The LARPing Larder – storing food at events


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This has become a tradition that around the time that the days lengthen and sunburn becomes a realistic risk, I try and put up my summer edition of preparing one’s kit for the summer. Most people are wise enough to already do most of the things I write about, but since this has become a tradition I enclose below links to my previous posts on preparing for fests / larping in the sun and write something new for my regular readers.

My main thoughts from the last few years are:

Layer for the weather and try not to overheat ~ drink plenty of water, especially if you wear armour ~ wear sun cream ~ look after yourself pre- and post- LARP

However, this Summer LARP post focuses especially on food.

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Ithronian Adventures #193 – Raiding the Demon Vault


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Ithronian Adventures

A threat to his church member takes Tungdil south to Derwentshire to join a group of hardy adventures intent on raiding the collection of a local demon menace. Armed with his wit, charm and Tralda’s sense of humour he braves the place where the faithful are reluctant to go.

Thank you Derby for inviting us along and for running a pair of cracking missions. We had lots of fun in the sun.

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Through the eyes of the beholder


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Photograph taken by Steve Bailey 2016

In March last year I was given my camera for my birthday, with a soft case and a spare battery, to replace the ageing one my OH had taken away to university and which I had abused during the recent years at LARP. I love seeing the photos taken by the serious photographers at various LARP events and whilst I am not as practised or as skilled as they are at getting the beautiful portraits and depth of feeling during battles, I am trying. It is my hope that I will be able to continue to practise my photography and find the stories within the photos that so many people seem to enjoy.

Here are my favourite photos from the last twelve months.

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