Ithronian Adventures #226 – The tale of Exceedingly Violent Jack


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Ithronian Adventures

Let me tell you a story about a man named Jack. He wasn’t a merchant or a priest; not an adventurer or a hero or a good man, no. He was a fighter, a scurvy dog of the sea, and he made a name for himself for being exceedingly violent. But even the fearsome, locked behind their walls of threats and fear, can be brought low by a good heart or a concerted effort by those who believe they act in the path of the righteous. And so ends the tale of Exceedingly Violent Jack …

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200th post


I’m not sure I can quite believe it, but we’ve reached another significant milestone of 200 continuous posts! Like … how did that happen?! As my OH just pointed out that’s almost 4 years of putting something up every Friday since we took up the blog again and attempted to keep to a schedule.

When I wrote my 100th post back in 2016, I must admit I was in shock and struggled to sum up what I was feeling at the time. I’m still struggling to admit what the weight of the number feels now, let alone double it. On paper its just numbers, but it’s more than that. Week in, week out I sit down to write about the latest LARP adventures or pull together longer form articles on fashioning your character or developing kit (as people seem to enjoy reading these!). It’s trying to think up new topics that I’ve not written about and to keep the content new whilst fitting in with what has come before. It’s picking back through my bi-annual guides on looking after your health at LARP and trying to find better ways to express what I want to say. It’s having people choose to keep reading the blog and liking it and commenting on it (online or in person). It’s continuing the hobbies I love and writing about those passions in this online space dedicated to LARP and my complimentary pastimes.

There have been ups and downs, surprises and wonders, and some humbling lovely moments. And whilst sometimes I have been sat watching the clock on a Thursday night, pulling my hair out at trying to think of a post for a non-LARP week it has been worth it. From pushing me to work on some of my costuming techniques, to being an advocate for good LARP health as a first aider, to developing my story telling – these last 100 posts have developed beyond what I had hoped back in the early days of the blog.

I include here a few highlights of my favourite posts over these last 100:

The Art of Perfect Kindness ~ The Reward of Roleplay ~ The Cup of Sir Etrin ~ War ~ The LARPing Larder ~ Post LARP Blues

Here’s hoping there are 100 more, and for more adventures. So, wherever you are, raise your glass/mug/tankard and drink with me to the blog! I hope you continue to enjoy the future.

A little slice of heaven – Prudha’s Ridge fluff for a winter’s evening


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Sometimes its nice to imagine the world which one’s character live in. I find it helps flesh out one’s LARP character by giving them experiences outside of adventuring. Here is a little bit of fluff from Prudha’s Ridge given the recent wintery snowfall.

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Dreams of home – the inspiration for Prudha’s Ridge


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Once upon a time there was a place, that existed in the real world in many forms and in the world of the imagination. That place was named Prudha’s Ridge and I would like to share with you some of the inspirations that have built that mighty crumbling wreck of a castle – family home of my Feudal Knight Lady Judith Tirel, the Maid of Prudha’s Ridge.

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