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Lady Miriam Celther

(Sept13 – Apr14)

Lady Miriam Celther no background

Church: Sidhe
Rank: Mother Priestess (P5)

Family Heraldy: Vert, bend argent, bendlet sable, chief sinister crescent argent.

celther 100x135

Notable achievements:

  • Reclaimed her shadow (Mar 14)
  • Lost her shadow through an accident, which was taken to the Shadowmaster (Jan 14)
  • Lost an arm trying to protect a holy site of Vleybor, to have it returned by an Entrald (Jan 14)
  • Blessed by Tralda with gifts of her “luck” for the tale told in one of her holy places (Nov 13)
  • Blessed by Vleybor with the gift of Deathsleep until Dec 13 for her actions in the encampment (Oct 13)
  • Saved a Vleyborian priestess from the corrupting taint of the dead dragon Koh’Bara (Oct13)
  • Passed her supplication to become awoken to the light of Sidhe (Sept13)

Abilities of Faith:

  • Prayer of Bless Armour (touch)
  • Ritual of Bless Weapon
  • Prayer of Heal Body (touch)
  • Prayer of Truthtell
  • Prayer of Knightly Warding
  • Ritual of All Heal
  • Prayer of Sleep
  • Ritual of Commune with Dead
  • Command of Heal Limb (touch)
  • Prayer of Writhe
  • Religious in nature – ability to see items and persons marked with the religious in nature rune (Sister)
  • Discern Faith – ability to discern the true faith of an individual (Mother)


  • Staff (6ft)
  • Dagger
  • Holy symbol – sidhean scales
  • Prayerbook, holy water
  • Prayer scarf, hood, prayer beads and priestly robe
  • Celther family heraldry and cloak, wimple and veil
  • Lantern, candle, firelighters, bandages, vials of alchemy: purge poison, truth tell

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