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Ithronian Adventures

There is always trouble somewhere in Ithron. This last week’s end found Tungdil and Judith fighting demons and undead in the Tisa Valley.

Thanks Tees Valley for a great pair of missions. It’s always lovely to see you guys.


Monster Mission: The House of Demons

The adventurers in the Tisa Valley have been investigating a demon cult and are looking to take it down. Having obtained information indicating that an important summoning ritual for the cult could only be conducted after a particular metrological event – a shower of falling stars from the sign of the harp. If they want to stop the cult from gaining strength, they are going to have to stop that ritual!

The adventurers who set out were:

  • General Havakk and the Guild Protector Blodwin of the Guild of Mercenaries;
  • Tony Lithgow of the Guards;
  • Lord Ash of Stocktown, Guild Protector Alchemist of the Alchemist’s Guild;
  • Master Richter Kless of the School of Demonology; Master Reali of the School of Thaumaturgy; Apprentice of the Guild of Mages;
  • Sir Hardouin de Vymont of the Knightly Grey Order;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

Setting out they headed toward the estate, planning to sneak through the ornamental garden and in through the courtyard to tackle the front door and deal with the demons inside. They expected trouble, and were not surprised to see a number of cultists guarding the garden. Fighting through them they crept through the garden and into one of the storehouses which had been turned into a prison. Freeing some of the prisoners and killing the guards they hurried on to the first of the guard posts – demons and mercenaries and scouts and cultists all mixed together. Pushing on they came to the stables where the quartermaster was working with a number of guards and slaves, and overlooked by an archer in a tower.

After finding the key they were looking for, they had to brave the open space and the archer. Dashing for the door they were delayed by the protections there and the ringing clamour of the bell rang out over the household. Roused, the house came alert, with more demons and cultists flooding the corridors as our heroes hurried through the door and headed for the courtyard.

Overlooked by mages and archers and guarded by members of the cult, the two mages at the centre were in the midst of their rituals. Ignoring the adventurers attempts of distraction the Demonologist completed her rite and a hideous creature appeared in the centre. Fixing them with its snake-like gaze it turned away and cast at the adventurers who had dared attempt to meddle. The two mages decided that was the time to run! Chased by Ash the Demonologist was cut down, but the Thaumaturgist managed to make mage legs and escaped. But the demon wasn’t going to get away – not with Defender Tungdil and Master Reali on the case! They sent the demon back where it had come from, and the adventurers turned their attention on finding the leaders of the cult.

Moving from room to room they found the magistrate, his duellist prisoner and the Lord who had been taken as an offering for the demon, and caught the Thaumaturgist who had escaped before. Chased down by Richter, Tungdil and Ash, he was eventually caught and the scrolls he was attempting to run off with were collected. Taking their prisoners back to the hirer, they could rest easy knowing they had undone the cultists’ evil. At least until the next storm of falling stars out of the sign of the harp …


Player Mission: Undead workers

The canal works at White Bay have hit a problem and need help from the adventurers to investigate. Greeted by the foreman they were informed that the bulk of the work was undertaken by undead labour controlled by necromancers, with the delicate building done by the foreman and his men. But one day the necromancers were shot at by unknown archers and the undead stopped obeying their masters.

The adventurers who were determined to stamp out any undead nonsense were:

  • Dirk Brennan of the Guild of Scouts;
  • Guy Lockless of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Sir Ectar de Vymont of the Knightly Black Order; Lady Judith Tirel, Knight Vassal;
  • Father of Kharach; Father Thomas de Vymont of Sidhe; Longstorian Supplicant; Brother Brogar “the Brave” of Crowa;

Leaving White Bay they were stopped by a Guard who informed them that a mage had a bounty out for bodies of trolls or ogres that had been “unmolested”, which concerned many in the company. They encountered foulspawn on the road who seemed peaceable until they attacked the Father of Kharach. Concerned that the foulspawn were responsible for the attack on the necromancers, they were surprised when an elf approached them wishing to speak with Erulisse. He had seen a group of dark elves in the area, and a group of men in red near a cave up near the canal works, but had no knowledge of what had happened to the necromancers.

They found another cluster of foulspawn at the mouth of a cave but Erulisse insisted they had to go inside, so they fought their way through, discovering traps and a grisly trophy horde of dead guards. A group of Bequifisians and Guidonese were inside, and the adventurers defended themselves when attacked. A mage was chased further into the cave after he cast magics upon the knights and others, and he was eventually caught.

More undead led them into the canal works where Brogar had an urging from Crowa that there was trouble up ahead. They fought through waves of undead until they reached the main works and saw a massed array of undead. Father destroyed the Mummy and the others were destroyed, but they kept coming back and Erulisse warned them that she could see a great necromantic aura covering the area. Maybe the undead had found the greater undead which had usurped the control of the mages? As Father laid the area to rest and cleansed it, the rest of the company fought off the undead until the magic formed into the shape of a man. Confused and claiming to be the man who had hired them, he asked if they had enjoyed his little ‘creations’. Dragging him back to their hirer along with the heretic mage, they handed them over to the guards and strenuously urged the foreman to never use undead labour ever again.

At the request of the foreman a group went back later to check that the problem had stopped, and hopefully the canal works can continue on according to plan.