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I’m a little stunned – we’ve hit the 3rd year mark and I still have umpteen things planned for the coming months; helped of course that we are in Fest season and I’ll be bringing you the continued adventures of Ithron’s heroes both near and far. Last year we celebrated hitting 100 posts, the continued ‘healthy’ LARP posts and the highlights of kit making – but I would like to focus on my personal favourites of the last 12 months. I hope that you’ll join me.

We’ve continued the healthy LARP post that I feel have become a tradition of the blog – one before the start of the summer season, one at the start of the properly cold wintery nights and days, and a few in amongst if things come up. To avoid just repeating my usual summer post I actually had to do a bit of research for my latest one on the LARP larder (shock horror); but I am grateful to those who leant a hand or who have put up their own thoughts on the internet for others to read. I might be becoming a bit of a nag about health at LARP, but it does help your first aiders if you as a player are able to look after your basic needs. Help us to help you!

I’ve been trying my hand at writing more article style pieces here for the blog, covering topics that are more personal for me than some of my previous work. The awareness of mental health in the online blogosphere, and the often frank and open hearted recollections of people trying to show their circumstances as being ‘normal’ – not that I believe anyone can ever be truly normal as we are all unique – brought my mind around to the post-LARP blues people often complain about feeling after the big events of the summer. Sometimes this is because you are actually ill (aka the LARPer flu, close relation of Fresher’s Flu experienced by many a student), but we all ride the roller coaster of emotions in LARP and we are all affected to some degree by the return from our fantasy world to reality. From this came “Post LARP Blues – it’s ok to feel low after LARP” and I hope that it helps, if only a little. I also wrote a piece on DIY Anxiety titled “Yes you can” as I tried to express the frustrations and joy and the love of those crafters who see only the flaws in their own creations and the wonder of other peoples’. Be kind to yourself and to others!

As always costumes form a large part of the blog, though there have been less walk-throughs and tutorials compared to the last few years. I think this is partly due to my poor documentation of projects that have been put together close to deadlines, or because I’ve been rolling them into longer posts that are less step-by step photo blogs and more “here’s an item, this is how I made it.” There has, however, been a new pouch tutorial, with others located in the Tutorials section. I keep intending to develop a set of proper tutorial sheets as a useful resource for old and new LARPers, but this is another project currently on the back burner …

Of this last year’s kit related posts my favourites have been: my scribal kit and up-cycled satchel, Judith’s capsule wardrobe and my “quick kit” post.

Over the last few years I have toyed with the idea of joining the Historical Sew Monthly challenge that some bloggers I follow take part in. The non-historical nature of the Fools and Heroes LARP system means I don’t have a backlog of historical projects to ‘finish’ or ‘tweak’ or discuss (which is a blessing at times as I have a backlog of projects already!). However I have decided to undertake a personal challenge to turn some of my sewing to more fashionable items for ‘normal’ wear rather than just LARP kit, and I wrote about my showstopper Garnet and Ruby gown I made in January here on the blog. So far I’ve been able to make something that is not for personal LARP use (I tweaked my rules to permit the creation of a gift for a friend that I knew  would be used at LARP) and hopefully I will finally shift the backlog of “I wish I had time” projects that have been languishing in boxes the last few years.

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on my calligraphy and other small props to bring an element of joy to those who receive these things. My OH and I work hard to make interesting and enjoyable things to accompany his stories as a local and Summerfest ref, which means I get to help make interesting props. Last year involved making a pair of alchemical devices and a bridge (which both survived the sodden mission later dubbed “Mad Max: Fury Road” by the players). Another piece of scenery was a special sealed door puzzle (in three parts) that my OH spent a long time developing for the delight of his players. It certainly made them pause!

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So, in celebration I ask you to charge your glass with your favourite beverage – be it juice, tea or a flagon of ale. To the blog and last year, and hopefully many more!

~ Space_wolf

If you have anything particular you would like to see written about here on Wolfish Written that relates to general LARP, kit prep, ideas or simple tutorials – shout out below!