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Ithronian Adventures

Trying to get the jump on the Collector and the pieces of the broken tablet, Pathfinder Wulfric has petitioned the noble house of Hightower and the Baronet Osbourne for help in funding an expedition into a valley, that is believed to be the resting place of a third Knight and another piece of the map. Sending scouts ahead of the company in the hope they might be able to map the area in advance, the adventurers gathered together at a hiring posted by Sir Wilhelm Osbourne and headed deep into the North West looking for clues and tales of heroic deeds.

The adventurers who set out into the valley were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker and Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry; Ranger Finn and Ranger Godman Armstrong of the Scouts Guild;
  • Athryn Vinyár of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Red Kent of the Guards;
  • Guildsman Pirran Lanistly of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Father of Kharach;

From the moment they entered the valley the adventurers knew something was awry. They were met by a scout who gave them a piece of the map and a scattered report of what they thought might be lurking out in the darkness. The place was infested by two clans of dark elves who were at war with each other – one group to the north working with undead, the group to the south working with demons. The evidence of this conflict was ever present – dark elves tumbling out of the bushes as their scuffle brought them across the adventurers’ path. Concerned at the numbers of undead and the strange necromantic taint that was present in the river, the adventurers chose to press northwards to investigate and deal with the threat, noting a ruinous structure marked on the scout’s map.

Spreading out they witnessed a demon fighting undead, met a trio of elves seeking refuge in the night before starting their hunt again for the weapons of war, and came upon another scout terrified out in the darkness. He gave them more information, informing the Pathfinder of the scout camp in the northern region that was sending out copies of the maps they were making as per their orders. When they found the dead scout they knew that things were not going well for the group. Pushing through undead, hounded by demons, the adventurers came to the ruins and picked their way across the crumbling bridge. In there they found a long dead spirit of a Knight protecting the tablet they sought, a magical barrier barring their way. The only way to drop this barrier was to restore peace in the valley, but at least for now the Collector’s men would not be able to get in with the current warring state of the tribes.

But the undead remained, the necromantic taint growing stronger the further north they headed, and Father was unable to simply walk away without knowing what was becoming of the spirits in the river. So he pushed his companions onward, the scouts spreading out and disturbing more dark elves.

They found a stinking pool that was corrupting a great old tree guarded by a Longstorian Devotee, fought through growing numbers of the northern tribe of dark elves, rescued the three remaining scouts at the camp and found the final map of the northern section of the valley. Skirting an ancient elven burial ground they met a ghost of a Kharachian who had words only for Father, found an ancient tomb with strange guardians and a sleeping Mummy and liberated some loot from under its very nose, then climbed onwards towards a field by the river and the workings of some foul necromancer. After cutting through his minions the necromancer completed his rite and became a vampire. But his undeath didn’t last long as Father banished him away. Battered, bruised, exhausted, the adventurers returned to civilisation with three pieces of map and a better idea of what would await them the next time they ventured into the valley. But they had seen nothing of the demonic tribe, and the barrier will only fall when peace returns …