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Ithronian Adventures

The season is turning quickly now, the woodland aflame with a riot of reds and ambers and golds. Mist hangs from branches, floods the fields as the light fails, crafts atmospheric scenery for the backdrop of epic tales. But for all the beauty of autumn, danger lurks in every shadow, and where there is danger there is trouble, and for Brigit and Tungdil that’s Trouble with a capital T.  

Player Mission – In the shadows of the Eldergloom

The Collector seeks further pieces of the broken tablet retrieved from Darius by members of the adventurers. And with the elves and dark elves causing mischief with their “little” war, he doesn’t care if he makes the problem worse by invading some of their sacred places. Hiring a group of adventurers, he directs them to an ancient elven grove believed to contain another piece. But for Finwe this ancient elven grove was important to him and his people, and he turns to his fellow adventurers for their aid. The heroes who went with him were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker and Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry and Scouts Guild;
  • Red Kent and Tucker of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Dr Leofrick Llew Kyle of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Lord Ash of Stocktown, Guild Protector Alchemist;
  • Guy Lockless of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller, Chaplain to the Griffin Order; High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor;

Accompanying them from the hiring square was a guidonese mercenary looking to make a bit of coin. They crossed paths with a group of dark elves who told them to keep away. After a quiet word with Finwe they left. The next time dark elves crossed their path they were in the company of demons – something Finwe had warned those with demon-sight to keep an eye out for. These were swiftly dispatched, but before the company could advance on towards the glade the guidonese showed his hand. Striking at the Pathfinder, he praised Bequifis and made a run for it – with Brigit and Tucker chasing him down. He didn’t get far though … They were met at the entrance to the elven glade by a group of dark elves and elves fighting, but the elves were dismayed to see Finwe arrive. He talked them down, stopping any further fighting between his company and his people. But their disrespect of his position would not stand, and he lost his temper with these youngsters of his race. The gateway to the glade was open and the way guarded by puzzles and traps, which the company were able to pass by through wit and charity and by riddling. There was a circle which required people to put something into a box to get out of it, there was a number puzzle based on the Fibonacci sequence, and a load of automata that kept getting fixed. The ancient elven grove was the home of the Eldergloom – a great tree that has supped on water and magic for thousands of years, tended by the elven people with great reverence. The spirit of the tree sees all, knows all, and at her feet lie the bones of ancient warriors who came to her at their end. The Elves have sought her council through the ages, and she is not happy to have humans there. The spirit bid them to be silent and leave, though Finwe was welcomed through the ranks of the elves gathered in her shade. He went to lie beneath the Eldergloom’s boughs and seemed to fall into a deathly sleep, which alarmed the party when they were unable to reach him. A fight broke out and the party was split – most of them trapped beyond some kind of veil and a few left within the glade. At this invasion the Eldergloom raged and summoned forth her long dead warriors. Struggling against them, hunting for the tablet, trying to quell the raging spirit as best as they were able took up much of the company’s time and efforts. But beyond them Finwe was fighting his own battle, which spilled into the real world when he woke. As he launched himself on the corpse lying beside him – which awoke as an ancient Mummy of the elves – and tried to kill it, the party were squeezed against the veil by another round of undead. And from behind the ways into the glade were opened as a new group of seekers arrived – a group of dark elves seeking for a weapon. They demanded the group hand it over and the veil dropped. The party turned away from the falling bones of undead into the blades of the dark elves and the scuffle was inevitable. But as her companions surged against the dark elves, Brigit went to try and get rid of the mummy. All the religious members of the company were out of power, so Brigit knelt in prayer to her Goddess in desperation – and Crowa answered. Giving of her lifeblood and strength Brigit stood alight with holy power and dismissed the mummy, with every dismiss growing weaker and frailer. She teetered on the edge of death as her company turned in horror as they heard her voice ring out with Crowa’s power, shakily stepping back from the tattered remain of the mummy. Having secured their goals the adventurers hurried back to the Collector, copied the tablet, handed over the original and dealt with other matters before Brigit was whisked away to the physicians who could do nothing more than prescribe bed rest. But as the days pass her strength returns, but the Collector has another piece of the tablet which he so desperately seeks. What could it possibly be?  

Monster Mission – Of Prophecies and Omens

 Strange alchemy has been making its way into the hands of the common folk – a pink oil that is rumoured to cure all ills for all but the unworthy. The Guards and Alchemists are concerned, and so hire a group of adventurers to track down the source of this elixar and bring them in.

The adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Nancy and Athryn of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Mara Brack-on-Hill of the School of Demonology; Perrin of the Guild of Mages;
  • Errant Ectar De Vymont of the Black Order; Errant Ivers of the Templar Order;
  • Defender Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; Father Robert Eddlemann and Brother Thomas De Vymont of Sidhe; Brother and Supplicant Eluriel of Kharach; Sister Kate of Vleybor;

They encountered various groups of people who spoke of the oil’s properties – praising it’s virtues and raising a drink a drink a drink to Lilly the pink the pink the pink. The lame were walking, the bald had a full head of hair, but not all were “cured” of their ailments. It seems the potion did not work on all, but they were clearly weak and unworthy. Alarmed, the adventurers examined a bottle of the stuff and found it to have a religious aura, which only spurred them on to get to the bottom of it.

They rescued an elf who was about to be burned by a group of lirronese clansmen, and reunited him with his sister; found a couple of bodies horribly marked and butchered; were waylaid (fairly successfully) for a time by a group of bandits who just wanted coin to buy some “pink”, before they found a group of people who were not fairing so well after using the oil. One man was inflicted with disease, another had bark growing out of his skin, and several of them had died from some internal injuries the heroes could not heal. Trying their best to help these people, it was decided the best way was to stop the spread of this “pink”.

They met a prophet who spoke of signs and portents pertaining to the coming of some great creature – the sun rising in the west, birds flying upside down, and more. They dismissed him as a mad man, but the appearance of more of the Brodoc (brotherhood) amongst the people had been noted by Tungdil and others. Perhaps they were responsible, given the Arkendak symbol was a golden sun on the chest and he had “risen” from the Pit …

They came to the hawker drumming up business for the ointment, whilst his alchemist patron watched on. Unwilling to state his source, the hawker tried instead to get the heroes to buy a sample. Defender Tungdil went and had an angry word with his church member, trying to get her to reveal her source, but he was not able to get her to talk until the guard turned up and started arresting people. Lilly’s motley crew tried to make off with her alchemy tools but Brother stopped them, and in the end a series of court dates were set with Tungdil getting grumpier and more frustrated as the dusk settled. But they did get a direction for the source.

They came upon a group of Kryganites who were looking for the “pink”, and a strange wild woman who was waiting for Lilly with a big bottle of water glowing with a holy light. She told them of the dreams her village had been having of the creature under the lake, a creature that was going to come soon. She was sharing the blessings from her Elders, told to share and pass the water amongst the land. This alarmed the heroes, who now seek the lake and its creature, but first they had to deal with Lilly and her troublemaking “pink”.