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Ithronian Adventures

In their hunt for clues to the fabled cup of Sir Etrin, the adventurers have found a block to their path – a great wooden door sealed with magic and the power of the gods and the Templar Order. Whatever will our heroes do?


Monster Day Site: The Templars and the Door

On their quest the adventurers have reason to believe that the fourth tablet piece is located behind a great wooden door guarded by members of the Templar Order. Several members of the local adventurers have scouted out the door and been barred entry by the Templars guarding it, who have warned them away from the dangerous enemy that is trapped inside.

But concerned for the fate of the cup, and believing that they are more than capable of handling anything that the Templars might have locked away before the Axirian Conquest, a band of adventurers gathered together to tackle the problem head on. But they were not expecting what they found beyond the door.

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker of the Scouts Guild; Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium; Ranger Godman Armstrong of the Scouts Guild;
  • Guild Protector Ash of Stocktown, the Baronet Seabric, of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy; Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology; Maximillian Thorpe of the Guild of Mages;
  • Dame Ellen Ivers of the Templar Order;
  • High Father Robert Eddlemann of Sidhe; Father of Kharach;

Setting out they crossed into woodland and found a Forester protecting an elf against the attacks of a pack of dark elves. They seemed to be avoiding harming the human, focusing on the elf who fled behind the line of adventurers, who defended themselves and her. They came upon a massacre at an elven village, and a group of undead blocking the road. On they went, stopping the work of an elven necromancer, destroying clumps of undead, and catching a pair of necromancers in the act of forming their undead blockades. Startled the dark elf sent their creations into the party who found themselves facing undead templars. Concerned for those guarding the door they hurried on until they came to the great wooden doors and the stern expressions of the Templars on duty.

Challenging the adventurers as to their “suitability” to face the door, which whispered to them as they approached. Scratching sounds came from behind the thick wood, mutterings and whispers, and as Mara crossed the threshold she vanished. Concerned she was trapped behind the door, the party tried to convince the templars that they could cope with the danger – Godman trying to bribe one of the knights, Pirran trying to examine the door from a distance – but Mara returned after her brief absence with little to say. When they were eventually permitted to pass, Pirran set to manipulating the magic on the door. With the strength of Godman, Conchobar, Wulfric and Ivers they were able to break the chains binding the door and with prayers and holy water Father and High Father Eddlemann removed the seals that contained the wards. As the wards weakened the chorus of whispers and mutters rose to a crescendo, the scratching behind the doors becoming a rattling drum roll. The heavy doors creaked open, and darkness welcomed them – a darkness lit with the eager eyes of the demons inside reflecting the lights held in their hands.

Fighting through the ranks of demons the adventurers found the remains of Sir Tennent and located the piece of the table they sought, before coming into the chamber where the great beast was waiting. Long sharp claws that can piece flesh and armour, hissing jaws and a great bulk that towered over its minions. Fresh meat had come into its prison and the horde was ever so hungry. They fought the monster but were unable to quell it, forced to flee before the face of its wrath. It burst free from its prison as the adventurers fled; and only their haste and speed were able to keep them from harm. But a great evil has been unleashed in Berwickshire and the adventurers will have to make amends.


Player Day Site: A diplomatic escort

The Thanes Chaplain has tasked Lady Judith with escorting a dwarf of Dun Mhurdo that has been accused of Heresy by members of the Underking’s Court. He is to meet with the Keeper of the King’s Shrine and make a public reconciliation, in an attempt to stop the unrest amongst the factions developing in the dwarven stronghold, and the adventurers are to protect him on the way.

Those that answered the request made by the Thane’s Chaplain were:

  • Venn the Ferrecunan Scout;
  • Tobias Penwood of the Alchemist’s Guild;
  • Peterkin the Physician;
  • Lady Judith Tirel of Prudha’s Ridge and Errant George Stennet, Feudal Vassals of Berwickshire;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer and Supplicant Isabelle of Tralda; Father Finwe of Longstor;

Meeting in Newcroft they set out towards Amblebury, and found the body of a Sidhean priest holding a book bound in skin, and a dead Fygolian and two of the faith’s holy creatures. After killing the creatures and having weapons broken, the book was examined. Inside was the declaration of a grudge made upon the dwarf they were escorting, a grudge made by all six of the Dark Churches.

They came to the meeting point, a halfling village near Amblebury where the High Father of ROlbor and his guards were waiting for them. As they made introductions one of the halflings drew a poisoned blade, stabbed the dwarf and fled – swiftly pursued by Tungdil and Judith. After bringing the halfling back to her village it became clear that something terrible had happened. A woman in red had come to the village the night before and had taken some of the halflings to force the rest of them to make an attempt on the dwarf. Terrified they did as she bid, afraid for their family and friends. The High Father of Rolbor was unwilling to take the Orech with them to Dun Mhurdo with his small retinue if there were assassins out for him, and Judith agreed to continue to escort the Orech to Amblebury where the High Father would wait for them with reinforcements. But they would be going after the halflings and the Bequifisian who held them captive.

On the way they found a puzzle box containing a braid of the Orech wife’s hair and other precious objects that poisoned Tobias. They then faced a pair of Krygan’s creatures that tried to feed on Errant George, and found a guard wandering far from Amblebury. As they continued down the road they came upon a great war wagon in the possession of a group of Abraxians who tried to run them down, and put a stop to their wicked ways. At last they came to Amblebury, handed the dwarf into the safety of the militia, before travelling on to remove the Bequifisian threat. They found the dwarf in red torturing halflings and fought off the Bequifisians before killing the priest. The halflings rescued through a feat of strength by Errant George, the Bequifisians put to the sword, the body of the priest was dragged back to Amblebury and dropped with the militia to prove what they had done.

Word came from Dun Mhurdo that the Orech had returned and the matter was resolved to the Thane’s satisfaction, but many of the company wonder whether they have handed the dwarf into the hands of his enemies. Who can you trust when Sereklanites are believed to be involved?