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Photograph taken by Steve Bailey 2016

In March last year I was given my camera for my birthday, with a soft case and a spare battery, to replace the ageing one my OH had taken away to university and which I had abused during the recent years at LARP. I love seeing the photos taken by the serious photographers at various LARP events and whilst I am not as practised or as skilled as they are at getting the beautiful portraits and depth of feeling during battles, I am trying. It is my hope that I will be able to continue to practise my photography and find the stories within the photos that so many people seem to enjoy.

Here are my favourite photos from the last twelve months.


April: The seawall at Dunbar harbour

May: Late spring sunset

June: Prudhoe Castle, Northumberland

July: On the battlefield of Eborshire (Fools and Heroes LARP)

Aug: Blast from the Past at Tynemouth Priory

Sept: A red kite soaring in an autumnal sky

Oct: Autumn’s glory

Nov: Buddy at an event

Dec: Visiting the local church one evening when away with family

Jan: A hopeful sunset in the New Year

Feb: A visit to York isn’t complete without the Minster dominating the skyline

Mar: My OH in the spring sunshine