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Mother Rowan Tait of Amblevale

(Jan12 – Sept13)

sister rowan tait no back

Church: Crowa
Rank: Mother Devotee (D7)

Primary Guild:

Secondary Guild:

Personal Insignia: Azure, a wyvern (sans legs) Argent, wings displayed and inverted and tail nowed three fold.

Rowan Tait Dragon100x100

Notable achievements:

  • Appointed attendant Devotee at the Deepwatch Keep (Sept13)
  • Swore further service to Crowa and became a Mother of the Faith (Sept13)
  • Resigned post of Huntsmaster after becoming a Tholonian Puppet (Aug13)
  • Travelled to Serruma to seek out the Crown Prince of Serruma (Aug13)
  • Appointed Huntsmaster, head of the Guild of Foresters (Jul13)
  • Survived the trap set for Elias, fought fygolian fae and defended the ritual to get the gathered adventurers home (Jul13)
  • On Crowa’s holy day set forth into Ravensholme to seek information on Von Raven and his minion (Jul13)
  • Killed the rogue physician, notorious outlaw and heretic Randall Porter (Jun13)
  • Survived the reclaiming of Norfel Vale and the battle against the hosts of the Hart (May13)
  • Became Spirit Keeper of Berwickshire, unofficial leader of the Rangers of Dunstenborough (Apr13)
  • Appointed Huntsman of the North (Feb13)
  • Travelled into Willow’s Deep to assist in the retrieval of the DePiercy family banner (Feb13)
  • Escaped a confrontation with the Vampire Lord Von Raven with the ring he sought (Jan13)
  • Survived a dangerous foray into the Old Ways perverted by Ordet (Jan13)
  • Had her soul fire awoken and removed (again!) during a mission across the Norfel Moors (Jan13)
  • “Pleased” the dark goddess Bequifis during a social gathering of adventurers and granted a boon (Dec12)
  • Became Sister Devotee of Crowa (D3) (Dec12)
  • Had her soul fire temporarily awoken during a battle with a were-wolf in Darian (Nov12)
  • Adopted her personal insignia of the legless dragon (wyvern) with celtic knot-work tail (Nov12)
  • Passed her supplication to become awoken to the light of Crowa (Sept12)
  • Forced to duel and kill the outlawed Captain Evan Farmer, ex-commander of the Newcroft Militia and devotee of Crowa (Sept12)
  • Fired the arrow that paralysed a sickening Oriad to allow the mages to unbind her from a corrupting fire elemental (Sept12)
  • Appointed Forester at the King’s Wedding (Aug12)
  • Completed the Ritual of the Supreme Dragon with the other 6 Voices of the Dragons (Lirron, Barwyck, Sortho, Middval, Avonia, Wessex, Ithrir)
  • Oath bound to Captain Jonah of Tallmael after he swore to serve her and the Dragon prior to the Ritual (Aug12)
  • Assisted in the mission into the Valley of Kings to prevent the old rules of Barwyckshire from falling under the Liche’s sway (Aug12)
  • Travelled onto the Immortal Ice and became the Voice of the Lirronese Dragon ahead of the King’s Wedding (Jul12)
  • Sacrificed her grandfather’s token to rebalance the old forces of magic in an ancient temple to allow the release of an ancient Axirian Kharachian saint to his lord (Jul12)
  • Assisted in lifting the magical darkness overlying Deepwatch, to help in the recapture of the tower by the joint forces of the Griffin-Black knights (Jun12)
  • Joined the Heralds guild (Jun12)
  • Tested by trial of skill and trials of truthtell and admitted into the Guild of Foresters  – DT (Jun12)
  • Advanced to rank of Guild Senior Scout and applied for entry into the Foresters (Jun12)
  • Awarded the Honour of Kalon (Courage, Heart) at the Middval Games (May12)
  • Cursed by Elias’ theft of some stones from Dumnal (May12)
  • Braved the Frost Forge to help reclaim Sir Robin’s “Potential” from Dumnal the Smith (May12)
  • Assisted the Surgeon General Doctor Georgina Herald in the retrieval of her Guild Cloak, stolen by Kryganites (Apr12)
  • Gained an apprentice – Arden (Apr12)
  • Acting leader of the scouts for the tourney and Council of Swords (Apr12)
  • Travelled to the Vortigan lands to scout out the gathering point of the Tourney and Council of Swords under orders from Ranger Ned – DT (Apr12)
  • Travelled to Darlingdale, Tisa Valley where she assisted in the defence of Raby Keep from an undead army and vampire (Apr12)
  • Travelled into the Borderlands investigating the brewing trouble between Nixon and Robson families (Apr12)
  • Escorted Sir Stewart DePiercy to a meeting with the Longstorian Alshanti – DT (Apr12)
  • Encountered Fomorian Fae (Mar12)
  • Travelled to Darian, Derwentshire where she helped save a Longstorian Priestess from Kryganites (Mar12)
  • Handed a Sereklan Excomm into the Law – DT (Mar12)
  • Discovered why scouts wear proper gloves when handling unknown boxes (Mar12)
  • Operated the Primer to wipe a name from a Pillar of Dun Mhurdo in accordance to the conditions of Ithilden’s treaty (Feb12)
  • Accompanied the Ithilden’s party into The Pit of Dun Mhurdo to complete a treaty between the elves of the Rowan Wood and the dwarves of Dun Mhurdo (Feb12)
  • Helped save the life of Captain-General Brack-on-Hill when she was taken by undead/Tholonese creatures and pulled her from the ritual circle that could have turned her into a Vampire Lord (Jan12)
  • Travelled to Llaminusia and guided the party from their shipwreak to the Port town they were being sent to help defend (Jan12)


  • Scout Signs: Levels 1, 2 & 3 – Able to discern and understand track information.
  • Double Stacking Armour – Able to wear two layers of armour.
  • Spot Trap – Able to identify the presence of a trap.
  • Light Sleeper – Easily roused from state of sleep or unconciousness.
  • Lirronese language – able to read, understand and speak a basic level of the Old Lirronese language (if not rushed)
  • Thieves Rune – able to identify items belonging to the thieves guild.
  • Field Repair – able to repair up to 3 pts leather armour in the field, if given time.
  • Fake Rune – able to identify items that are counterfeit.
  • Throwing daggers – able to discern the weighting of throwing daggers, thereby identify them.
  • Hardened Constitution – able to fight through the symptoms of disease.
  • Forest Cunning – able to untangle self form natural foliage

Abilities of Faith:

  • Command of Heal Limb (touch)
  • Prayer of Bless Armour (touch)
  • Ritual of Bless Weapon
  • Prayer of Fortitude (touch)
  • Prayer of Courage (touch)
  • Command of Final Battle
  • Religious in nature – ability to see items and persons marked with the religious in nature rune

Magical Items:

  • The Spirit of Berwickshire (Apr13 – Sept13)
  • Boon of the Awoken Dragon (May13 – Sept13) – claimed child of Cyhyreath Iomadach-Lannash, Dragon of Lirron.

Oaths and Strictures

  • Oath of the Foresters (Jun13)
  • Code of the Rangers (Sept12)
  • Commanded by Crowa to never leave the field of battle whilst there are still people to defend. “Win or die trying … “(Apr13)


  • Dagger
  • Hatchet
  • Short Mace
  • Subdual stick
  • Longsword – ‘honour sword’ Onoraich
  • Two-handed Great Sword
  • Shield and shield cover – blue with silver dragon
  • Arm armour – light leather (1pt), heavy studded leather (3pt)
  • Arm armour – plate bracers (6 pt)
  • Body armour – heavy leather tunic (2pt), heavy studded leather scales (3pt), ringmail (4 pt), chainmail (5pt)
  • Leg armour – heavy studded leather (3pt), plate greaves (6pt)
  • Hood, gloves and face scarf
  • Armstrong District Tartan sash
  • Forester Sash, Forester stripes and arm band with personal insignia and crowned hunters horn
  • Belt sash with personal insignia
  • Medal of Enech Kalon of the Middval Games (Honour of Courage)
  • Spirit of Berwickshire amulet
  • Green and black ribbon with crystal pin from the King’s Wedding, Berwickshire pin, engraved silver ring, woven silver/red/gold favour
  • Book of the Law, Heralds notes and pencil and inks
  • Whistle
  • Holy symbol – crowan sword pendant
  • Crowan prayer book, holy water and prayer scarf
  • Bandages and assorted alchemical potions
  • Alchemical Firelighters, candle and alchemical potions of Light

Previous Guilds:

  • Foresters – Huntsmaster (Jun12 – Sept13) – Appointed Huntsman (North) Feb 13, Appointed Huntsmaster Jul 13. Left Guild to become full devoted of Crowa
  • Scouts – Guild Senior (Jan12 – May12) – Left Guild to become a Forester
  • Heralds – Apprentice (Jun12 – Sept12) – Guild dissolved

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