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It’s been a few months since I last wrote a HEMA blog post, so you might be forgiven for thinking that my studies have taken a pause. Never fear, the YSD is still going strong, back to a cautious sense of normality.

We were visited by a journalist from the Guardian back in August as part of a column she was writing, and appeared in print a couple of weeks later. She seemed to enjoy herself and her write up feels to sum up the initial reasons I started HEMA and stuck with it.

Classes resumed ‘in person’ back in May, with a slow and steady progression from solo drill back to partnered at distance to partnered with masks and protective equipment. My helmet and gambeson have come out of storage and I have a couple of new additions to my gear for future sparring which I am excited to get back to (even if I now require a squire to help me into my gear).

I’m currently studying from English Longsword texts, which is exciting as I only came across these during Lockdown, and I like learning new things. My first notebook has been filled and I’m on with my second and considering that I may need to find a third in the not too distant future.

But what I’m more excited about is being around like minded people again who want to spar and fight with swords and learn. Being in the same room as ‘my people’ after the 18+ months of lockdowns and caution and fear is a wonderful thing, and I am grateful that we still get to do this as safely as we’re able despite everything the world threw at us.

So for now I will learn about rakes, rabbits and hawks, and work at mastering the very satisfying dragon’s tail.