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Ithronian Adventures

With the turning of the year thoughts turn towards the annual gathering held in the Tisa Valley where the great and the good (and the rest) come together to socialise before heading out for a hiring the next morn. This year it was the turn of Sir Egremont to host the function and he called to his friends and other adventurers to join him in celebrating his recent elevation to Knighthood.

Brigit and Tungdil joined the others who gathered at Sir Egremont’s table and leant their aid to the hirings, little knowing that that day would be Brigit’s last …

Thanks Tees Valley for hosting your meal and for running the missions the next day. It’s something we always look forward to!


Monster Mission: The case of the market

A local physician has gone missing and is accused of a number of crimes. Armed with a warrant and their wits a group of adventurers set out to find the absent healer and bring him back for justice, but along the way stumble upon a variety of unusual things …

  • Runa Flamebeard the Scout;
  • Tony Lithgow and Cassidy of the Guards;
  • Master Richter Kless of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Ectar de Vymont of the Knightly Black Order; Errant Hardouin de Vymont of the Knightly Grey Order; Sir Baudwin Egremont, Feudal Vassal;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; Father of Kharach; Brother Thomas de Vymont of Sidhe; Brother Gorim Cragbiter of Crowa;

They travelled to the physcian’s home in Kirk Leatham and found a group of mercenaries bullying the locals for information. Putting a stop to this, the adventurers proceeded to start their investigation by searching his house and speaking with the locals. It seems their neighbour had been seen in a wretched state, packing his bags and hurrying out early in the morning looking to find the market.

Tracking him the adventurers found a group of locals celebrating the recent announcement of the construction of a canal to join Kirk Leigh and the Valley together for trade. Whilst Richter Kless was having a chat with a demon Tungil was tasked with distracting the locals and keeping them out of harms way. This led to a long dwarfy speech about Tralda that confused many (including Tungdil as he was interrupted), but all was well in the end.

They came upon a group of Gnolls heading to the market who, spying the dwarves, decided to stop for a snack, and a group of Roden leaving the market with a collection of fatigued humans who they were going to “release” back to their homes. This did not sit well with the adventurers and stern words were had with the rat folk and the people were taken to be checked over by the Vleyborians and physicians given recent reports of a sickness being spread.

The market was guarded by a pair of possessed guards who raised an alarm at the sight of the Law, but these were quickly put down and the adventurers caught a group of demon cultists in the midst of packing up their stalls after they charged into the market. These people would not be reasoned with and they were cut down, their demonic allies destroyed, and the physician found and arrested to await the Court’s verdict.

The company were also aware of a group of gnolls who had left the market and who were fighting with some dark elves in the nearby area, rumoured to have in their possession a piece of the Book of Grudges. Not willing to leave the “grudge” in possession of dwarven things the adventurers headed off after them, finding a littered mass of dark elven dead and the Gnolls backing up into a defensive formation. They dealt with these creatures and recovered the piece of the book before returning back to the hiring square with the tale of their deeds.


Player Mission: Sacrifice at dusk

Word had reached the Lords de Neville that a group of dark elves in the nearby Great Wood required aid. With all that was going on in the local area, and the knowledge of the dangers that lurked in the woods, the nobleman was unwilling to risk his limited militia and so called upon the adventurers for help with the task.

  • Mr Wisty the Alchemist;
  • Guy Lockless the Blacksmith;
  • Erulisse Saerwen and Piran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy; Fortescue Everbright and Guilia Farnese of the School of Enchantment;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa, Chaplain Griffin; High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; Sister Kate of Vleybor;

Setting out the adventurers saw firsthand the wariness the guards of the town had for the elves, believing that having elves in the down would bring the dark elves down upon their heads as they sought to bring war upon their enemies. Ushering them swiftly out of the town the group gathered together to hear that Erulisse was expecting to be travelling to the elven meeting she had arranged, whilst Sister Kate cleansed Brigit of the sickness that she had caught whilst adventuring in Meadhampstead. They found a group of locals burning an encampment of an elf who had been thrown out of town and tried to talk peace, but eventually sent the elf towards the great Longstorian shrine for safety and to keep her from the humans who were clearly intending her harm.

They met a group of dark elves with undead and a fight broke out. Unprepared the company crumbled until only Finwe, High Mother Anne and Guy were standing. An accord was reached and Guy was able to save everyone from certain death, though the accord was nearly broken as Brigit was forced to defend herself against a dark elf.

They came at last to their goal, a representative of one of the Great Wood dark elf clans who sought protection on the way to the meeting. His people worked openly with undead and demons which vexed many of the party, but an agreement was reached that no abominations would be raised that day. With the elf in their company, they travelled on, protecting him from other dark elves that wished him dead until at last they came to the great meeting.

At the arrival of the dark elf the others gathered there expressed their disgust and horror, threatening the elf and even stabbing him whilst the adventurers tried to keep the peace. Words were shared about the forthcoming war, which was agreed to be coming whether they believed in the prophecy or not, but whilst the talks grew heated and knives were drawn Brigit saw off a possessed dark elf and tried to talk reason with one of the Longstorian elves about them helping the dark elf clan and teaching them the better way of not using the abominations loathed by the gods. She offered what aid she could, hoping to speak with her fellow Crowans in the valley as to creating safe spaces for the elves who wished no part in the war, and intending to bring word of the requests to the wider adventuring community of Knights and heroes.

But, alas, it was not to be.

A group of dark elves arrived and informed the leader of the Great Wood elves that his clan was dead and after they had been run through Brigit pleaded with the elf that he would better protect his people if he stayed and played a part in the talks rather than leaving there and then. Trying to speed up the talks, Brigit and the rest became aware of the growing numbers of dark elves encroaching on the space. The elves were accused of murder and the dark elves wanted revenge. But for ever dark elf they put down, more appeared in their place and it suddenly hit Brigit that the whole company was under threat.

It was decided they were to leave the area, but the dark elves came at them relentlessly and they were hampered with numbers and wounded. After rallying out to give her group some breathing room Brigit felt the certainty of their situation clutch at her heart. Turning around she looked at her company, having bound her own leg. She did not have time to bless a weapon and over half the company were either wounded or tending to wounds. They desperately needed time.

She would give them that time.

Handing Finwe her vial of smelling salts she murmured an apology to Fortescue as he bent to heal Sister Kate. Turning, she held her sword aloft and roared out her final prayer, invoking her Lady’s grace of final battle. Her company cried out in horror, but it was too late. Ablaze with Lady Crowa’s fury and grace, Brigit fought wave after wave of dark elves alone, defending her company whilst they got back on their feet and hurried the elven delegates away to safety. Then she walked off into the woods against the relentless tide of dark elves, undead and demons that had amassed to attack all who had gathered together with the hope of peace.

Her body was found the next morning amidst the dead of the dark elf clan, the shattered remains of two griffin death knights beside her. Her company live on, the hope of the elven peace lives on, her spirit lives on through the adventurers. Here endeth the story of Brigit Wooller, High Priestess of Crowa, Chaplain to the Knightly Griffin Order, mother, daughter, friend.

And yet the tale of fools and heroes lives on …