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Ithronian Adventures

Seeking to destroy a mummy located in the dark elven valley, Father summons heroes and adventurers to aid him. But when powerful creatures are slain or deposed, other creatures come to fill the power vacuum.


Monster Night Site: Ambush

The adventurers that came at Father’s request were:

  • Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry; Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Athryn Vinyár of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Squire Lucian LaChance of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Father and Calloway LaChance of Kharach;

Having struck an agreement with Calcius Regular, the adventurers were met by two of his representatives who settled the hiring with the group. An additional quest was given to them by an elf of the Rowan Wood, with a warning that if the letter they were carrying was opened by them – by malicious intent or accident – there would be consequences.

Travelling into the valley it soon became clear that the pathways had been disturbed, with rockslides and landslips barring the swiftest path to their goals. Hoping to reach the tomb where they had encountered the Griffin Knight and retrieving the map piece before the Collector’s men did, they consulted their maps and took a circuitous route up away from the river. They were ambushed by undead – scuttling feyunds gnawing on dead bones or rotting bodies, skeletons lumbering through the gathering dark. Fighting them off they met a pair of dwarves with news of the current goings on in Dun Mhurdo, before fighting their way through more undead as they headed back towards the river and the cavern beyond. The ancient Griffin Knight came to meet them, the barrier that had once held him back from them dropped as the conflict in the Valley had once more become balanced and it seemed all was a peace. He spoke with them and challenged them to prove their worth – if they wanted to claim the map piece they sought and the prize at the end then they would have to prove their worth to him.

Once they had defeated the Griffin he crumbled to dust, time finally catching up with him, and more undead came shambling out of the darkness towards the lure of life. But as the company gathered their wits a strange creature stepped out onto the path and croaked a greeting. A Corvus, blessed creature of Kharach, had been sent to guide them on their way. Praising Kharach the crow-like creature ruffled feathers and brought the blessings of the Gods on the party after tasking Father, Supplicant Calloway and Squire Lucian with the destruction of a Vampire that had come to the valley. It had to go, the souls of the dead belonged to Kharach and it was their duty to see their Lord’s will done. Eager for the fight, the company continued on and hammered their way through the growing ranks of undead that stood between them and their goal.

They came to the corrupted pool that stank worse than the last time they had visited this part of the valley, with a bloated corpse lying in the road and the occasional zombie or cadaver clawing their way out of the swamp. After Father tried to cleanse the area alone, he called upon the faithful present to lend their prayers to their endeavour, and was able to remove the taint upon the fetid pool. Perhaps this would do good elsewhere?

They were turned away from the river by a great landslip and continued on through the dark where undead lingered and came to the aid of a pair of dark elves fighting off the undead. They had found a sidhean scroll and were willing to warily talk about Sidhe and the state of their clan – some stranger had come to their clan and told them to join his army. Those who hadn’t had died or scattered, and those who had joined had left with the others on the march. Only the leader had remained far to the north of the valley, him and his bodyguard. They would know him by the bloodied lines daubed on his skin. Finn, Athryn and Pirran tried to convince the two to flee – Athryn suggesting they seek the aid of the Rowan Wood which had the dark elves snorting with derisive laughter – but mostly to stop using undead. After patient discussion the leader of the pair agreed to hear Finn’s words on Sidhe if she was to come back to the valley, but would hear nothing more that night.

They came back to the river and found the ghost of the Longstorian elf who had been guarding a tree. He was angry that they had abandoned him to his fate, but agreed that they had done some good for the tree was no longer drinking in the tainted water from the pool. In gratitude he helped them make respectful offerings to the tree in return for a branch and was laid to rest by Father. Across the bridge was a line of undead guarding the passage and the adventurers launched into the fight, before pushing on and facing the Vampire. He sent his minions in to test the group, but after destroying the first wave the adventurers surrounded him and Father sent the tattered soul back into Death. Then on across the river to destroy the Mummy in the tomb where they startled a dark elf trying to recruit the creature to the army it served. Backing away it promised them that their meddling would be reported to Ik Harrass before the night was over. Finn and Father tried to catch it, but it was gone through the undergrowth and running. Reporting this to the others they pressed on warily – straight into an armed skirmish part of dark elves.

They were told to leave, they would not, and the two groups clashed. From then on the company were harried by dark elves setting ambushes in the darkness and Athryn was slain by one he chased through the undergrowth. They came to the northern region of the valley, fought off a trio of dark elves guarding an entrance to a second tomb, and picked at the puzzles set to turn away would-be looters, and rushed through the narrow tunnel into the opening beyond. There they found him, Ik Harrass, wearing a long cape and flanked by hardened veterans of battle, their weapons glowing dimly in the darkness and dripping with ichor. He told them to move and they handed over the letter given into their keeping at the beginning of their venture. They asked he read it and he did, laughing to himself. Their errand run Father agreed that they should kill the wretch where he stood, but he sniffed at their courage and told them matter-of-factly what he wanted when questioned as to his purpose in the county. He wanted to see the Rowan Wood burn, to slay every elf in the county, to be serenaded by flutes carved from elven bones as he drank to his victory from Finwe’s skull – at this declaration several of the company struggled to contain their mirth at the suggestion that Finwe would ever be killed – but the time for talking was past and Ik Harrass again told them to move. Weapons were drawn and the adventurers launched themselves at the dark elf warlord.

When they came to they realised the dark elf and his guard had cut through them all, his mage casting magics upon their minds to make them cower or flee, and through the swift actions of their friends they did not succumb to the poisoned wounds inflicted upon them. There had been nothing they could have done to stop the warlord and this shocked our heroes – Conchobar convinced that they could catch him unawares if they left there and then. But taking stock of their situation the others decided that such action was rash and unwise – the elf was gone and likely to cause trouble in future. But his intentions were plain – to wipe the Rowan Wood out of existence. The war had at last come to Berwickshire and the relevant people were to be warned. Taking their findings back to their hirer and their information to the wider adventuring community, they were not surprised when three days later a notice was found pinned to a post with a black arrow.

War has been declared. No quarter to be given. Ik Harrass wants blood.