Normal service to resume …

Normal service will resume next week, when we have returned from the field of Springfest with more tales to tell.

To all those away at events this weekend, remember to enjoy yourselves!

To all those conducting frantic last minute packing – you know who you are – don’t forget your all important spell/prayer books and bandages.

See you in the field,

~ Space-wolf

Ithronian Adventures #160 – In the memory of a once mighty library …

With ancient sorcerers roaming the land once more and a great evil threatening the Gods themselves, parties of adventurers seek knowledge across the country. Having learnt of the Blue Sorcerer’s book, Ember seeks brave (and foolish) adventurers to travel into the Lands of the Dead to recover the tome. And other adventurers look to get even with the dubious Mr Niels …

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Drip drip drop little April showers – larping in the rain

It seems appropriate, given the recent wet week we’ve been having, to offer a few hints and tips on caring for gear in the rain. You can picture the scene – a day out in the woods with the sky overcast, then the heavens open and you go from being warm in your kit to being a wet rag. If in doubt of the usual expression, go search for wet owls on google …

If you can reach the safety of home and dry relatively quickly you’re in luck! Sadly if you’re out at an event with sodden kit, these tips and thoughts might be a help.

For more weather related prep – Dressing appropriately: winterDressing appropriately: summerPreparing for Winter LARPing

For more tutorials, go to Tutorials.

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Ithronian Adventures #159 – The Halfsplitter Tunnels and the K’Gan


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The White Star have set up an encampment in the mountains, fortified it within a palisade wall and provisioned it well for the winter. They’ve dug deep, settled in and waited out the worst of the weather, to build up their numbers in the coming spring and launch a fresh offensive against the people of Berwickshire to carve out their own corner of the county. But they know they are vulnerable, their water supply has been cut off and more scouts have been seen in the area than before. They make ready. But Berwickshire is prepared to fight back …

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From out of the ashes – preparing a new character when a fest


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With the sun beginning to shine, the days beginning to lengthen as the clocks spring forward, the mind turns towards the fest season and all the hi-jinks it is sure to bring. And whilst fest seasons come with chances for heroics, great deeds and grand stories, they can also bring times of sorrow and character development.

Picture the scene – you’ve arrived on the site and swagger into camp in your character kit – all layers and details and marvelous things. You go out on an adventure, you get in a fight, then suddenly find yourself contemplating your character’s corpse. All you have is what you brought with you (and if you have your entire soft kit wardrobe with you then you are a cunning devil). So, what do you do?

Join the monster crew for the rest of the event (which is always an option) or try and cobble together a character to continue the rest of the event? And in the rest of this blog post, I will try help and help you as you make the transition from character to character in a hurry.

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