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Back when I was a new member of Fools and Heroes I got involved in creating content for our local branch in-character newspaper, published once a month (semi-regularly) and full of stories, advertisements and in-character information that the players might find a bit of a giggle. I created a pair of NPCs to generate regular content, and one of these was the herbwife Goodwife Green. A trader in the Newcroft marketplace, and not affiliated with the Physicians or Alchemists Guilds, the Goodwife was a bit of an agony aunt with her herbal remedies.

I used to research herbal remedies online to try and find solutions to ‘real life’ problems that might afflict normal people but might be ‘beneath’ the Physicians or Alchemists Guilds to solve. This is where the Goodwife came in (before the Herbalists became a character class in the playtest).

She was a joy to write, as she had a different tone to the characters I was playing at the time, and I thought that it might be fun to share some of her remedies with you all. Some of her content is now out of date as it was topical for the time, but here is an entries from the archives.

The Good Life by Goodwife Green (Feb 2012)

The Good Life by Goodwife Green

With Vleybor’s holy day just around the corner, I want to offer my professional advice to all you lovers out there, and for those who wish they had a lover. It’s all good whilst you’ve got it!

If you can, give your (intended) sweetheart a personal little love charm. I have a number of ribbons and coins in stock, perfect of bestowing a token of affection on that special someone.

Rose cordial, along with instructions on how to brew that perfect tea, can be purchased for a small fee from my stall.

However, this is NOT a love potion. I would never dream of attempting to sell anything that might be thought to be an alchemical potion amongst my wares.

DO NOT come looking for a love potion.

Any jokers like last year will be denied future custom and barred from my stall.

However, I do have some packets of rose tea which do make a delightful drink to share with that special someone. Particularly if you give them a good dollop of my “Treasured Honey”, made especially for such an occasion as two people, sitting drinking tea, who are madly in love with each other but too shy to say. Oh, Vleybor’s holy days always make me teary.

Keep living the good life!

Goodwife Green

– If you have a question, a burning desire or just an interest in living the good life, then come to my stall in the marketplace where I provide my services on a daily basis. From charms to potions, Goodwife Green wants to help you live the Good Life.

– Not endorsed by the Physicians Guild. These cures may or may not work to your satisfaction