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Ithronian Adventures

Adventurers travel the length and breadth of the country, and one of these journeys found Brigit and Tungdil in parts southern. But where ever they go, trouble finds them and adventures are had!

Thanks Peterborough for a great day out. Thanks for welcoming us and for giving us a pair of fun missions!


Monster Mission: All for a boat

The adventurers were hired to investigate a crew of bandits that were causing trouble out in the woods. On the way they were asked to seek out news of the Baron’s daughter, the Lady Jessica, and urge her to come home.

The adventurers who answered this hiring were:

  • Ranger Rollin of the Scouts Guild;
  • Prezemek Szalach and Herekledies of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Draxus Stagborn of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Alumis Tuntree of the School of Necromancy; Elise Samford of the Guild of Mages;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; Supplicant Marcus Callium of Longstor;

After presenting permits at the gate, the adventurers came upon a group of foulspawn travelling east before finding a wanted sign pinned to a tree. It bore a striking resemblance to one of their companions! They were met by a nobleman’s son and his militia who were travelling through the area, and a Traldan priest came to the company with a vision.

They came upon a group of Fygolians trying to convert some of the local villagers to the faith (it’s a pyramid scheme don’t you know?) which Tungdil and the party took umbridge to. This led to a chase through the woods and the heretics tried to escape, but no heretic escapes Defender Tungdil and his band! Handing the unrepentant heretics over to the care of the noble’s militiamen, the group continued down the path and fought off a group of angry foulspawn.

They came to the walls of a great keep and had a long conversation with a Bequifisian and a Fygolian goblin who they had been warned about. They boasted of their captive and the adventurers clamoured to see the proof, which led to the Lady Jessica being paraded before them as a prize. They would release the girl if her father paid up – so the adventurers tried to rescue her! Luckily for them they drank a Foretell future and caught a glimpse of the terrible things that lay behind the castle walls. Needless to say they left the girl with her captors, vowing to return later and give the heretics a thoroughly good kicking.

A trio of fae picking flowers (and poking dead Longstorians) waylaid the party before they vanished, and the group made it to a village. Looking for “Longstride” they were told he’d not been seen for weeks, which appeared to make Elise seethe, before they continued on to look for the bandits.

But these were no ordinary bandits! A crew of Llaminusian raiders, to whom Prezemek Szalach had once been enslaved, had been causing mischief. Prezemek Szalach intended to confront the captain and challenge him – win the challenge and he might win the crew! But he had to win the crew first. They did not take kindly to an ex-slave trying to “be one of them”. They attacked the companions, and after cutting through the raiders and the first mate, the ruckus was enough to rouse the ire of the Captain who came to put this “child” in his place. The pair fought and the company rushed to the aid of their friend after the Captain put him down, but in the end Prezemek Szalach was the victor and the Captain was at his mercy. Not to mention Elise chased down the Captain’s pet mage and put an end to him.

Now he has a boat, all he needs is a crew …


Player Mission: Into the dark

The adventurers were hired to investigate a missing wagon of supplies for the militia. In light of the current troubles thereabouts the Earl’s militia are stretched thin and unable to investigate. So in step the adventurers, the bold and the brave.

  • Ranger Reuben of the Scouts Guild;
  • Vladimir Featherfoot of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Runesmith Thalnaz Galdoon of the Guild of Blacksmiths;
  • Knight Commander Seneschal Sir Augustus Wydnall of the Templar Order; Errant Sinjen Rodrigo dela Navarra and Errant Calor Swift of the Grey Order;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa, Chaplain Griffin;

After hearing more of the local problems the adventurers set out of Meadhampstead’s hiring square heading for the gate. They met in quick succession a trio of men exhibiting signs of two sicknesses that are in the area. Brigit urged that they be seen by a physician and the Knight Commander bid the Forester on duty to detain any others who display such signs of sickness in a guards station until a physician can assess them.

They encountered some of a local type of undead and came to the village that the shipment of supplies should have reached. One of the locals knew nothing of the wagon, and a young woman came stumbling into the was quite distressed at the loss of her necklace out in the swamp. Promising to find it and return it, Errant Calor set out on a quest, and the company trekked off into the swamps. They fought off more of the strange dead creatures and found the wagon and the horses lying empty and dead at the edge of the marsh. Tracking the drag marks of the stolen loot the adventurers were led to the village of Wells. Some of the company had been in the settlement recently, but it had not been as quiet as it was, or as empty.

In the buildings the party found rats, a local variety of bug, more of the swampy dead and a man who was utterly mad. After defending themselves against the latter the party realised their mistake and patched him up, but in his terror he was unable to speak to them. The drag marks led them to a tunnel under the town, and down they went into the dim twilight. In the tunnels they fought against bugs and more roden, and a pair of demons that caught them unaware until Brigit realised what they were and drew a blessed blade and slew them dead. Patching themselves up, they continued on and came upon some roden feasting on the dead and their bug “pets”. One of them, in a reddish robe, fled before the adventurers. On they went, deeper underground, fighting more roden and demons, rescuing some villagers from the cages others had been raving about, and destroying a nasty looking roden all covered in sores with a demon inside it. Recovering some of the supplies they had the option to return home. But adventurers don’t quit, not when there is clearly something nefarious going on down in the deep!

They were able to locate the rest of the supplies, kicked over more demons, got a message from the demonic Seeker who was looking for the Keeper, and wrecked a demonological summoning circle to attempt to remove these “allies” of the roden from the area. They came at last to a grim room of bodies that had been mutilated and experimented upon, the air heavy with physicians drugs and alchemical fumes. Their objective met, the supplies were returned to the Earl’s representative, the necklace returned to the girl, and the heroes of Ithron were able to rest easy in the knowledge that they had done good!

But what of this sickness? And what of the Roden and their meddlings with demons deep underground? Only time will tell.