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Ithronian Adventures

The trouble with the foulspawn in the north-west of the county has not entirely gone away. With the recent upheaval it seems that someone or something has been stirring out in the wilds looking to cause trouble.

Hightower’s new Baron-Regent calls on adventurers for aid. Met by Lady-Knight Judith Tirel as the Thane’s representative, they are instructed to travel north out of Carlech until they reach the small village Tamway in the wilds where Sir Bastion the Unwavering would meet them and brief them on the situation.


The adventurers who set out on this task were:

  • Ranger Aidan of Prudha’s Ridge of the Scouts Guild;
  • Captain Aidan Lockwood of the Mercenaries Guild; 
  • Guardsman Red Kent;
  •  Mr Twist of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Ethelstan of Longstor;

Heading out of Carlech they met with the Baron-Regent south of the village of Tamway, where the Grey Knight told them of the situation. The foulspawn were attacking the village but something must have sent them over the edge the past few weeks. Once the milita had arrived the adventurers were to investigate what was going on and resolve the matter before other villagers are put at risk.

As they approached the village they were attacked by foulspawn, then encountered a trio of terrified villagers who were relieved that someone had come to rescue them. The foulspawn had started attacking them and the militia were taking an utter beating. One was all for trusting in the nobility to do their duty, another was keen to encourage the Iron Fist to keep beating on the foulspawn, whilst the other was concerned that something had upset the usually peaceful beasts to get them into this angry state. After listening to the situation the villagers were urged to hide themselves away and the adventurers headed into the village proper. Rescuing a badly wounded militiaman they proceeded to hold the ground until reinforcements arrived – wave after wave of enraged foulspawn roaring war chants that echoed in the night.


With the fresh militiamen preparing to take up the defences the Baron-Regent bid the adventurers to continue on their mission. At the bottom of the bridge they found a black knight and a militiaman lying dead at the bottleneck, a goblin picking their pockets. In the woodland the adventurers found a pair of the Iron Fist who claimed to be out looking for foulspawn and eventually told them where they might find their boss.

Startling a group of foulspawn that seemed wary of attacking them, they came upon a group of more aggressive foulspawn with a prisoner and it all kicked off. Rescuing the local they were warned that a great gathering of foulspawn was further up the path. If they were careful they might be able to sneak on by without being caught … And so our party found themselves creeping through the dark, avoiding snoring orcish sentries and sleepy trolls. A brief detour to meet with a Forester and a member of the Iron Fist, they eventually came to the main foulspawn encampment where they met the Orc elder that had spoken to Lady-Knight Judith and others previously. It seemed that most of the foulspawn were not out to attack the local humans, only the Iron Fist who had been killing their brethren. However there were more aggressive and angry members of the White Star who saw all humans as the same and were therefore out to attack anybody. Get rid of the Iron Fist and maybe things would calm down? Their leader was amassing forces at a larger camp further into the wilds, and he might be willing to speak with them about what to do!


On the road towards the Iron Fist and the foulspawn a pair of Hightower Black Knights crossed paths with our heroes. The honour of the house had been threatened by the Iron Fist upstarts who were trying to turn the people against their young Lord and the Baronial seat and generally cause trouble. So in true Black Order fashion they were intending to call out the leader of the Iron Fist, best him in a duel, and kill anyone or anything that got in their way. The adventurers were already heading that way, but with the thought of Black Order Knights on their heels seemed to quicken their pace and they came upon the Iron Fist camp expecting trouble.

At first they had no trouble from the affable Ethronian, but when he tried to convince them to let them keep on with their business, perhaps take on some additional work for the company and kill a load of foulspawn something went wrong for the Iron Fist. The party fell upon the other members of the Iron Fist arrayed around their boss and took him prisoner. After questioning him for information they made sure he couldn’t scurry off back to his employer, before they headed on to investigate the nearby foulspawn camp.

The smell of the place hit them before they could see the camp, but before they could cross the river they were met on the edge of the camp by the local foulspawn leader who was intent on putting a stop to the Iron Fist. With limited Ithronian he and the party were able to start some form of dialog which led to two of the company heading off to retrieve their Iron Fist prisoner to show the fact they were not allies of the “bad humans”. Dragging the unfortunate fellow before the Orcish leader, they should not have been surprised when he was summarily executed by the foulspawn – case closed!


With the local Iron Fist ring leader now dead it seems that the foulspawn problem may have settled somewhat, and the new Baron-Regent may have a chance to consolidate power and bring stability to the region. Only time will tell.