A quick guide to materials


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This blog post is about the fabric options available on the market to use for sewing – be it day-to day dressing, posh togs or LARP costume. I have taken the information for this post from my two go-to-guides on sewing and fabrics (details at the end of this post) alongside my own experiences of making and caring for kit.

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Tutorials for LARP Kit

The tutorials page on this blog has become somewhat overgrown, covering topics from making LARP kit to preparing for the seasons and tackling the elements, to creating new characters. Therefore I include here a summary of tutorials to date, alongside blog posts that link to outside resources.

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Garbed in smoke – making a short grey gown


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Last year I wrote about how I made a square necked gown for Lady Judith from a purple satin/taffeta type material ahead of the Springfest event from the Simplicity 1773 pattern. For my return to active adventuring I wanted to make something to add to my kit, and I decided to incorporate a short dress into her base layers, using option A from the simplicity pattern. I have called this dress my “smoke” dress as it is technically grey, but is such a pale grey that it is almost white and is therefore somewhat deceptive – like smoke!

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Questions and Answers

I’ve been wondering if there are any questions that you, my readers, have relating to costuming or small prop making for LARP; given the recent content I’ve put up here on the blog. Last week’s post was inspired by a question, and I’d be happy to answer some more if there are any out there.

Post them below or get in touch and I’ll look to answer them in future.

~ Space_wolf