Character Creation Challenge

During the “Long March” of 2020, when there was no LARP due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing, some members of the Fools and Heroes LARP system took it upon themselves to make new character concepts out of the kit they had in their cupboards. The rules? To create a character of any acceptable race, rank and equipment kit-out within the game rules of the chosen character class, but no current or previous characters. Kit reuse is encouraged, and nothing can be made fresh for the challenge.

The challenge fizzled out, but I have continued it here with the goal to collect most (if not all) of the character class types open to players in Fools and Heroes. Here is a record of my attempt.

The Light Churches

The Knights / Holy Orders

The Guilds

Bonus: Herbalist – Goodwife Anne Green (of Newcroft Chronicle fame)

Total: 24/ 24