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Ithronian Adventures

On a sunny late spring evening Lady Judith gathered together members of the adventuring community for a meal at her Father’s holdings at Prudha’s Ridge. Before them she knelt and offered fealty and homage to her Lord Baron and arose a Knight. But for all the blissful brightness of summer, a dark tide is rising in Berwickshire and danger lies in the shadows.


Lady Judith’s Knighting

One evening the adventuring community were invited to a dinner hosted at Prudha’s Ridge, at which the Earl Berwick-Farron (a baron in the county) formally accepted the homage and fealty of his vassal Lady Judith Tirel, eldest daughter of his vassal and the Baronet of Prudha’s Ridge. Leaving the newly knighted Feudal Knight amongst the gathered adventurers and representatives of the nobility,  the Earl absented himself before a particular bawdy bard came to offer some entertainment. With songs more suited to the celebrations of male knights, he certainly kept most of the adventurers laughing and the nobility bristling at various possible insults to the good lady.

But the evening did not pass simply with light hearted entertainment – with letters arriving for some of the company bringing to light the dark elves assault upon the Elven sanctuary of the Rowanwood. This led instead to an evening of politics and serious discussions for some, whilst others took the opportunity to while away their time with dice and games, or muse over other matters over a flagon or two of ale.

Lady-Knight Judith

We are lucky to have a fantastic venue locally in the form of Blackfriars, a restaurant based out of the ruins of a medieval friary which boasts a beautiful medieval hall. I deliberately chose not to follow the usual knighting ceremony with the dubbing with a blade, turning instead to the SCA offerings of fealty and their historic references, that I thought more fitting for a feudal vassal. Thanks to Kris Green for taking the above photo mid ceremony!


Monster Mission: The rising darkness

For months a fae Lord by the name of Noinimod has been seeking to gain a foothold in our world, only to be foiled at every turn by adventurers. However, after their last encounter with the wretch and the intervention by the Duke of the Glade of Ages, Noinimod has found a loophole to the commandment that was hoped to keep him in the realm of fae. If he was married to a human with a right to lands then he would have a right to be in this realm, and all things would be brought to Order.

Not on Wulfric and Pirran’s watch!

After hearing of the disappearances of the Maccamwell militia and a strange magical aura appearing near the town near the east coast of the county, the adventurers went to investigate – hoping dearly to crash the wedding of the fae and stop him for good. Those who set out were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker of the Berwickshire Medium; Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Bastone of the Mercenaries;
  • Red Kent the Guard;
  • Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology; Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Errant George Stennet, Feudal Vassal;
  • Novice Isabella of the Church of Tralda;

Speaking with members of the militia tasked with guarding the town gates highlighted the strangeness of the disappearances – some people vanishing from their beds after investigating the magical occurrences outside of the town, some vanishing after returning to the town. As they listened figures came shambling out of the mist, blindfolded or hooded and appearing almost human in form. Some of the milita recognised their own and, horrified that their comrades and friends would turn against them, fled. Knocking out the people revealed them to be slumbering heavily, caught in dream world that they could be woken from. More of the dreaming milita came at the adventurers, coming through a fae portal that Pirran proceeded to examine.

Crossing through from our realm into the realm of fae is never an easy task but eventually the party found themselves in the realm of Niominod. Frozen in place they were able to free themselves through feelings of warmth and joy – fond memories and playful banter and a unified sense of purpose. But once free they realised they had caught the attention of the local fae, for they were no longer alone. Sir Lock, a fae knight in service to Niominod, attempted to bar their path and evict those of the company without invitations to the wedding. Sending its trooping fae to skin one of the adventurers thinking him to be a fabulous beast, Sir Lock left himself open to attack by Wulfric and Red Kent and fell to their weapons swiftly.

A meeting with a fae bearing wedding favours and checking gifts led the adventurers to the dress makers (an Elyion and a Raggedy Man) and onwards through the darkness guarded by a band of aggressive fae led by a Red Cap until they met the spirit of a Berwickshire noble who wished to make amends for some of his misdeeds in life. Regaling a barracks of off-duty fae guards with tales of bloody glory in battle allowed the Nutcracker to warn the adventurers to further guardians on the direct route to the wedding and a way to defeat them.

Sirs Cage and Chain waited for them and caused havoc for the party with their spells and swords, until Wulfric was able to climb up the slope and destroy the statue holding a magical cage and chain as the source of their power. Alas as his companions tried to hold off the enraged fae, Wulfric was caught by an ensorcelled Red Kent who followed his compulsion to kill the one who had climbed up the slope. Wulfric died on the bridge whilst many of his companions lay bleeding below. Through Tralda’s own luck and a bit of magic were most of the company saved but it was too late for Ranger Finn and Stennet’s man Bastone who had already breathed their last. Heartbroken, any and all compulsions shaken from their minds, the adventurers took what equipment and supplies they could and approached the wedding ceremony with determination and renewed anger.

Lord Niominod stood at the altar with his overjoyed fae bride – an Elyion – and was not amused to have the ceremony interrupted. After drinking a potion of fortell future Pirran bore witness to the attempts to reason with the fae and to stop the wedding to no avail. Attacking the fae proved fruitless until after he was officially married and his gushing bride declared her love for him. After awkwardly saving her from the torturous death the envenomed weapon would have brought her, the small fae maiden was promised a gift – one of the dying adventurers who Niominod had butchered for their insolence. Picking the shinest as a gift she was permitted to heal him, and George Stennet woke to a small childlike voice telling him that he had been leaking all over the floor and she wanted the others to stop. Frantically rushing from body to body trying to save them the adventurers were rescued a whisker from death; though the Feudal had not gone unnoticed.

Realising that there was a true noble present, the fae lord gutted his new wife in favour of a better prospect and compelled George to go through with the ceremony. But something was wrong – his chest was … glowing? And the adventurers took their opportunity and slew the fae lord before he could drag Maccamwell and the surrounding land into his realm forever. With the fae lord defeated his realm began to crumble and the adventurers grabbed what they could and dragged the bodies of their fallen friends and the fae maiden with them through a rough portal that opened in a tear in their reality.

On the other side the fae maiden turned into a grown up version of Nancy’s young daughter, thought lost to the fae, to be returned to her anxious (and most likely confused) mother. The adventurers returned to the hiring square with news of their victory and losses, with the hope to never see the likes of Niominod again.