This post is a little outside my usual posts of directly LARP related topics, mission write ups or the jumbled heap of sewing that I pull together at the end of the project. However, today I would like to share a few of the films / tv shows that get me in the mood to LARP at the moment. I hope you all enjoy a glimpse into my collection.



The Eagle

Our game is set in a world where a Roman/Atlantean style empire still holds sway. Watching the Eagle makes me think about how Ithron might look in the game world, and the music is suitably haunting that it twitches on the mind and helps draw me back into LARP.


Your Highness

Sometimes all you need is a bit of silliness to remind you that LARP is all about fun. Given that some adventures I’ve been on in the past have had the same sense of bewilderment, a liberal does of the humour and the players giving way too much information away to the bad guys, this film does help lift my LARP spirits.

robin hood pot

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

In the same way that Your Highness is a spirit lifter, so too is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It’s a familiar story, which is told and retold, but it’s a good story and it’s got a bit of nostalgia for me when I sit and watch it. I’m sure many of us can recall times when we’ve played at being Robin Hood on an adventure – fighting with the Sheriff or robbing the rich to help the poor (even if its only for biscuits). There are also some classic one liners, and Alan Rickman as the Sheriff.


A Knights Tale

A tale of one common boy’s dream of a brighter future, with a modern soundtrack, some brilliant bits of dialogue from Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell – its just a generally fun romp through an imagining of the middle ages that appeals to me some times. It’s particularly poignant at the moment as I’m playing my knight, and whilst we do not actively joust I still like to think my lady would have some knowledge of the sport.

in the name of the king

The Name of the King

With a generous fantasy based plotline, the main character development lies around Farmer’s quest for love – even though he becomes King and suddenly has a country under attack to think about, the thing that drives him on to do the right thing is love. Sometimes watching something like this kindles the need to LARP and I love the armour on Muriella (centre of the picture).


Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit trilogies

Sometimes you just need to settle down in front of a fantasy epic and let your mind go. I don’t think there is much more that needs to be said, do you?

1989 henry v 2

Henry V

And sometimes all I need is a couple of good rousing speeches and a giggling French princess struggling with English. I’ve loved this version of Shakespeare’s play since I watched a video of it when studying Macbeth at high school (it came as part of a boxed set) and there is magic in some of the speeches he penned.



TV Shows

susan delenn marcus b5

Babylon 5

I mostly watch Babylon 5 for Susan Ivanova – one tough cookie who has some of the best one liners in my opinion. She’s stern, forceful, but not without compassion, and I hope that if I can play a character that might be likened to her then I might be very happy. Also I love the Mimbari fashion, Delenn and Sheridan’s romance, and the little moments between Vir / Londo / G’Kar.


Pillars of the Earth

I love the costumes and the world created in this series, based on the book by Ken Follet. But the Empress Maude is a current kit-inspiration at the moment and the way she carries herself is something I aspire to as my current knight. I also love the intrigue of the politics and the tales of riches to rags and the way back that move me to love and adore various characters even though they are all flawed (and sometimes I end up screaming at the tv even though I know what’s going to happen).




Sometimes I find it nice to just sit down and binge watch lots of episodes of relatively brutal violence with lovely pieces of costume to enjoy. This series has certainly helped shaped a character in the future, alongside other reading, but it’s just something I enjoy watching.


the muskateers


I love the costumes, I love the hijinks, I love how the stories pull all the threads together – which is a sign of good story telling. There is something about the theme song that just makes me smile when I hear it. And whilst at times I find Constance a bit of a wet rag in the earlier episodes, I love how she is developed as a character and how, in the end, she is the no nonsense “Mum” to the unit.