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Ithronian Adventures

The Merchant Maricorvax has recent returned from foreign shores with tales to tell and artefacts of mystery to display. Inviting the adventurers of Berwickshire to a little party he hopes to ingratiate himself with the great and the good and offer aid for the campaign at Labry, however great misfortune befalls the man – a murder and a robbery all on the same evening!

The Maricorvax party

To start the entertainment, Tristan Maricorvax invited the adventurers gathered in his palour to play a game, though he did not tell them that it was a game at first. Dotted amongst the heroes of Berwickshire were a number of actors playing parts to entertain for the evening, leaving little clues about a story running behind the scenes that exploded into a series of shouting matches and suspicions. Tristan’s “brother” was a merchant with power but poor business sense who was just waiting for his father to die to inherit his fortune. His long serving manservant was just want – long serving and long suffering. There was a jilted lover with promised and a child; and a merchant who had been sold dodgy goods that were never going to make them money. Low and behold Tristan’s brother dies in mysterious circumstances and it is up to the adventurers to decide who dunnit!

Who indeed …

After sometime to consider the evidence the entertainment was revealed – to be a fancy murder mystery game, the solution to which was: the merchant Maricorvax, with the poison, in his “brother’s” drink. What a scoundrel!

The rest of the evening seemed to be set for a pleasant party – with the occasional npc popping in for a chat or to pass on information regarding Labry and other ventures, until the house was shaken to its foundations by an explosion. Someone had broken into the basement where Mr Maricorvax had been storing his treasures for viewing by his guests. The thieves had made off with many precious items, including a stockpile of things the merchant had been considering giving to aid the adventurers at the defence of Labry Keep. Distraught he asked for aid in tracking down the villains responsible.

And so upon the morrow the adventurers split into two groups and went after those responsible for their host’s distress!


Player Mission: The Wrathful Thief

One group set out to track the group who headed north to try and recover some of the belongings stolen from the House of Maricorvax.  The adventurers who set out upon this were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker, Ranger of the Berwickshire Medium; and Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Seamus O’Malley, Shane Baseborn and Tucker of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa; Brother Don and Supplicant Kate of Vleybor; Brother Robert Eddlemann of Sidhe; Brother Tungdil of Tralda;

Tracking the thieves brought them through a group of DePiercy Militia who checked permits as they entered the DePiercy lands. A group of merchants had come through late the night before, according to the night shift, which was not unheard of but had stuck in the militiaman’s minds. Convinced this was the people they were after the adventurers continued on their way and came afoul of Fygolians. Fighting them off the adventurers continued on to a small village who recalled the travelers stopping briefly for supplies before meeting with another group and traveling on after dusk. After telling them that the “Traldan Fish” was always open for business day and night and urging the company to come by for a fish supper, the villagers waved them farewell.

From there things began to fall into a pattern – stumble on some heretics, be delayed, start a fight, move along. They came across a dwarf who had found some of the treasure spilled by the roadside, nearly lost Brother Don to “Rolgorians” who cast magics upon him, and chased off a pair of Rolgorians intent on waylaying them. A scout tracking the heretics gave the Pathfinder an update on the situation – how the camp had been visited by an elven figure in a black cloak who had spoken with the leaders before the camp had dispersed, and the rough numbers that had been spotted in the woodlands.

Ignoring an elf who only wanted to talk to them, and fighting their way up the hill they came to a Rolgorian priestess in a protected circle who tried to beseech to their good nature and the Vleyborians for protection against “the horrible people about to kill me.” But her fellows made it clear that whilst they were protecting their priestess they were also waylaying the party and the adventurers were getting tired of being hassled. Brigit ended up tracking a fellow through the undergrowth and down ditches until catching him with Seamus and ending him before quietly keeping the Vleyborians away from what the rest of the company were going to do.

Cresting the rise they found a figure in black clearly making plans, surrounded as he was with armed figures wearing the golden coin of Fygol / Rolgol. He told them to leave him to his business, that Maricorvax would eventually come to him and vengeance would be had for the blood spilled by Maricorvax’s ancestor – the owner of a sword that had been prominently displayed in the merchant’s house. The adventurers tried to reason with him, but he would not hear them – but his allies began to question his motives. Exasperated he ordered an attack and the adventurers defended themselves. Throwing her healing pouch at Brother Don as several members of the company were struck by a poisoned blade, Brigit fought her way to one flank to guard her friends, only being enticed into the woods as an archer tried to taunt her into foolishness. She got the archer but did not see his friend who struck at her as she ran past and she fell twitching to the ground; her immunity to poison already spent. Luckily her companions saw her plight and hurried to her aid before they recovered a sizeable portion of Maricorvax’s belongings and returned to their base camp.


Monster Mission: The One who tried to get away

The second group went south, tracking a trail that skirted a known area of dark elves before leaving the main track and entering the territory. The adventurers who went after these were:

  • Ranger Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium; Godman Armstrong of the Scouts Guild;
  • Red Kent of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Dr Krom Goodfellow of the Physicians Guild;
  • Lord Ash of Stocktown of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment;  Mara Brack-on-Hill of the Guild of Mages;
  • Errant Ivers of the Knightly Templar Order;
  • High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; Brother Valtr of Kharach;

Tracking the thieves they stumbled upon a trio of dance teachers who were waiting for the rest of their performing troop. They warned the adventurers of the dark elves and the rough area they held, but the adventurers laughed them off and kept going. A Forester way-point held them up, designed to keep the unwary and unprepared from going too close to the dark elves, but the adventurers continued on with few warnings.

The scouts found the tracks veering off the road and led the group down into a dell where a trio of their guild mates were sharing a meal and waiting to give them a report. The dark elves, normally antagonistic but territorial, had started massing in packs and becoming unusually aggressive. Forewarned the adventurers headed deeper into the territory – finding groups of dead dark elves, and one with a survivor who simply laughed at them and told them that the war packs would tear them apart. And sure enough the adventurers came upon a couple of these packs – armed to the teeth with demons walking in amongst them. These harried the party before they were destroyed, and the adventurers reached a figure in a clearing who wanted their help.

The adventurers found an elf examining an elven statue and an archway in the woodland. After the elf knelt to Finwe he tried to kill him, but the party put a stop to this and knocked out the elf. Examining the statue they found a riddle which indicated the archway could be a door somewhere … but at the moment it was not open. In walked Godman, out walked Godman convinced he’d walked in a straight line. Funny thing, magic. Finwe decided to remain at the archway to wait until nightfall after some of the adventurers tried to force him to come with them.

The adventurers fought off more dark elves, avoided a trap and finally caught up with the dastardly thieves who had made off with the rest of the loot. After fighting off his goons they found tracks leading off into the woodlands where they found the rest of the boxes of loot.

Bringing them back to the camp the adventurers returned Maricorvax’s stolen property, from which he gave them some alchemy and gifted two rings to those going to the Labry campaign.