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Ithronian Adventures

It began as a peaceful morning in Middlesborne. Adventurers from far and wide had arrived in the town ahead of the morning’s hirings, but as the sun crested the hill and the appropriately sociable hour arrived for gathering in the hiring square alarm bells began to ring out from the docks. Smoke drifted on the breeze. The noise of panic rose on the air and our adventurers found themselves turning to deal with a greater threat near at hand.

The town of Middlesborne was under attack, and the heroes of Ithron were called upon to do what they do best.


Monster Mission: The Traldans and the Docks

Swiftly split into two groups one group headed towards the main assault upon the docks. This was formed of:

  • Venn the Scout;
  • Guardsman Red Kent;
  • Guy Lockless of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Guild Protector Ash of Stocktown and Mr Whisty of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Giulia of the School of Enchantment;
  • Sir Ectar de Vymont of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Defender Tungil and Isabelle of Tralda; Father Thomas de Vymont of Sidhe; GGorim Cragbiter of Crowa; Father Finwe of Longstor;

They came upon a group of humans bearing coloured dragon sashes terrorising the locals, and after admitting to marauding and causing chaos the party set upon them. They found a Sidhean devotee fighting back a number of undead whilst wounded, who warned them that the docks were overrun and the Templar who had arrived that morning to look over an amount of dragon bone found locally had last been seen in the middle of the fighting. They came upon more cultists and dragonkin, fighting their way through the clumps gathered around the burning warehouses that filled the district. They agreed to help a member of the Royal Court get out of the town, rescued a Traldan, and found a group of cultists and undead attacking the Traldan Shrine at the centre of the docks. After clearing the path to the doors the Traldan called out to his brethren who finally opened the doors and were amazed to find the adventurers there.

Their priest had been leading them in prayers during this crisis when suddenly he was struck down (which they took as a bad omen) and had been holding him together to try and save his life. The adventurers quickly patched his wounds, woke him and listened to his preaching. Tungdil knelt in prayer then stood and cried aloud to the heavens, beseeching Tralda for guidance on the strange visions that many of the faithful had seen.

Pressing on the adventurers came upon the docks and saw a boat being packed up with goods stolen from the settlement. Fighting off the crew and the undead the adventurers stood and were proud of their efforts, until a second boat rounded the corner and headed their way. More dragonkin, more undead, more fighting to try and beat back the invaders. When it seemed they were almost winning a sinister shape arose from the depths of the ship – a great dragonkin-like creature with a bony carapace that stood amongst its crew and gestured at the adventurers.

If any  wanted to land they would have to break through the boats still berthed in the dock, which might slow down any inland advance; but there seemed little more the adventurers could do as they were pushed back by the mass of dragonkin and their minions. This may not have been their day, but soon … very soon!


Player Mission: The Mages Tower and the Bank

The second company headed towards the Mages Tower that was under attack, comprised of the following adventurers:

  • Runa Flamebeard of the Scouts Guild;
  • General Havak and Guild Protector Tom Blodwinson of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Guardsman Tony Lithgow;
  • Schoolmaster Richter Kless and Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology; Master Reali and Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy; Bastian Crowley of the Guild of Mages;
  • Lady Judith Tirel, Feudal Vassal;
  • High Father Robert Eddlemann of Sidhe; Brogar of Crowa;
  • Pod the herbalist;

They advanced up to the tower and found their way barred by undead and a pair of dragonkin with a third one with a bony carapace, that bewitched the mind and cast spells upon several of the party. Lady Judith found herself attacking the Schoolmaster until Pirran lifted the compulsion. The great doors to the Guild lay broken on their hinges, with the place ransacked. As the mages went to investigate the inner sanctum there arose a great wail and screams followed as they all pitched to the floor in agony. Hurrying to check on them Judith, Pod and Brogar came face to face with a glowing flame that floated above the floor. Warned it was pure magic they tried to keep back, but it pulsed with power and at Pirran’s yell Judith tried to hurry those closest to her out the far door. But she was struck by a burst of power and pitched to the floor in a horrible wailing agony as Pirran writhed at the other side of the chamber and Brogar and Guild Protector Blodwinson felt magic try to embed itself in their souls. They were able to shake it off, but Judith was awoken – to the horror of her Magical Advisor. After demanding it to be removed, Judith was told the Witchfinder would have to tend to the matter, and she continued on with an angry tingling sensation in her skin under her layers of plate and chain armour.

It seems whatever the raiders had been seeking they had taken it from the guild, they attempted to track them through the streets of the town. At a crossroads they were approached by a man calling for aid for the Kharachian and Vleyborian shrines, and a woman begging for help rescuing her husband and child from the raiders. Torn, the party split in two – one to go and bolster the defence of the shrines, the other to go and rescue the woman’s family. Pirran, torn between his duty to the Gods and his need to relieve the suffering of others, was trapped trying to balance the arguments in his mind. Judith, not often commanding the members of the Maid’s Own to her bidding, shook him from his distress and asked if he needed a command – to which he nodded, unable to speak without pleading for both arguments. She commanded him to go after the woman’s family, feeling he would need to feel he had played a part in relieving the immediate suffering whilst the rest could defend the shrine until help arrived.

Her company (the General and his Guild Protector, Runa, Master Reali and High Father Eddlemann) headed to the shrine and fought off the trio of Vampires meddling with the sacred space. Two of them were slain, though not before the General was bitten, the Guild Protector escaped death by a mere breath, and the third creature fled. Rejoined by the others they checked wounds, prepared more blessed and enchanted weapons, and hurried on. A scream added speed to their advance, Guardsman Tony punching through the lines of cultists and chased down the fleeing group. They rescued the mage who they had grabbed and she told them what had occurred. Others had been taken already, so the adventurers hurried onwards looking for more raiders. They were approached by members of local noble houses who warned that the bank was being attacked, which led to the adventurers heading to investigate this. Undead were trying to make off with a heavy box with Roden instructing them, but once they realised that the box seemed of interest to the beasts, they ventured further into the bank to see what had been taken.

A skirmish with some dragonkin led to the vault with a hole where the box had been removed. However the slot for the box opened into a passageway, so a number of adventurers crept through to investigate. They disturbed some Roden up to no good, and a foul gas was released that spread a sickness throughout the enclosed space. The gas filled the passageway and escaped into the vault, and the adventurers hurried out of the building to evacuate the town.

Now Middlesborne is under quarantine, evacuated and cordoned off; and a campaign is planned to travel to the source of these attacks and stop the troubles that have come to the Valley once and for all. Adventurers are called to gather at Hartness in two weeks time, to make the journey across the sea to Dragonbone Island.