The song of the sea – making selkie skins

I was asked by some friends to help with some kit preparations for a larp event that I crew for twice a year. The brief was simple enough – make a selkie skin – and I was handed an amount of cloth at the summer gathering to help with the task. However this was the first proper project I had made without a pattern, but the end result worked out quite well.

I have included a few photos taken at the event to show the “skins” in action, and will talk through how I tackled the project of the “selkie skin” cloaks.

Selkie skin

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Ithronian Adventures #148 – A place for pilgrims


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The White Star prowl the wilds of Berwickshire still, and all manner of things creep in the shadows. Two groups of adventurers, hearing the call for aid, gathered for their separate tasks and set out seeking heroic deeds, quests, companionship and pay.


The woods where we run our daysites were a flame with the colours of autumn, though I think I’ve missed the best of it. It did however make for a picturesque setting for the day’s games, and made me glad I had my camera to hand. I filled it with more landscape photos than photos of the adventure I monstered for, but never mind …

The Woods in Autumn

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Ye Olde Pouches – lining a sow’s ear with silk


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Have you heard the phrase, “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”? This idiom basically says that you can’t make high quality stuff out of bad materials, but I like the idea of turning something bland and boring into something fabulous. And how? By lining a plain pouch with a splash of colour.

Here is another of our pouch tutorials (the last ones showed how to add a different coloured and curved bottom to a pouch and adding a belt loop) which will cover adding a lining to a pouch.

For more tutorials and walkthroughs, go to Tutorials.

Coloured lining

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Preparing for Winter LARPing

It’s that point of year – where the nights are drawing in and the temperature drops significantly whenever the sun ducks behind a cloud or sets at night. Last year I wrote my thoughts on preparing your LARP kit for winter, but thought a quick revisit, reshuffle and rewrite wouldn’t do them any harm.

I love LARPing through the autumn and winter – partly because the nights are much more atmospheric on night sites and the colours of the trees changing from summer greens to barren winter just makes me feel warm and fuzzy; but also winter is when I started LARPing with Fools and Heroes so it holds a special place for me.

But enough of the writer’s fuzzy feel-good stuff. Onto the actual content – an overview of suitable layers, winter health and a quick guide to camping in winter.

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