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Dame Ravenna Corvidae

(Aug 14 – Jul 15)

HoB dame ravenna

Order: Black Order (Ithronian)
Rank: Head of Order Order Knight

Church: Kharach/Sidhe
Rank: Dual Kindred

The Knightly Black Order

Virtus et Honor

Honour Sword: Invictus (Unconquered)
Personal motto: Ego sum dignus (I am worthy) / Axios
Squire: Evelyn Ingram

Notable achievements:

  • Aided the retaking of Barra. Died facing the Mithran advisor to the Earl of Barra (July 15)
  • Assisted in the final assault upon the Konnish Fortress in Llaminusia (Jun 15)
  • Helped locate the sword of San Pedro in Amnor and reconsecrate the shrines (Jun 15)
  • Fought against the Claw and his forces in the White Star (May 15)
  • Led party to seek the source of the automata on Pendrake lands (May 15)
  • Proved the worth of warriors in the Tomb of Heroes (May 15)
  • Was “rooted” in the Sharnwood and had open heart and brain surgery to remove the plant (May 15)
  • Protected the priest of Kharach and Axirian Black Knight whilst they laid the souls trapped a Blood Oak to rest. Assisted in laying to rest the second (May 15)
  • Burned hand holding Invictus after demon cast magics upon it (Apr 15)
  • Reconsecrated a Kharachian Shrine and closed a portal to Sharda (Apr 15)
  • Hunted and killed a Crystal Ogre with party in Berwickshire (Apr 15)
  • Appointed Head of Order after death of Sir Haydon de Bastonne (Mar 15)
  • Traveled through the trapped tunnels under the city to hunt the one responsible for the destruction of Bara Cathedral (Mar 15)
  • Led mission to investigate the White Star presence at Rockcliffe (Mar 15)
  • Led mission to investigate cave of automata and defended party in shield wall (Feb 15)
  • Knighted by Head of Order Sir Haydon de Bastonne (Feb 15)
  • Travelled to Llaminusia to secure the deepwater port for supply and troop deployment (Jan 15)
  • Claimed her third honour kill (White Star Ogre) on road to Dun Mhurdo (Dec 14)
  • Helped bring down local leader of the White Star near Nelfarig (Nov 14)
  • Laid the third piece of The Shade to rest (Nov 14)
  • Claimed her second honour kill (White Star Ogre) on road to Amblebury (Nov 14)
  • Claimed her first honour kill (Templar Death Knight) near Dunlirron (Oct 14)
  • Passed her observation and became an Errant (Oct 14)
  • Undertook the devotional sins of Sidhe for his gift (Sept 14)
  • Took up the gift of Sidhe to view the machinations of the Whisperer (Sept 14)
  • Arrived late to the Tholonese Campaign as an adventurer (Aug 14)


  • Double stack – can double stack leather and metal armour (or metal and metal armour)
  • Awarded her Honour Sword “Invictus”, which cannot be dropped from her hand or broken with magics
  • Can call upon the might of the order and cast Fear x 2/d
  • Boon from Kharach allows her to protect her mind from spells cast by undead
  • Boon from Kharach allows her to commune with the spirits of the dead
  • Post open heart and brain surgery, her interpretation of fear is twisted
  • Can invoke the rite of “Lay to Rest” as a servant of Kharach


Introducing Ravenna Corvidae – a kit gallery
Tudor Shirt – arming shirt, blackwork, cartridge pleat ruff
Tudor Doublet – handmade buttons, making the doublet
Elizabethan Cloak – upcycling old costume kit into new
Knightly Regalia – other details for the Head of Order

  • Black Order tabard, trimmed in red; Head of Order sash
  • Honour Sword “Invictus”
  • “War” Axe, mace, dagger, shield, order shield, steel shield
  • Holy symbols – Sidhe x1, Kharach x2
  • Talisman – a gift from Sidhe
  • Bandages, alchemy, blessed stake

Avatars made using Tektek’s Dream Avatar maker.


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