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Filegethiel “Wren” Forvenniel

(Apr 14 – Aug 14)


Guild: Blacksmith
Rank: Guildsman

Church: Kharach
Rank: Kindred

Notable achievements:

  • Died fighting the Konn and laid to rest on the battlefield (Aug 14)
  • Held the Mace of Kharach to lay a soul to rest (Aug 14)
  • Witnessed the Primate of Kharach recieve the Mace of Kharach (Aug 14)
  • Helped break the siege of Nelfarig (Aug 14)
  • Came second in the handmade craft competition of the Eborshire Fayre (Jul 14)
  • Took up the faith of Kharach (Jul 14)
  • Prayed to Kharach in protection of souls of four Templar Knights (Jul 14)
  • Recieved a dream from Kharach regarding the end of the Black Prince (Jun 14)
  • Recieved a Boon from Krygan (May 14), but Kharach put a stop to that (Jun 14)
  • Stopped Rocco’s rampage through the party with enchanted arrow (May 14)
  • Was given Arrow of the Old War (May 14)
  • Helped bring down the drawbridge of the Vampire’s castle (May 14)
  • Conducted battlefield repairs in Oluthen (May 14)
  • Survived the offensive in Oluthen with loss (and reattachment) of right arm (May 14)
  • Shot an assassin and stole a black plant from an opening to the realm of the dead (Apr 14)
  • Defended camp at Thane’s Tourney (Apr 14)
  • Joined the Guild of Blacksmiths (Apr 14)


  • Can make light leather and heavy leather armour (unstudded and studded)
  • Can make cudgels, clubs, staffs, bows and arrows, daggers and hatchets and wooden shields
  • Can repair all armour (leather, ringmail/chainmail and plate)
  • Can temporarily repair all armour in the field
  • Can temporarily repair all wooden weapons in the field


  • Bow and Arrows
  • Dagger
  • Longsword
  • Hammer
  • Heavy Leather Tunic and Bracers
  • Light Studded Leather Greaves
  • Arrow of the Old War“, “Trophy of the Crafted”
  • Potions: Heal Body, Heal Limb, Cure Disease, Purge Poison, All Heal, Venom

Magic Items

  • “Arrow of the Old War” – an arrow, 3 charges of “Enchant Arrow” on itself and up to 5 others. If arrow is fired at any elf (dark elf, dark soul, half-elf) the bow warps even if normally immune to such effects. (May 14 – Jul 14)
  • “Trophy of the Crafted” – an Eborshire Fayre trophy, can mend two items a month. Will break if bearer cheats in a fair contest (Jul 14 – )

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