Ithronian Adventures #252 – The Missing Wolf Whistle


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The new year has come and gone and it’s hiring time. A small group of adventurers head out to investigate all manner of things. These are just two more tales of many – a tale of a missing whistle, and of Fae mischief.

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Spring cleaning and cobwebs

It’s been a long time since I kick started Wolfish Written (back in 2009-ish if not before) and boy has it changed and grown over the years. But this has rendered the website somewhat large and clunky.

So, we’re due a bit of a spring clean.

Don’t be surprised if some of the navigation changes, or if the pages get a new lick of paint. I do want to break the tutorials down into more manageable/useful sections and take some of the costume portfolio off onto its own page along with a polish of some of the older tutorials.

This may mean our updates get a hit haphazard, but don’t worry, we’re still here!

So mind your heads, excuse the dust, and hopefully soon we’ll have Wolfish Written back to being a useful tool for you costumers and Ithronian Adventure enthusiasts.

But for now, back to the grindstone …

~ Space_wolf

Making your character’s tick – the back story few will ever see


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There are some LARPers who spend ages crafting a detailed backstory for their character (guilty) who give their referees plenty of rope to hang them with plot. Then there are those who keep it brief and vague and only flesh out the details as they go. The former are often dying to tell you everything about their character (though some of us have restraint) whilst the latter may choose to skip the small talk over a mug of ale (though some are skilled improvisers).

But which way is the best when preparing a character? I’m not talking about the on-the-fly-you-just-watched-my-character-get-mangled-and-you-did-nothing kind of character making, I mean the I-like-my-current-character-but-lets-pack-a-spare-just-in-case kind of character generation. Both ways have their merits and pitfalls, both have their place in the game.

The question isn’t “which is the best way?” but “which is the best way for you?”. If you bear with me, I will try to explain amidst my rambles.

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas


It is the season of sparkle and festivities and the usual busy busy, so I’d like to take a moment to pause.

I hope you take time to do what you do at this time of year, whether it’s with family or friends or taking time for you. I wish you all the best of the season and hope the coming year is kind.

As always, Wolfish Written is taking a break for time with family, though there is a long read prepared for next week which I hope you’ll enjoy; before we return to Ithron and the rambles of our adventuring heroes.

~ Space_wolf

Year’s End

So, here we are. Winding down towards the end of 2019 (almost). The end of another decade. Almost a foot into the new roaring 20’s (because why not? Let’s amuse ourselves with that for a moment). I know we’re not quite there yet, but this is the last ‘proper’ blog post for the year and it feels that a wrap up blog post might be nice. And possibly one looking forward with hope into the new year.

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