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Ithronian Adventures

The caravan routes through Berwickshire are the lifeblood for many of the smaller settlements and trade hubs through the county. When things go awry people begin to fear, and where there is fear the darkness thrives.

Brigit and Tungil hear of these troubles and go to the aid of the Merchants Guild, who are worried about the current state of the roads.


Monster Mission: a fine masquerade

To the east of the county the north-south road has been beset by foulspawn holding up travellers, overturning wagons and making off with their contents. The merchants involve want the problem solved and are willing to pay adventurers to investigate.

The adventurers who went to investigate were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry; Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • General Christo Eadronhart of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry; Red Kent of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Guild Protector Ash of Stocktown, Baronet Seatown and Alchemist; Tobias of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Pirran Lanistly of the Guild of Mages;

Setting out the adventurers were “met” by a trio on the road who, upon seeing their arms and armour made themselves look less than threatening, before they came upon a group of foulspawn guarding an area. Their leader, a Crowan orc, tried to get the adventurers to leave and engaged in a game of pictionary with Finn and Ash, whilst his fellow goblins tried to stir trouble. Eventually their questions of who was responsible for the missing goods and the wrecked caravans and associated pictures led to the orc letting them pass, confident that the adventurers meant his kin no harm. More foulspawn led to a fight as they refused to let the “intruders” past.

In the woodlands up ahead they found a terrified alchemist who had been robbed by foulspawn of all her goods and supplies. The alchemy loss was unfortunate, but all her supplies would make brewing her next batch difficult and she had no coin to buy more. The adventurers agreed to help her and pressed on until they came to a large group of foulspawn. After a long stand-off the foulspawn’s boss was summoned and an ogre wearing a Crowan holy symbol came out to meet them.

The ogre denied attacking the wagons, some of which had been diverted around their camp, and was eager to protect its clan and remain in these lands. The adventurers were not happy but when told of humans with faces causing trouble, and easy passage through the camp, they were more interested in investigating the troubles than slaying foulspawn following one of the Light Gods.

They came upon a group of strange creatures, with foulpawn-like faces. But in gruff, almost human voices they told the adventurers to leave. The ruse was up when one claimed to be a mighty ogre but looked more like an orc, and the bandits dropped their strange masks and attacked the company. After taking one alive they got the whole story out of him, and continued on looking for the bandit leader and his stash of stolen goods.

But sometimes dumb bandits may be smart, and up ahead the adventurers encountered a pair of bandits throwing rocks down upon them before the Pathfinder was able to catch them unawares and stop them from throwing down any more. But the other side of the bridge was rigged and another load of rocks dropped down upon the heroes, missing them by mere inches. A group of bandits stood waiting for them, and obviously it all kicked off. The adventurers were able to subdue many of the bandits and catch and detain their leader, bringing him back to the hirer to answer for his crimes, before finding and collecting the alchemist’s supplies from the camp.

At least the north-south road is clear of fake foulspawn, but what will the county do with these Crowan foulspawn?


Player Mission: Riddle me this

The merchants out of Carlech have found one of their routes beset with undead which until recently has been full of foulspawn. They need skilled people to go and look into the source of this recent uprising undead to protect their wagons and their people.

The adventurers who set out were:

  • Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry and Scouts Guild;
  • Nancy Ivers of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment;
  • Dame Ellen Ivers of the Templar Order;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; High Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa, Chaplain Griffin; Brother of Kharach;

They found undead upon the road in great number, and a clump of foulspawn that believed them to be the source of the problem. Trying to reason with them led Brigit to losing her temper, and she was writhed for her pains. Furious, all she could do was glare at the shaman until he decided to believe them. His grandfather had braved a “cursed” cave and taken a great scroll of mystic writing (aka ronnish) which was given to the adventurers. It could be always be taken back should they all die in the cave …

The scroll contained a strange set of riddles that puzzled Brigit. Fighting through undead they came upon a wagon that had been attacked and also located a body carved with a strange spiral symbol that has been appearing in Berwickshire. They were approached by a man in red and blue livery and his goons who were looking for Ivers. Demanding she come with them alone, because someone is looking for her, the company reluctantly let her go at her insistence. This nearly ended fatally once the adventurers continued on, only hearing her cry out as the men attacked her. Rushing to her aid the company patched up the knight and continued after the quartet, Brigit demanding to know why they had attacked her. Their leader mouthed off at the High Mother and the four squared off for a fight, so Brigit drew her enchanted blade and wounded the leader before he could cause much more harm. Bleeding he retreated away until Ivers turned up in a fury. Trying to prevent Ivers and Nancy from doing something they would both regret, Brigit tried to counsel the Templar, and the injured man challenged her to a duel. The winner would have the other at their mercy, to do with as they wished. Ivers won the duel, but before she could kill the man Brigit called out to her through the fog of her rage and reminded her of the journey she was upon,  seeking redemption for the reason behind her murder brand upon the cheek. Nancy and Ivers let the man live, though questions were soon asked and the identity of his employer was eventually teased out from him. It seems the Redmayne family have it in for Ivers …

Continuing on, trying to calm rattled nerves and raging tempers, Nancy and Ivers carved a path through the undead that came their way. They came to the cave, where a huge mound of corpses was spewing forth a variety of undead, which Brother laid to rest before dismissing a hant with Kharach’s blessings. Further in was a statue and a carven sarcophagus with symbols littering the floor, and a torn scroll in the statue’s hand. Piecing it together with the other scroll Brigit and Tungdil realised that there was a riddle to opening the coffin. Puzzling it through whilst the cavern filled with gas, and with some help from Fortescue, they were able to determine which of the family crests belonged upon the Black Knight’s shield. Awakening the death knight within, Tungil and Brother dismissed it and found inside the tomb a small box with trinkets inside.

Taking it with them, they headed outside into the arms of the Kryganites. Tungdil arrested one and Brigit brought the dead experiment with them, having found notes relating to their meddling in the area. Strung out, with the light failing, the adventurers turned back towards town and home. But it was not going to be so easy. They came afoul of a band of Kryganites and their mutants and were nearly all killed, if not for Fortescue saving the party at the cost of his arm. Tungdil chased the leader of the Kryganites off into the twilight but lost him in the bushes and they lost the wriggly little prisoner too, but they limped their way back to the hirer and made their report.

Brigit returned the tabard from the death knight to the Order, and the box of trinkets to the noble house and learned the identity of the dead knight, before returning with additional pay for her companions.

At least the way is now clear of a source of undead – but with the Defender of Krygan in the county the heretics are getting bold …