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Ithronian Adventures

The King is coming, or so the rumours say. The King is coming; make way, make way. Time to clear the roads south through the County, time for feasting and joy. Time for militia duty. The King is coming.



Monster Mission: North on the King’s Road

Militia duty is called at word that the King is coming through the county soon, and his path shall be cleared of trouble. This however requires a great number of bodies to be sent to work through the county and so militia duty has been called.

The adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Venn the Scout;
  • Jurgen Einarson of the Mages Guild;
  • Errant George Stennet, Feudal Vassal;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

Hired from Newcroft by a Sergeant in the militia, the adventurers headed out upon the north road to go clear out any trouble. They disturbed a group of hunters sent to forage, who gave them a little information on what was in the region whilst berating them for having disturbed their game.

After helping a little girl retrieve her kitten trapped up a tree, they found a cluster of foul spawn just off the road. They were permitted to pass to speak with their chieftain (via his Longstorian goblin priest) and warned the chief to keep its people away from the road for the next few weeks. With some bargaining, they were able to come to an agreement, and Venn was allowed the return of his ear which he had had mistaken for a gift. Up the road they came to a waypoint where the Sergeant bid them take rest, report and drink water.

As they waited a pair of mercenaries approached – a dwarven Brodoch and a human who were jesting with each other and comparing ways they fight. The Brodoch shared some little news with Tungdil as the pair took a break, and were in the midst of reporting a strange fellow when a woman came towards the group carrying a bomb. The group got to their feet in surprise, the two mercenaries scurrying off the road to watch apprehensively from behind a tree. The woman was heading to the quarry workings, taking another bomb for the efforts, but was hurried along by the nervous Sergeant.

Along came a trio carrying equipment for the quarry workings, members of the company of the Turnscrew. Another mile, the Sergeant said, another mile to go. Grumbling the trio headed on, the mercenaries were ordered back on patrol, and the adventurers were told to investigate the strange fellow sat in the road.

And on they went, to find a man sat in the middle of the road with a flock of locals bringing him food. He was waiting for the King, he told the adventurers, waiting to challenge him to a fight. But for an Abraxian he didn’t last long, and the locals were given a sound talking to by Tungdil about messing with heretics. Distraught they spoke of how they were being forced to bring food to the Abraxian or risk their homestead being burnt down – but the smell of smoke came drifting on the breeze and a villager came running towards them hollering for help. The housestead was on fire! Trust Abraxians to be utter rotters …

The party were able to catch the group responsible and put most to the sword as they fought back, but caught the priest black-handed. Tungdil begrudgingly roused it from unconsciousness at George’s pleas, only to have his declaration of arrest laughed at. The dwarf was laughing at the Defender of Tralda so hard that it didn’t see the club coming and it was trussed up with a note for the Militia to take the wretch back for trial. The house was not salvageable, and there was another plume of smoke rising on the horizon that warranted investigation.

They came upon a man backing away from his friend who seemed in the grip of a white-haired maiden, urging him towards his friends and to do violence. They were able to convince her to let go, but when they came upon a slaver and her three slaves heading towards the quarry the maiden yet again tried to bar their way, commanding several members of the company in turn to try and kill the slaves and slaver and keep the adventurers away. Things nearly went badly when one of the quarry workers appeared carrying a bomb and fell under her sway. Only Tungdil with a quick thinking act of heroism saved the day and threw the offensive object away (though not before he was knocked flat by the blast). Dodging the angry spirit (nicknamed Oreo by some) Jurgen and Venn were able to heal the wounded, though when roused the slaves scattered to the slaver’s disgust. In the quarry they were once again stopped by the Oriead, who took a liking to George and whispered constantly in his ear. The quarrymen had disturbed the spirit of the stone as they worked to repair the road, venturing deeper into her region and harming her element. Angered she had tried to force them to leave and was resorting to greater and greater violence as they continued to mine and blast the rock. She wanted them gone, preferably dead; but Tungdil was able to come to a reasonable agreement between all involved – though not without George inadvertently giving away the fact that the King was coming through her territory, which Jurgen was quick to point out and the agreement amended to stop the Oriead attempting to entrance His Majesty …

With the quarrymen satisfied that her region would become known to them for them to avoid in future and the Oriead to guide them to choice veins of metal in parts just beyond her reach, the adventurers were able to return to the Sergeant and declare their task complete.


Player Mission: A Rolborian Field Trip

A pair of Rolborian brothers, intent on creating a new collectible game featuring the heroes and monsters of the county, seek an escort to conduct some much needed field work. Tasked with keeping Paulo alive, and intact, the adventurers who agreed to take him to a rumoured Vleyborian Dark Elf village were:

  • Guardsman Red Kent;
  • Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology;
  • Lady Judith Tirel, Feudal Vassal;
  • Mother Kate of Vleybor;

Setting out the company met a group of men who attempted to extract a toll from the company. Noting their equipment Judith left Red Kent to do his job and when a bandit drew his weapon the pair were ready. To the horror of the Rolborian and Mother Kate they swiftly put down the bandits and Kate patched them up. A group of elves approached them looking for dark elves and Judith questioned them a little on the current state of the war. An Ogre Magi trying to ‘fix’ magic by sacrificing a hobgoblin, led to a chase through the brush as Kate and Mara attempted to interfere and Judith put the angered Ogre Magi to the floor. As they regathered themselves they heard a shriek off in the woods and a man yelling for help.

Rushing to his aid they found a Crowan priestess lying bleeding on the floor amongst a number of undead and the man and his friend babbling about how she had been fighting and then fallen over in a plume of blood. Keeping an eye out of their surroundings Judith listened as the others healed, and when roused the priestess gave them information about the source of the undead. Up ahead was a cave and a number of dead had been coming out. Keen to press on and investigate the adventurers decided to take a detour in their little field trip. They found a witch summoning undead, who told them plainly to leave him be. But the adventurers are not ones to be told to go away, and they fought through zombies, and skeletons, and faced a nightmare and the witch’s power before they had smashed everything to bits and brought the witch to his knees through the power of teamwork. Paulo had alas been wounded and was all for turning back. But when taunted with “I have much to be doing and many bodies to use, so buzz off” or words to that effect, the four adventurers were of course keen to investigate. And so the horrified Paulo was forced to pick up his notebook and pencil, and nurse his bandaged arm and fright, and continue on.

They disturbed a scout sent by the Baron Korrell to keep eyes on the Dark Elf village, who reported that she had seen a group of elves heading that way before passing Judith a letter she had been tasked to deliver. As Judith read the missive the scout gave a brief update on what she had witnessed and agreed to go make her report and come back later …

Mara had a quiet chat with a demon seen off the path feeding on a dead dark elf, and when her business was concluded Red Kent and Judith refused to let it wander free – leaping the ditch to run the scuttling monster through. Hurrying on towards the village they hoped not to be too late – but they were greeted by grins and mocking laughs of the elves who gestured at the bodies. Judith instructed Mother Kate to keep back, having examined the bodies of the nearest and noting that they seemed dead. Rather than let the Vleyborian priestess see such horrors she kept her away, whilst the Rolborian examined the bodies and made his observations and made the bright statement that he “nearly had the full set, all he needed was to meet the fae”.

<< Cue a shiver down every seasoned adventurer’s spine >>

For what should greet them on the road back to town but a group of gleeful fae who pointed at Paulo and seemed eager to meet him. So eager in fact they were willing to cut through the adventurers to get to the Rolborian scribe. The adventurers sought to fight back and protect their charge, and after patching up the odd wound were once more on their way home.

Paulo returned with tales and thoughts for his brother’s enterprise, and a negotiated agreement for a little side project for the Lady-Knight.