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Ithronian Adventures

Brigit and Tungdil traveled to the Valley for a quick hiring before starting on the long road to Labry, the site of the summer gathering of adventurers at the end of the month. Needless to say bad guys were fought, mysteries uncovered and intentions questions as the adventurers set out upon two hirings that day.

Thanks Tees Valley for a great pair of missions. Sometimes smaller numbers can make for some serious scary moments!


Monster Mission: The disappearance of Lord Royce De Brus

Reports of Lord de Brus’s disappearance have reached the Guards near Darlingdale. A scion of the noble family, the minor lordling had retreated to the family hunting lodge for some sport, but had not returned from his morning diversions. His hounds however had, and the servants had raised the alarm with the constabulary.

The adventures who set out to investigate this were:

  • Guy Lockless of the Guild of Blacksmiths;
  • Richter Kless of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Blaise de Neville, Feudal Vassal; Squire Ectar De Vymont of the Black Order;
  • Novice Matilda De Vymont of Vleybor;

They traveled into the region near Sharda’s Kettles and after passing through a Militia post checking permits they came to the hunting lodge. The servants, members of the militia, greeted them and told their tale – how their Lord had set out with hounds, his manservant and his huntsman early that day and how the pack of hounds had come whimpering home.

The adventurers fought through undead and demons before being stopped by a troop of dark elves looking for information on what was stalking the lands out of the Kettles. A battle of words followed between the dark elf and Richter – neither telling the whole story but telling enough to guide the other towards an answer. They were permitted to travel on and were ambushed by undead before finding the Huntsman lying in a glade with no memory of what had happened to him after he had been hit over the head.

Nearby a group of Konnish were picking through the dead for new minions, their necromancer raising a new warrior as his fellows kept the interfering adventurers back. Squire Ectar, newly healed after a close encounter with a Konnish warrior, dashed into the fray against this new foe, but was wounded again and it was up to Sir Blaise to wade into the fight and destroy the Konnish Mage. Skirting the edge of Sharda’s Kettle they were able to find the trail of those who had grabbed the Lord. They found the villains kneeling over the Lordling, waiting for the cultist walking a ritual around him to finish what he was doing. Stopping the ritual, slaying the other cultists and demons protecting him, the cultist kneeling over the Lord was able to begin to walk away before revealing her hand to Richter who chased her down and put a stop to her mischief. They roused Lord Royce who ungratefully chastised the company for the shallow cut on the back of his neck and told the adventurers what he could recall. He seemed well enough and they returned to Darlingdale to set out upon further adventures.


Player Mission: For the betterment of Foulspawn

The militia at Catreath needed help with an increasing number of foulspawn attacks near a village. This village had lived in relative harmony with the local foulspawn over many years but these attacks were out of season and vicious and the people were worried and desperate.

The adventurers who went out to investigate were:

  • Nancy of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Qallan the Runesmith;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller and Gorim Cragbiter of Crowa; Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

Passing a Forester on gate duty Brigit learned that there had been a problem with undead rising from graveyards tended by the Kharachian Church, before running into a small horde of undead. Bad timing or what?

They were set upon by a group of foulspawn who seemed to be looking for something small who became aggravated once they spotted Brigit’s subdual stick. The militiaman who met them near the village said that they’d noticed this too, that the foulspawn became reckless if people waved sticks at them. The working theory the adventurers began to put together was that people had knocked out the foulspawn and stolen their young – but this made no sense except that it fit their current facts. The militiaman mentioned that a group of “adventurers” with some mercenaries had traveled through the area before all the trouble had started, but they didn’t sound like any of the adventurers the group were aware of.

After encountering a group of alchemists traveling to Labry and saving a lone mercenary from his encounter with foulspawn, the adventurers came to a foulspawn village that had recently been attacked. Trying to communicate with the foulspawn remaining did not go well but a lucky find of a badly torn spell card led the group back towards its owners through Brigit’s use of the ritual of Locate and Qallan’s beseeching to the spirits from which the paper had been made for a memory of who had written it. Setting out they found a group of “do-gooders” who were hoping to civilize the foulspawn by abducting them young and teaching them reason, farming and human values before releasing them back into the wild. And whilst this is not exactly illegal Brigit had issue with the morality of this act. Eventually Qallan was able to get one of these people to listen to their concerns – that their actions had put people in harms way.

On the way back to the barracks at Catreath they were ambushed by foulspawn and Qallan was bewitched. His mind turned against his company he cut his way through them, commanded to “attack” all his company. When his head cleared he hurriedly patched them up and left them lying unconcious. When they woke they were surprised to be alive, though Nancy’s leg was beyond saving, and they all limped back to town to report to the Militiaman and yell at Qallan.