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Ithronian Adventures

Sometimes all you need is a quiet Sunday afternoon, or a pleasant gentle adventure. Sometimes you need hijinks and laughs, or simply wicked things whose workings you undo.

And so Brigit and Tungdil went out upon another set of adventures, in the hope of making the world of Ithron a little better.


Player Mission: The wayward daughter

Lord Nelfaril of Nelfarig’s daughter has been snatched by a group led by “the General of Berwickshire” who demands a ransom to win her back. Angered his Lordship seeks aid of the adventuring community to find his daughter and bring this “General” to justice.

The company who set out on this task were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker of the Berwickshire Medium and the Scouts Guild;
  • Red Kent and Shaun Baseborn of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment; Perrin of the Guild of Mages;
  • Errant Ectar de Vymont of the Black Order;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa, Chaplain Griffin; Sister Kate of Vleybor;

The company were stopped by a guard and a militiaman who checked permits and grumbled about the increase in banditry with the turn of the seasons. The Borderlands were always likely to turn to sheep rustling, reeving and other banditry, but this was a newer more aggressive form and it was vexing them sorely. They encountered a group of bandits who tried to bewitch the Pathfinder into attacking them first, but this soon broke out into a fight. The bandits scattered and several got away to report their tale to their leader. This came back to haunt them, the bandits “innocents” avenging the deaths of their friends, whilst our heroes gave up trying to convince them otherwise.

They came upon a group of cultists recruiting local people to join their little club, and whilst they were not actual heretics they were preaching an ethos similar to some of the Dark Six. The group stopped these people from recruiting a new member of their cult, but it seemed that they had already gathered many to their way of life from many classes. They encountered a preacher of the cause who talked over them loudly, not hearing their questions or counter-arguments as he told of the glorious lives that they should be leading, to better themselves and enjoy the riches that could be theirs if they only worked towards that goal. This vexed Brigit greatly and she has a suspicion about the nature of this group.

They found a group of the club squaring off against followers of “the General”, both groups claiming that the missing girl was supposed to be with them – “the General” having snatched her away from the club, who had in turn enticed her away from her Father. Eventually the adventurers were able to get past and into the village beyond, who had lost many of their young people to the club. The “General” had set up his winter camp locally, and the adventurers were given directions and headed up the rise to the camp.

They found the camp, the “General” and his men, and a fight broke out after it became clear the group would not give up the girl willingly. Errant Ectar began an honour duel against a champion of the group, but treachery! Others interfered and his companions rushed to his aid, and eventually the General fled the field pursued by the Black Knight Errant and Brigit. His wounds were eventually bound and he was brought back with them to seek the King’s Justice. The young noblewoman wished to be returned to her friends, her attitude vexing Brigit more as she spoke about freedom from responsibilities and a carefree life. The Pathfinder deliberately led them through the wilderness back to Nelfarig to avoid the noblewoman’s new “friends” as they returned her to her Father.

But this group preying on hope out in the borderlands has Brigit concerned, and will seek out the truth of their ways lest they be heretical.


Monster Mission: The boy and the beast

Adventurers were summoned by an Oluthen merchant to find and save his son from a terrible beastie that had taken him. These heroes were:

  • Athryn Vinyár of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Dr Leofrick Llew O’Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; Father Robert Eddlemann of Sidhe;  Father Finwe of Longstor; Brother and Novice Eluriel Vinyár of Kharach;

They came to the outskirts of a great ruined house and were met by a group of Brodoc who wanted help in clearing out a monster from the house, but the group were wary of these dwarves and Tungdil wasn’t willing to help them unless absolutely necessary. They met the great beast and a mage, and it seemed to the mages that the hideous horned creature was an illusion, or a curse. The creature wished to be free of the curse set upon it by a faerie witch, and the heroes were willing to give it a go – fae being evil after all!

They disturbed a group of dark elves hunting through the ruins, who then rushed the party and attacked the elves in their company. As they tried to pick up their allies the monster came to their aid, cutting its way through the dark elves bellowing at them to get out. Hurrying through the garden the adventurers came to the edge of the faerie realm, fighting through groups of pucks and other pesky fae things before coming upon the witch. Conducting a rite around a young man the green skinned witch cackled maniacally and set her raggedy pets upon them, but Tungil, Dr Kyle and Father Eddlemann rushed her and rescued the boy from her clutches. Alarmingly the witch continued to mutter and curse as she died.

The young man, the Oluthen’s son, was not willing to return with them to his Father – who had given him to the monster in payment for sleeping beneath the ruined wall on a stormy night. He had got away with a load of coin in some form of “change” as a boy does not equal a night in safety from the weather. His father clearly cared little for him, so he was reluctant to return and continue working as his apprentice. But the adventurers convinced him to try, and they headed back towards the hiring square. The fae were glad to be free of their witch, who had grown attached to the realm of man with its beautiful rose garden, but the heroes were not pleased to have fae wandering around Berwickshire. Not at all …

Their return to their hirer was marred by the fact their hirer had not expected to see his son alive, but the monster (who was once more a man) was glad for their aid and was more than willing to care for the young man who he had been forced to give to the witch. He paid them for their troubles and returned to the house, to hopefully rebuild it over the months to come.

And as for our adventurers? Confused as always, but at least they could all agree that they had had a pleasant Seventh Day afternoon.