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Ithronian Adventures

The banners of the Hightowers are called to arms, the men gathering at the western city of Carlech to take bloody righteous fury against the Cult of Transmutation festering in the Marches. And a Baronet has been noticeably absent from the Thane’s Court. Judith and Tungdil both don their armour and head out into dangers untold and foes unnumbered, all for the sake of Ithron and her people.


Player Mission: On the shore of the Elderwater

With the banners and men mustered at Carlech and gone, the adventurers were met by a member of the Baron’s household who detailed their task. The Baron would take his men into the Marches to smash the might of the Cult and its allies, whilst the adventurers would head deeper into the territory and seek out the heads of the Cult – to cut off the head of the snake so to speak.

The adventurers who set out were:

  • Shaun Baseborn, Tucker and Athryn Vinyar of the Guild of Mercenaries;
  • Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology; Maximilian Thorpe of the Guild of Mages;
  • Judith Tirel, Feudal Esquire; Gimris of the Holy Rose Order;
  • Father Robert Eddlemann of Sidhe;

Heading into the Marches the adventurers crossed boggy ground and fought off some of the marshy denziens that oozed out of the mud. Meeting a supply sergeant in the company of a member of the Templar Order they heard how the battle was faring (the physicians were not faring well), and learnt about the ancient elven wards believed to be holding the creature under the lake at rest. If Obadiah or Johns had messed with these wards the creature might truly be waking, but it was a terrible creature that would adapt to its surroundings and any assault if it could. Mobbing it seemed to be the only solution, but word must be taken to the Baron whose command unit had progressed towards Lake Elther/Elderwater.

Fighting through members of the cult and their monsters they were met by a scout of the Baron’s who warned them of the dangers ahead and the fact the Baron was in danger. Rather than skirting the hill the adventurers sought to lose no time and pressed on, catching Johns the rogue mage mid monologue. They fought Johns and his minions, pushed back and rallying what few were standing and beat the mage into the ground. Sure he was dead, the company hurried on through the worsening magical ‘fog’ that clouded their way and had whispered once to others of the company, to meet with the Baron. Alas his lordship had gone on alone to fight the monster, his advisors and priests having prepared him as best they could. Concerned the Black Knight would be hampered by his honourable code, the party followed after him to offer their aid. Wading through the deepening bog they were beset by more marshkin, until they came to the edge of the lake, encountered an elf with knowledge of the wards and found Sir Aurelius Hightower in contemplation. He greeted them sternly, informing them matter of factly that the supposed Kryganite priest Obadiah was slain, the leaders of the cult now dispatched thanks to the party’s efforts. Father Robert urged his Lordship to heed their warning as the elf began to tell Mara and Maximilian of the nature of the wards placed on the creature, but the Baron (after having a stern word with a disrespectful adventurer) ended the debate with a simple instruction – he would enter the water and keep the creature at bay whilst the adventurers would rework the wards to keep it asleep as the ancient elves had intended. So saying he drank a potion, declined the offer of a shield, and jumped into the lake.

The wards were designed to keep the monster off balance, to befuddle the mind, strike at it from many angles with many attacks, and to keep it from waking. But the wards were now ineffectual, the Formach having learned their ways, so it was up to the adventurers to “teach” the wards new things. The physical attacker was taught how to ‘back stab’ and ‘feint’ – which it used to very good effect on it’s teachers … oops … and the one of knowledge was given a treasure trove of riddles and stories, histories and a description of the brewing of beer and ‘moonshine’ to bombard the creature with new and confusing facts. The mages and Father Robert meddled with the third ward until all was remade anew, and all the while the company were under attack by Kryganites.

The wards restored the adventurers waited for the Baron to return, Judith having a sinking feeling that they may have trapped the Lord within the lake for good, and until this day no news has been received as to his safe return. As to the leadership of Carlech? Only time and the Thane will tell.


Monster Mission: The Baronet Redmayne

The Baronet Redmayne has been absent from court and his absence has been noticed. A group of adventurers have been asked to travel to his Baronetcy at Shropley Keep to seek him out and convey the Court’s displeasure.

The adventurers who set out upon this venture were:

  • Ranger Godman Armstrong of the Scouts;
  • Nancy Ivers of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry;
  • Guardsman Red Kent;
  • Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Dame Ellen Ivers of the Knightly Templar Order;
  • Defender Tungdil of Tralda;

Travelling along towards the lands of Baronet Archibald Redmayne they encountered a trio of peasants manhandling a chained prisoner. Fleeing from some terrible calamity that had befallen their homes, they asked for help in seeing justice done. The chained prisoner was a murderer, condemned by the Baronet for his crimes and due to be executed. Alas that morning the village had been attacked by strange warriors and the Baronet had ordered his people to leave, so the execution had not taken place. Unwilling to take matters into their own hands the adventurers left the villagers with their burden and continued on. They came to a small dell where the ground suddenly became frosty and wintry even on that pleasant spring morning, and a group of wild fae and a red cap greeted them. Getting rid of the faeries and destroying the wintry portal, the company was briefly cast into the influence of the Fae reaching out from within. Most continued on unscathed but Pirran … Pirran gained a definite orange tinge and perky personality.

They met a couple who were looking for their children’s toys that had been accidentally left behind as they fled, and Tungdil blessed them and reassured them that they would try and find the missing belongings. Waylaid by an Elyion looking for a new friend to replace the old one it ‘lost’ in the fae realms (much to Nancy’s disgust), beset by an automata of the Redmayne household who was fighting against the fae, and crossing paths with a Cobbler forced to fix the broken wild fae – it became clear that the baronetcy was infested with fae who were up to no good. They were distracted a time by a floating ring in a trap which caught the unwary in a frozen grip, before coming down to a crossing point where the paths diverged. There was the toys to find, the Baronet to find, and fae to rough up, so the company split – one group looking for the toys and the other looking for the Baronet. The toys were found in the hands of some wild fae sitting playing (not for long!) and the Baronet was found taking a breather from defending his lands with two of his militia remaining behind. A quiet word was had with Ivers, which was followed by a brisk duel over a revelation, and the militia kept the adventurers from getting in the way and checking permits of those wandering through their Lord’s holding. He had been quite busy, don’t you see, too busy looking after his people to attend court! But he agreed to return, and as they set off and as they met with the rest of the adventurers, more fae came against them. The Baronet suffered from a sudden illness as the adventurers leapt into the fight, Red Kent butchering the fae knight with gusto.

The leader of the fae incursion removed, the rest dead, the Baronet saved from a painful death; the adventurers were invited to a banquet in gratitude for their services, with the invitation extended to all adventurers in Berwickshire (except one, who was quite rude and has been expressly forbidden from attending …).

And so the tale goes on, the world turns, the dangers never truly go away.