What do I have in my pocket? – Making a hanging pocket


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Lucky Locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it; Not a penny was there in it, only ribbon round it

~ 18th Century Nursery Rhyme


Women didn’t always carry handbags or reticules, but often had concealed purses or “pockets” worn close to the body under their outer layers. Slits in the gown or a petticoat would allow the owner to slip their hand into the hanging pocket that was tied to their waist to retrieve its contents (or allowed enterprising pickpockets to get at their prize).

Having done some research into these items whilst looking at possible types of belt purse, I decided that I would like to have one as Brigit to wear under her robe or her banquet dress to keep certain things close at hand, particularly when wearing her long cloak on adventures which hampers my ability to quickly get at all my belt pouches or my bag.


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Arming oneself – or making a pair of leather bracers


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One of the first things people think of when considering kit is usually what armour they require, and whilst there are lots of gorgeously tooled, patterned, studded or plain leather bracers sold through various online suppliers, a leather bracer is a good project to start with if you’re tempted to start leather working as part of your hobby.

I have very little experience of leather working as I leave it to my OH (along with repairing our chainmail) but he was willing to let me photograph a project he was working on so I could show you that, with a little patience and practise, you too could be making your own bits of armour!

Finished studded bracers

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It’s fabulous darling – making a reversible quartered doublet


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I would like to share a project I’ve been working on recently, which I am very excited and proud to share. A member of my local Fools and Heroes branch is playing a thespian (actor) physician and wanted a “loud” doublet to compliment her kit. We decided on making a reversible quartered doublet with sleeves so that the item could be reused in future or when the character is feeling more sombre than gleeful.

The doublet was made of a synthetic material for ease of care, with satin ribbon trim, heavy weight fusible interfacing, black metal eyelets and suede lacing.

The doublet sneak peek

For more kit walk-throughs and tutorials, go to Tutorials.

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Ithronian Adventures #153 – One last breath


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“Far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old …”

Brigit and Tungdil and a host of other Berwickshire adventurers headed north over the hills, braving ice and snow and sleet to venture out upon hirings near the city of Dunlirron. Mysterious thefts and disapperances and bandits befell them and more besides.

Thank you Edinburgh for another emotionally charged pair of missions. The weather wasn’t exactly spectacular and we’re still getting mud out of our gear, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

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