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Ithronian Adventures

The Primate of Krygan – head of the Church of Corruption; priest of the Mother of Monsters; strongest of the strong. He has been prowling the county of Eborshire for several years, investigating ways of making creations of his Goddess better – stronger – at the cost of the innocents around him. Catching the attentions of the local adventurers a long campaign has been waged against him and his creations, culminating in a final assault upon the forest in which lay his stronghold. Along the way people have lost much to this monster. And now the adventurers of Ithron intend to destroy him.


Thank you to the referees, organisers, props makers, player and monsters who came to Leedsfest ’16. I thoroughly enjoyed myself seeing the conclusion to this long running plot, and am amazed at how everything fit together and played its part – even the scattered document located on mission 1!

I cannot name all those who attended, and can only give the story from my perspective, but I will tell you the tale of the hunt and the defeat of the Primate of Krygan and his nasty little horde of monsters!


Adventurers from across the country gathered together at the hunting lodge of Sir Crispin Falcon, adventurous knight of the Grey Order, who had summoned the adventurers to Amnor last year to secure the sword of San Pedro to fight against the Primate of Krygan. Earlier this year High Father Harry Braithwaite of Longstor fell before this villain and his monster.

Arriving in Eborshire the company were greeted by members of Sir Falcon’s household and Brigit requested permission of the Grey Knight to erect and bless a small shrine to Crowa for the duration of the campaign, as a sign of hope to the militia and defiance against the Kryganites. With the help of Trevelyan, Father Leoric, Brorgar and Father Ulfarr Brigit dedicated the shrine to Crowa. But, alas, all was not well. The locals had gone to ground, fleeing the Kryganites or turning to them for protection, for who can deny that they are the strongest?

A group of adventurers went out to investigate something referred to as the “gift” of the Primate, and the camp was attacked by Kryganites who were determined to drive the adventurers out. Of course, this made them more determined to dig themselves in, and when the band of heroes returned they found the camp on watch and ready for action.

With the summer gathering swiftly approaching some members of the company took advantage of the situation to make a very dangerous material – planar metal. A combination of three special metal, planar metal maintains a powerful connection to the Gods even when walking in the realm of demons, and there is a task to perform. However the creation of planar metal is a dangerous exercise – who knows what creatures might come through the rifts torn between the planes. In preparation for the likely event of demons, High Primate Lady Olivia asked Brigit to stay and help protect the group as they forged this blended material, and Brigit blessed Kai’s bastard sword to give them a choice of weapon. And lo and behold a demon with long blades at the end of its forearms stepped out of the tear between planes. Quallan, William and Brigit leapt on it with their weapons drawn and beat it back. Again another creature stepped through, and again Quallan and Brigit beat it back. Eventually the tear closed and the demons stopped coming through, though Brigit was unnerved by the lingering pall that draped over the metal and upon one of the mages involved in the rite. Confused she took Lady Olivia aside for a quiet word and learned that the Gods grant until their High Priests and Priestesses the gifts of demon sight.

The rest of the evening was peppered with the occasional foray by the Kryganites testing their defences, but as the night deepened people settled into playing card games, playing chess or socialising with their friends and companions. At some point Fortescue lost his trousers in a bet, but the details surrounding that are still somewhat sketchy …


The next morning Brigit, Wulfric, Osrick and Ulfarr set out with a group of adventurers to see what could be done about the werewolves in the area. Many were Kryganite and set in their ways, though others were Longstorian and being forced to bow to the will of their Alpha. Leaving behind some of their friends to guard the camp, they set off into the Kryganite infested woodland to seek the pack. On the way they encountered lots of Kryganites, werewolves, a werebear (or two or three) and some Longstorians trying to reach a local dryad who was under threat. With grisly offerings to the Mother of Monsters lining the way, the company found pieces of torn paper which Brigit collected in her bag for future study. It soon became clear that the Kryganites hoped to corrupt the Dryad to their own purpose, to strengthen their monsters and creatures for the fight that was coming now the adventurers had descended upon the hunting lodge. Racing against time the company pressed on and soon came upon the tree. Somehow the dryad was saved before the corruption could take hold, though Brigit saw none of this as she went off into the woodlands to protect lone members of the company and fell foul of Elderkin. Somehow she survived through the swift actions of her companions and the healers, though she lay for a long time in the dirt …

Returning to camp Brigit asked for a brief status report – all was quiet – and offered what little remained of her power to protect her companions as they set out to try and speak sense to the local smiths. Gathering her scribal kit Brigit began to copy out the torn document they had found and discovered it to be a letter from a child to its mother talking of the wolves and the monster. Had anyone heard of this? The diagram was alarming and she set aside the copy and scraps to show to people later on. Time passed slowly, the camp was quiet and it was pleasant to engage in idle chatter with friends and companions for a change. However, when the second group returned Brigit was greeted by Qallan with the sentence “It’s not my fault” as the High Primate was led to Brigit bearing a Kryganite mask. The company had been able to talk sense to the blacksmiths and convinced them to lend their aid in conducting repairs overnight for the adventurers, but Lady Olivia had tried to demonstrate that the Light was stronger than the Darkness and had kicked a shrine to Krygan. She had been grievously cursed and no cleansing would be able to lift it from her. The Longstorians were repelled by the touch of the Mother of Monsters upon the Primate of Vleybor, and spent the rest of the evening keeping away from her or telling her the extent of her foolishness.

Leoric, Tungdil, Brorgar and Trevelyan joined the company heading after a known Kryganite physician who had been conducting diabolical experiments upon creatures and locals to make a new range of monsters. They forged a path through the woodland and the ranks of Kryganites, and came at last to the laboratory. The physician himself didn’t last long, but it took some time to examine the grisly experiments and objects littering the site – and all the while things kept coming out of the woods. The experiments were strange – some of them were quickly bred orcs chosen to swell the numbers of the local foulspawn, some were experiments at crafting werewolves or making seers, and some were just vile concoctions that exploded when struck. Eventually the adventurers beat their way back to camp and brought news of their victory, securing the notes so that no one would be so foolish as to attempt to make these horrors again …


As Wulfric began to arrange the lists of required repairs from the company, Brigit joined members of her church in the shrine for a time, before joining the select council who drew up the lists for the two endeavours upon the morrow. One was to hunt down the creature – the so called “gift” from the Primate that was terrorising the area; one to hunt the Primate himself. After splitting the company Brigit helped by scribing up the lists for the following morn and the evening descended into festivities and frivolities and people living life to the fullest on the eve of battle. There was a long running game of dice and cards using dares for bets (the Pathfinder skipping and singing, the dwarven kiss chase and the “duel” to make High Mother Anne smile are a few of my fonder memories) and the dwarves “happened”. The dwarves, very satisfied with their attempts at matchmaking Lady Olivia and Sir Stafford the previous summer, decided to turn their attentions to other individuals of the company. This seemed to involve singing, coaching the gentlemen involved on how to behave to woo their lady, and meddling and mayhem besides. Brigit may have befallen good dwarven intentions before giving them a piece of her mind, but the evening was spent in pleasant company and laughter.


The next morning the battle lines were drawn. One group trekked through the woods after the monster and fought wave upon wave of Kryganites and their assorted abominations until the creature came forth at the summons of the priests. Elderkin were chased across the field and often vanished into the undergrowth, werebears caused havoc, Kryganites waded through the front line, and a few of the physician’s smaller experiments caused much mischief – acid spitting frog anyone? When the creature came onto the field Qallan went to attack it and was swallowed whole by the gigantic mouth that split its belly in two. After a couple of chews and the party launching itself on the thing Qallan was spat out and the creature fled to lick it’s wounds. But it came back and many of the party were put to the floor before a few of the group were able to muster themselves and launch a rescue. By some miracle Qallan did not die but was put into deathsleep, and High Father Bill Burns made sure that the corruption of the abomination was purged from the land.

The other group were not so fortunate to come unscathed from their own hunt. Marching out to meet the Primate and his forces and avenge High Father Harry the company were held at bay by Elderkin and other followers of the Mother of Monsters, harried this way and that until a circle of protection was put in place to protect the “squishy” members of the company. The Primate eventually came to the field and shrugged off the magical assault that came upon him from the mages. At the sight of the heretic Leoric charged after him alone as the Primate retreated and forced the coward to turn and fight him. Unbeknownst to his companions he called out to Crowa and gave himself in Final Battle to stop the heretic from harming anyone further. Back on the field Leoric’s absence was reported to Brigit and she and Osrick hurried after the Crowan devotee to fight by his side. But they were too late – Brigit crying out to him as the Primate fell and more Kryganites seethed from the woodland – and Leoric finished his fight and collapsed to his knees. As Brigit wept over the death of her friend she was forced to keep fighting on as more enemies came at her companions, taking up Leoric’s blessed mace to cut bloody swathes through those who chose to fight her. Where the Primate fell a vile corruption began to seep into the ground, and High Mother Anne had to cleanse the land to stop its spread. Once the battle was done, and the enemies defeated, Leoric was carried back into camp to a warrior’s funeral.


A bittersweet victory, one hard won, Brigit contemplates the cost and mourns the loss of her guardian and friend. But the fight must go on, for whilst the danger is past here in Eborshire there are still threats to the people of Ithron that must be seen to.