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Ithronian Adventures

Summer is in full swing, with blissfully warm days, clear blue skies and radiant sunshine. Alas evil does not shun these days when (let’s be honest here) most adventurers would rather find a shady tree to nap under or find a sunny patch to laze in. And with evil afoot, adventurers must be afoot too. Come rain, or shine.

Thanks Tees Valley for a grand day out for the annual tourney, even with the odd downpour. We had a good laugh and lots of interesting stuff to follow up on!


Player Mission: The Gateway and the Garden

The guards had received reports of a trio of villagers going missing, and a bunch of warehouses having been looted with nobody coming forward to declare missing items or ownership. Pushed to breaking point with the efforts to evict the Guidonese from the Valley they were unable to spare resources and so turned to the adventurers for help.

The adventurers who undertook this were:

  • Nikolai Sandrakken, Dragonsmith; Guy Lockless of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Lord Ash of Stocktown, Baronet and Alchemist;
  • Dr Leofric Kyle and Brett Williams of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Squire Ectar de Vymont of the Knightly Black Order;
  • High Mother Brigit Wooller, Devotee Brorgar and Supplicant Gorgrim Cragbiter of Crowa; Huskval of Rolbor; Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda; Supplicant Thomas de Vymont of Sidhe; Supplicant Matilda de Vymont of Vleybor;

Setting out they traveled to the village where they met a group of the locals sat listening to a traveling bard. Brigit and the others started asking a few questions and soon Brigit learned that the missing three were connected – two of them were brother and sister and the other man was known to care for the woman. The siblings’ father was furious at their disappearance, thinking that Rose and Alex would have run off together to get married and his son Billy had probably gone after them to stop it. Not that he minded Alex marrying his daughter – but he’d prefer to be asked first. There were also some mutterings of “trouble” following the bard around and people going missing after the bard’s visit before, but no one could give any further details.

Up ahead they came to the warehouses that had been burned down and spoke to a couple of labourers who worked in other warehouses along the way. They knew nothing of the owners, but knew people had been working in the buildings before – though they were rarely seen, didn’t talk much but were always fairly polite. A group of undead were spotted up the way and as Ash and Huskval continued to try to gain access to the other warehouses to check nothing dodgy was going on, the others went after the undead. They learned the terrible new problem afflicting the Sidhean Church in light of the tainting of the connection to their Lord by demons, and spent a long time stitching up their Sidhean companions after they bled through their bandages. And then they went after more undead.

They came upon a group of Githasians also hunting undead. Wanting to talk to them about their reasons for wandering around Brigit sheathed her sword and spoke to them amicably, assuming the rest of the party would jump them in their own time. However, the Githasians were able to leave unmolested until those more vocal in their dislike for dark god followers went and hunted them down, leaving the rest of the party to fend off wave after wave of undead. Regrouping they encountered a group of Guidonese with automata and hostages, and another fight kicked off. The hostages were rescued, the automata dealt with and one Guidonese was questioned about his reason for being in the area. After Brigit was done talking the unconscious man was tipped into the bushes by Guy and Brigit went to help patch up the others, little knowing that Guy had loosened their “prisoner”‘s bandages and left him there to die.

They encountered a group of Grindilow looking for someone called Jane Delawney, holding a piece of cloth that had something to do with her. They then encountered a group of Githasians wearing black masks who had hunted and killed the other Githasians who the group had encountered before. They were waiting on some information and had claimed it from their fellow church members who they believed were not worthy to bear that information. After talking with them a fight broke out and the party were able to retrieve some documents. These documents made reference to a fountain of youth and perfection, and a garden, and after a heated discussion between Brigit, Huskval and Matilda regarding the document, Brigit walked off with the papers to copy later. Coming out of the woodland they met an Enchanter with a group of mercenaries and automata who was waiting for something.

And that something was the appearance of a wrought iron gateway that appeared like clockwork. And whilst the two groups faced off against each other, undead were drawn into the area and attacked them. The Enchanter and her Guidonese hirelings were killed, the company were unable to enter the garden, but some undead were able to get through. Brigit tried to dismiss them from outside the threshold to no effect, so she prepared some holy water and attempted to cleanse the site – a priest’s go to solution to things that just don’t make sense. As she knelt in prayer she felt her Goddess leaning close and she was gifted with a vision of two souls within the Garden that were imperiled and drawing the undead close. Shaken by this vision Brigit returned to her company and told them of what she had seen.

And so Brigit has new research projects to undertake in the Durholme Libraries and there is a clockwork puzzle to solve and souls to save.


The Summer Festival – the Annual Tisa Valley Tourney

This year’s summer festival was dedicated to the River Tisa and her fae spirit Peg, to show that the river is valued and prized for its role in the region – not just feared for its destructive tendencies. There were a number of competitions – archery, duels, a grand melee and team skirmish.

Brigit entered the duels, facing Squire Ectar in the first round and getting soundly beaten, and the Squire proceeded on to the final where he conceded the victory to his younger sister by refusing to strike her. After that Brigit acted as healer for the grand melee, running around the combat to patch up the wounded with Dr Kyle, and picked folk up as they were knocked out in the team skirmish.


Monster Mission: Demon crawl in the tunnels

The guards also had a problem in another part of the Valley where one of their guards posts had gone silent. They asked a group of adventurers to go out and investigate, and the adventurers who answered this request were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Treewalker of the Scouts Guild;
  • Seamus O’Malley of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Qallan the Runesmith;
  • Edgar Ludwig Wisty of the Guild of Alchemist;
  • Laakaarion of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Richter Kless of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Blaise de Neville, Feudal Vassal;
  • Lady Olivia de Haviland, High Primate and Primate of Vleybor; Angus McAllen of Tralda;

Leaving the town they passed through a guards post manned by a Forester and a trainee guard. Bitter about being recalled for city-duty the Forester was no nonsense and terse with the company, whilst her trainee was still learning the ropes. She warned the adventurers that there had been an increased undead activity out in the outskirts of their ranges, but could tell them little about what had happened to the guards.

The adventurers came upon a number of demons as they investigated the missing guards – finding the guard post abandoned, coming upon a Sidhean priest who was tending a shrine and blinding himself in an attempt to talk to his God, before they entered a set of tunnels and found themselves fighting demon cultists in the company of a selection of demons. Most of them just wanted to “play” but the adventurers were having none of it and sent them back to Sharda through the demonologist’s use of his power or the use of enchanted blades.

After clearing out the tunnels the company returned to the guards and reported what they had found.