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Brigit Wooller, of Clan McColic

(Jul 15 – Jan 17)

Brigit Wooller website Mother Brigit Mother Brigit Water

Church: Crowan
Rank: High Mother Priestess (P7), Chaplain to the Griffin Order
Shrine Guardian of the Crowan Shrine to Ser Ulrik, Student of the Durholme Academy, Knight of the Coterie, Scholar, Champion of the Dragon of Wood, Chosen of Crowa

Guild: Physicians
Rank: Journeyman

Notable achievements:

  • Final battled to protect a group of elven delegates from dark elves (Jan 17)
  • Helped rescue the women from the Garden of Jane (Oct 16)
  • Braved the dark of the Pit of Dun Mhurdo (Oct 16)
  • Rescued the Pathfinder from a trapped circle of undead (Sept 16)
  • Appointed Chaplain to the Griffin Order (Aug 16)
  • Went to Sharda to stand before the Theeril Court (Aug 16)
  • Adopted into Clan McColic as future leader and priestess of the Clan (Jul 16)
  • Aided in the defeat of the Primate of Krygan, with the loss of Father McColic (Jul 16)
  • Broke the siege on the Great Library in Ymal (Jun 16)
  • Branded by Niels after rescuing her brother from Abraxians (Jun 16)
  • Helped rescue Conchobar from the threat of the Fae (Jun 16)
  • Lost her right arm fighting the vampire Robert Brack-on-Hill and minions (May 16)
  • Appointed Champion of the Dragon of Wood and gifted the sash of Water (May 16)
  • Helped stop the trade of undead and demons in the Tisa Valley (Apr 16)
  • Helped retrieve the book of the Blue from the Lands of the Dead (Apr 16)
  • Helped defeat the K’gan of the White Star via the Halfsplitter tunnels (Apr 16)
  • Duelled and bested the undead dark elf Knight Champion of the dark fae (Mar 16)
  • Fought Scarahai and captured the rogue Alchemist Marseilles Tabanou (Feb 16)
  • Witnessed the final battle of High Father Greyson Kelly, Chaplain Rose (Jan 16)
  • Stopped the menace of the death knight Sir Lunaris (Jan 16)
  • Fought heretics and a Githasian dryad at the carnival (Dec 15)
  • Stopped Strauman from making more villager scarecrows (Dec 15)
  • Helped capture the White Star Seer (Nov 15)
  • Appointed Shrine Guardian and bound to Walder’s Journal (Nov 15)
  • Protected the shrine dedicated to Ser Ulrik from the White Star (Nov 15)
  • Helped look for the missing child of Miss Jennifer Perrywhistle (Oct 15)
  • Helped look for a missing grave digger of Kirk Leigh (Oct 15)
  • Helped save lost pilgrims in Tisa Valley (Sept 15)
  • Consecrated the Shrine at Hadsfield and appointed shrine maiden (Aug 15)
  • Came third in the Grand Melee at Tisa Valley Games (Aug 15)
  • Consecrated the Shrine in the tombs near Dunlirron (Aug 15)
  • Helped in the mission to disrupt the automata and Mithrans in Berwickshire (Aug 15)
  • Killed a Medusa in the tunnels underneath Berwickshire (Aug 15)
  • Helped in the defeat of the Primate of Githas and the Mithran advisor to the Earl of Barra (Jul 15)


  • Ritual of Deconsecrate Shrine
  • Ritual of Troll Strength
  • Prayer of Bless Armour
  • Prayer of Lift Spell
  • Ritual of Locate
  • Ritual of Reforge Metal
  • Prayer of Courage
  • Ritual of Bless Weapon
  • Command of Purge Poison
  • Prayer of Fortitude
  • Prayer of Bless Vestments
  • Command of Heal Limb
  • Prayer of Strength
  • Ritual of Absolution, Ritual of Bless Water, Ritual of Cleansing


Introducing Brigit Wooller – an inspiration and kit post
Crafting the dramatic swirl – making a red 3/4 circle cloak
Making a last minute banquet gown  – the “Lilly” undergown
Crowan Banquet Garb – the “Rose” overgown
Prayers for the pious – making a set of Crowan prayer beads.

  • Crowan holy symbols, Crowan prayer beads, Ghoril holy symbol
  • Staff, short sword, small shield, long sword, bastard sword, subdual stick, a damascene steel longsword
  • Priestly robes, prayer scarf, prayer book, holy water, Walder’s Journal
  • Bandages, alchemy, tinderbox, candles
  • Pilgrim’s badge, Hadsfield Campaign badge, Sash of the Water Locus


Avatar made using Niobesnuppa’s Disney Girls and Huldrefolk makers.