A season of fruitfulness


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What is it about the season of autumn and the feeling of getting settled down to projects? Whenever I hit September I always want to get my teeth into new projects, spruce up my work space and generally get my brain back in gear. It probably has something to do with the return to school that still dominates my yearly cycle, so it’s “new year, new you” for me now rather than January (which has never made sense to me…)

But I ramble. It’s September, it’s time to spruce up the place, and to get stuck into some crafts.

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The dress with golden lilies


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Now that it’s finally been worn a few times I feel I can unveil another of my projects from this spring – the final gown of Lady Judith. This gown was made from a pattern that I loved so much I bought it without a plan, and it is the reason that I decided Lady Judith would do gowns in a big way once I returned from my year off active fighting.

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Ithronian Adventures #247 – International negotiations


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With the assassination of the Axirian Emperor last year and the fall out that followed shortly after, the Empire has been in turmoil. The Legion, unpaid and rapidly demoralised, has stalled in its efforts against the Konn. Countries have fallen into heretics and civil war. And the Konn are ever expanding in service to their demonic masters.

One nation alone stands as a beacon of light in these trying times – Ithron, the holy land. And whilst its track record of fixing problems is legendary, the vacuum left in the wake of its adventurers is often a breeding ground for darker things. So if there is a place that can unite the fractured Empire and help bring about a new order of things, it could be Ithron. The only problem is getting the countries around the same table.

I’d like to thank the CC, the site refs, adventure runners, prop makers, set dressers, bar staff, first aiders, general helpers and dogsbodies and all the players that came to Summerfest 2019 and helped make it the event it was. Without you all there is no LARP and no story.

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The end of things, and a new beginning

Summerfest is over and the write up will be with you soon. I retired Lady-Knight Judith Tirel at the event and have found packing her gear away to take longer than expected. This is only the third character I’ve retired in my (nearly) 9 years at LARP, so it’s a strange experience.

Looking back I catch glimpses of the impact she’s had in the game and the stories she had to tell, and I have to say I’m going to miss her. The Duchess, however, lives on.

I’m excited about sharing new stories with you about my new character. So stay tuned, but be patient.

~ Space_wolf

There was an old man who lived in a wood, as you can plainly see …

Apologies for stealing the song lyric and using it as a blog post title, but I’m off living in the woods for a weekend because it’s Summerfest! No blog post today because real life and the packing and organising has eaten up what little blog time I had.

However there will be new kit posts / craft posts / content coming this way. See you all in the field!

~ Space_wolf

The song I’m referencing is a traditional folk song sung by Kate Rusby on her 2007 album “Awkward Annie”. Enjoy.