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Mercy Blackstaff

(Oct10 – Jan12)

Primary Guild: Physician
Rank attained: Master (Doctor)

Secondary Guild: n/a

Church: Vleybor
Rank: Kindred

Notable achievements:

  • Current Head Physician of the Night Clinic (NPC) (December 2011 – NPC life span)
  • Acting head of the Newcroft Guild House during Doctor Herald’s disappearance (Dec11 – Jan12)
  • Assisted in the return of Doctor Georgina Herald (Surgeon General) from the fae realms (Jan12)
  • Cast ritual of necromantic “lay to rest” upon a fell necromantic beast of local legend (Nov11)
  • Survived the Summer Campaign to Ethron after the death of the High King of Ethron (Aug11)
  • Helped destroy the Beacon summoning undead to Ethron (Aug11)
  • Friend of the Llamunisian settlement near Maccamwell (Aug11 – Jan12)
  • Helped defeat the demon pretender De’Klan (Mar2011)


  • Knowledge of various physician’s mixes – Heal Limb, Heal Body, Heal All, Smelling Salts, Purge Poison, Cure Disease, Immunity from Disease, Cure Blindess, Cure Dumbness, Anesthesia, Deathsleep.
  • Poison Lore – Able to detect if someone has been poisoned and with what (venom/swiftdeath).
  • Triage – Able to determine how far off dying someone is.
  • Sights of War – Able to withstand the horrors of battle, surgery or shape shifting.
  • Double Bandage – Able to tie two bandages onto one location.
  • Reattach Limb – Able to undertake surgery to reattach a severed or wounded limb.
  • Physicians Fuss (x4) – Able to heal a location 1/d


  • Staff – 6ft subdual weapon
  • Holy symbol – Vleyborian
  • Physician’s drugs
  • Bandages
  • Doctor Herald’s surgery kit
  • Tinder box
  • Candle
  • Notebook
  • Fae brooch
  • Fae unction
  • Assorted healing alchemy (gifted to national plot mission Jan12)
  • Vleyborian prayer of heal wound (gifted to national plot mission Jan12)

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