No one returns when they set out upon this quest and Malek is beginning to wonder if they are lost. Who knows what they will find upon their travels or whether they will return at all …

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Camp NaNoWriMo: Apr 2023

Flair by Elizabeth Goss

The year rolls onwards and the first of NaNoWriMo’s official Camp events is just around the corner. Is anyone else getting ready for it?

What is Camp NaNoWriMo?

Camp NaNoWriMo is a more flexible version of November’s National Novel Writing Month challenge that are run in April and July. This event provides an opportunity to set your own creative writing goals for different forms of writing, allowing you to set your own challenges and be part of a community of other like-minded individuals. Whether it’s 500, 5,000 or 50,000 words, it doesn’t matter, so long as you are working towards your goal. For more information on Camp NaNoWriMo, click here.

If you’re intimidated by the word goal of November’s event, I would recommend trying a Camp NaNoWriMo. In 2021 I smashed and stretched my modest goal (which was the best feeling) and kick started a project I am still tinkering with in the background (and is the subject of this year’s Camp challenges), even though I fell flat on my face during the November challenge that year. I like to use the Camp events to keep stretching my ability with the goal of completing a NaNoWriMo event again, whilst learning what works for me now I’m a working adult with other constraints on my time.

The event starts on 01st April and concludes on 30th April, so I wish you luck and happy creating.


These are a few of my favourite things – board games


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Sometimes it’s nice to share things with people and sometimes it’s nice to keep them close to your chest. However, today is a sharing day and I want to share a few of my favourite board games with you. Some might look familiar, others might be something you’d like to try.

What board games do you enjoy?

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