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Ithronian Adventures

After the fall of Middlesbourne before the eventful trip to Dragonbone Island, a cordon has existed around the town to keep back the undead and roden within the town and to keep out the locals. Several adventurers have offered their assistance to his endeavour, but reports of strange activity within the cordon has reached them, and so a group of hardy adventurers prepare to enter that troubled place.


Monster Mission – Middlesbourne’s Battle Royale

A group of adventurers gathered together to investigate the rumours and approached the cordon around Middlesbourne. All seemed well, one of the Percy militia reporting that whilst there was unrest the cordon was holding, but as this utterance another Percy militia man ran in with dire news – the cordon had been breached in several places and there were people in the town! Alarmed, the adventurers rushed onwards, and these were:

  • Aiden Lockwood of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Master Guy Lockless of the Guild of Blacksmiths; Runa Flamebeard the Runesmith;
  • Sir Ectar de Vymont of the Black Order; Sir Baudwin Egremont, Voice of the Feudals; Sir George Stennet and Rex Manning, feudal vassals;
  • Primate Sybil Kennedy of Tralda; High Father of Kharach, Chaplain to the Black Order; High Father Thomas De Vymont of Sidhe; Mother Evelyn of Vleybor; Brorgar of Crowa;
  • Pod the Herbalist;

After fighting off a clump of undead and roden and having a chat with a few of the creatures, they came upon a strange scene. Three Fygolians lay dead with letters inviting them into the town for some ‘champion’ fight, and it seemed they had fallen prey to some Bequifisian traps. Taking the letters they continued on, where they were attacked by Kryganites in the woodland and saved a number of townsfolk who had been attacked.

They found a group of Githasians attacking their colleagues in the militia on the insistence of a priest, rumbled a knot of Sereklanites who scattered as their leader was unmasked, and fought a group of Abraxian foulspawn who were eager for a fight. All of them seemed to have these letters on them, directing them towards the Traldan Cathedral for some form of ‘championship’. Near the Alchemy labs they found some Kryganites looking for an ‘edge’ to their own strengths in the misty fumes of an alchemy explosion (some as likely to be poisoned or slept as getting what they sought), and were ambushed by Bequifisians in the streets leading down to the Cathedral.

When they reached their destination, they were horrified to find the shrine was desecrated and ruined as the followers of the dark six were fighting it out. They took to the fray, eventually besting all the heretics but not without the loss of Brorgar’s life and Runa’s leg. As they pulled themselves together a red light filled the air and a woman’s voice proclaimed loudly that She had claimed Her Champion, declaring that Pod was to be Bequifis’s Champion. Before they left and as the company stood in horror over this declaration, Primate Sybil attempted to gather up the remains of the shrine and promised her Lady Tralda that the Cathedral would once again stand on the site in Her name.

What does this mean for Pod, and will there be a Traldan Shrine once more in Middlesbourne? We shall see.



Player Mission – Warehouse Robberies

Reports of thefts from merchant caravans and a warehouse near Whitebay has caught the attentions of the Merchants Guild, who seek adventurers to investigate the matter. Those who attended the hiring were:

  • Aidan of Prudha’s Ridge of the Scouts Guild;
  • General Havak and Captain Pie of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Tony and Cassidy Lithgow of the Guards;
  • Sir Ash of Stockstown, Baronet Seabric and Guild Protector, and Mr Wisty of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Schoolmaster Richter Kless of the School of Demonology; Guilia Farnese of the School of Enchantment;
  • Lady-Knight Judith Tirel, feudal vassal;
  • Father Tom Blodwinson of Rolbor; Sister Isabella Dantes of Tralda; Father Finwe of Longstor;

Travelling out of Redcairne they travelled the main trade route south towards Whitebay and came upon a large group of well prepared individuals. They were soon found to be bandits under the pay of an individual known as ‘X’ who were investigating another group robbing people in their ‘patch’, which the Guards did not take kindly to. Continuing on they came to a village that had come into a windfall of luxury goods, just like the sort that had been robbed from the merchants, which had been left in a sack by the well with a note saying “enjoy”. A bard was attempting to earn some money off these ‘wealthy’ people, but was dismayed to find that whilst they had goods they had no coin. Tony and Cassidy convinced the people to hand in the goods to the merchants in the hope of a finder’s fee, rather than remain in possession of stolen property.

They were attacked by dark elves in the woods who, after a chat with Finwe, revealed that there were several groups of people active in the area around the caravans. The group found an old camp used by some bandits after Aidan found a pit trap and narrowly avoided being poisoned along the main way into the encampment. Empty and the ashes several days cold, he guided the party away following the tracks of a large body of people. They found more bandits who claimed no responsibility for the recent thefts and worked for ‘X’, located another cache that had been left with some foulspawn who seemed to be expecting “Tiny the Bagman” to return and give them more weapons and shiny things, but no further clues. The next village along had had a different windfall in food with a note bidding them to “enjoy”, and so were feasting the return of two of their number from militia duty. Another group of bandits barred their path and a fight seriously kicked off with two of their mages attempting to escape – one got by Aidan and his swift footwork and the other chased down by Lady Judith and Schoolmaster Kless.

Heading down towards the warehouses outside the town they found a figure sat on a bench who had been carrying some sacks along the road. Upon inspection these looked suspicious, so the Guards asked the young woman to come along with them to the warehouse. Talking with the warehouse owner revealed that he rented space to merchants so had several peoples’ goods stored away in the building, but closer inspection revealed that someone had gained access from a back door and several windows and the lock had been tampered with through magical means. The discovery of a key alarmed the warehouse owner, for it was not one of his spare keys, and so the plot thickens. Whilst they may not yet know who this mysterious ‘X’ is or the identity of those responsible for robbing the merchants, there is clearly something devious afoot – and with the Lithgow cousins on the case it will soon be cracked!