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Ithronian Adventures

You may have noticed that I wrote “tale for another time” near the end of last week’s post. I was in two minds about giving you guys a bumper round of two adventures from the same weekend, but then I decided to just treat you this week.

Thank you Tees Valley for a lovely pair of missions and for putting up with three mildly grumpy / majorly sleep-deprived larpers who were mad enough to do a day site after a night site.

I’m getting too old for this stuff …


Monster Mission – A wee demon problem in the ‘Kettles

There is a demon infestation in Sharda’s Kettles – no doubt about it. Horrible, nasty demons, and adventurers are going to go and do something about them.

Setting out on the hiring to go and kick in a group of demon cultists were:

  • Cassidy the Guard;
  • Gunnar the Llaminusian;
  • Lord Ash of Stocktown and Edgar Ludwig Wisty of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Master Richter Kless of the School of Demonology; Giulia Farnese of the Guild of Mages;
  • Siegfried the Feudal;
  • Defender Tungdil of Tralda; Brorgar “the brave” of Crowa;

Heading through the town they encountered a strange sight – a trio of elves at each other’s throats with a guard looking exasperated with the whole situation. The elf disarmed and bound had drawn a knife on her brethren who were trying to convince her and her clan that the so-called prophecy was not in fact coming true and the weapons that some of the elven people were seeking were only going to make the situation worse. After calming down the situation they encountered a group of people who seemed better armed than their stories suggested, before stumbling upon a group of elves and dark elves arguing over burial rites and a weapon one had taken from the burial mound. Eventually the weapon was confiscated until the matter could be resolved, but the eternal enmity between the dark elves and elves is beginning to become vicious. They were met along the way by a representative of the Grey Elves who was seeking Erulisse to listen to her invitation to a gathering of the Elven people to look into the prophecies and try to resolve the situation before war broke out.

They met a man who had escaped the cultists on the edge of Sharda’s Kettles who warned them of the cult, before they crossed paths with the fools. A fight broke out (you were expecting adventurers to walk away from stuff like this?) and our heroes worked their way further into the Kettles. The very ground they walked upon was rotten, putrid, oozing sores that spread disease. Villagers had been snatched by the cultists and left to suffer, sickening from some contagion that the cultists were preparing to offer to their demonic “gods”. Our heroes put a stop to that. Smashing through the cultists who tried to stand against them, kicking over a ritual, rescuing sick villagers and generally doing what they set out to do, the heroes definitely put a dampener on whatever plans the cult has.


Player Mission: The Garden of Jane DeLaney

A strange garden has been appearing around the Valley, a place of beauty viewed through black wrought ironwork. But the garden is a place of hidden dangers and the resting place of two women blessed and cursed for their love. The adventurers have fought and killed the jealous lover (a vampire) who bit one of the girls which brought the other one to attempt to drown herself. But through the cunning arts of an Enchanter the two women have the chance to be saved.

The adventurers who answered the summons to go “deal” with this strange gateway and the undead drawn to it were:

  • Anthony the Guard;
  • Steve Pie of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Professor Thornbury of the Physicians Guild;
  • Guy Lockless of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Errant Ectar de Vymont of the Black Order; Baudwin Egremont, Feudal Vassal;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller, Chaplain Griffin, and Gorim Cragbiter of Crowa; Brother Thomas de Vymont of Sidhe; Brother of Kharach;

Hired on behalf of a noble family currently “hosting” the garden in their grounds, the adventurers were met on the road by a bard who recognised some of them. Having drunk herself under the table in the company of Huskval, she was hoping to find some decent work (and maybe some gambling). Brigit hired her to attend the Griffin Order for an evening of decent entertainment, and in gratitude the bard sang the song of Jane Delaney’s garden – something Brigit had found in various forms through her research.

Fighting through some undead they came to the gateway which showed them what they wished to see. Armed with the diary of Jane the group gathered together and were pulled through the gateway into the garden. Here they found the silver casket containing Catelyn, Jane’s sickening love, with a series of pictograms marked into the silver – almost as if they were keys to find …

The party searched each section of the garden, warned about the dangers and troubles through the ballard sung to them by the bard. In the rose garden they were jumped by undead and had to solve a horticultural puzzle. In the marsh they recited poetry to the delight of the marshkin who rewarded them with the puzzle piece. In the orchard Brother tricked his way past the entire puzzle of light by going round the outer edge that was guarded by undead. Tony the Guard solved the final puzzle under the soporific sound of the fountains, whilst his companions fought off waves of undead and faced the grindylow and the weeping spirit of Jane. With their ailments cured the adventurers hurried back to the casket, having almost lost a companion to the point of death, only to find the weeping spirit pawing at a body laid out upon a stone bench. As undead swarmed them, Brigit examined the woman’s body as the spirit wept the name of her love and realised the woman was not quite dead – the same as their companion who’s wounds had mysteriously stopped bleeding. Binding up his wounds and pouring a curative down the woman’s throat they were able to revive her to their relief. She begged aid for her love, confirming their suspicions that she was the Jane DeLaney Brigit had researched. Hurrying to the casket they placed the pieces and opened the lid to find a pale woman lying inside. Brigit, stake raised, examined her closely and felt a glimmer of hope – she was not quite a vampire but damned close. They had to get her to a Vleyborian!

Asking Jane how to get out of the garden they were told to destroy the stone at the heart of the garden. At hearing it to be an opus stone Brigit nearly burst out laughing and confidently told the Blacksmith that he would be able to break it with the barest blow of his hammer. Prepared for a magical backlash, they were not prepared for the garden to reappear in the Valley where it always should have been. The adventurers had saved the two damsels in distress and hopefully freed them to live the life they had wanted, even if their first taste of freedom involved a frantic cart ride to several Vleyborian holy sites.