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Earlier this year I wrote a little of Judith’s inspiration soup and showed the kit I had quickly pulled together. Months have passed and I have had a chance to develop the kit further; and I would like to share some of her garb with you, as she progresses from adventuring Esquire through to Lady Knight.


Judith has developed a vague 13th century kit persona (which is unusual as I had originally planned to further develop my Tudor-inspired wardrobe). However in an attempt to avoid the standard Knightly tabard that is required by the Knightly Orders in my LARP system, I chose to adapt a jacket pattern (Simplicity 1552) to make a surcoat for adventuring. It is usually worn under my leather armour (or over my chain shirt) and belted closed.

But as I was heading to the first fest of the year, I decided I would make a second surcoat with removable sleeves to wear on an evening over a previously owned underdress. And whilst I need to work on the veil, I very much enjoyed pinning the sleeves onto the black over robe I had brought for my banquet garb. Pairing the cream gown and the cap and veil made for Lady Miriam Celther with a finer gauze wimple helped round off Judith’s weekend with a show of her nobility (see picture below). I think I need to make some more sleeves!



Photos take by Chris Iliffe using my camera (L) and Mark Petrie (R). The latter is used with permission. Jan 2017 / Apr 2017.

Body Armour and Shoulders made by Steve Lunn at White Rose Apparel (facebook page) with additional items bought or made by my OH. The Helmet is a Kettlehelm from Get Dressed for Battle. Assorted soft kit made by myself.

General and Banquet

Photos taken by Edward Roper using my camera (L) and Mark Petrie (R). The latter is used with permission. Apr 2017.

I need to work on a better cap, veil and wimple for Judith’s ‘regular’ wear, and finish the surcoat that is supposed to go with the sleeves, but I like to think that the outfit on the left is a version of what Judith wears when not out and about in armour.

Soft kit sundries made by myself, with the underdress on the left purchased from Having a LARP. The wimple and veil in the right hand picture are modelled on the guidance offered by Neulakko, and the sleeves are pinned up at the elbow for the contrast.