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I know I said wow not so long ago, but wow! Here we are again after two years (!) with Wolfish Written still going strong. Last year was more of a “pinch me” moment, but this time around I’d like to share a few of my personal favourites and highlights of the last 12 months.

Here on the blog we’ve hit 100 posts, continued to post weekly and continued to share the adventures and mishaps of the Fools and Heroes world, as well as a few more of my “healthy larping” posts regarding winter and summer costuming, dealing with wet gear, prepping for fests and general personal first aid at events. I plan to refresh and continue these posts over the course of the next year to maintain a helpful and informative resource for new (and old) larpers.

There has been a shift away from “starter kit” and simple tutorials towards kit walk-throughs of my own projects, and over the next 12 months I intend to get back to doing some more tutorials and finishing the set on making belt pouches. I’m toying with the idea of rewriting some tutorials as proper simplified tutorials, and doing some better diagrams / photos to try and condense the amount of information and photos put up here on the website. My favourite walk-throughs / tutorials are on making prayer beads, decorating re-useable scrolls and making the reversible quartered doublet (which is also one of my favourite projects I’ve done this year).

Speaking of projects, I’m also very pleased with how the Rose and Lilly gown came together, and the decoration on my 18th century inspired “pocket”. The pocket itself could do with being a tad longer in the body, but that’s something for another day.

The most surprising thing I’ve found this year from you guys (yes, that does include you, dear reader) is the interest shown in how I create characters, and the few posts I’ve written on my current/past characters and their costumes and backgrounds – even writing an “inspiration soup” post on request. With this in mind I intend to continue looking at “making characters quickly” posts or similar upon request, to hopefully give food for thought the next time (or first time) you are creating and outfitting a larp character.

Compared to where I was a year ago I am still looking at ways of incorporating all the things I love into my hobby – singing, music, historical costumes and improving my own crafting techniques. I love the details and differences that makes every character unique, as well as the little touches that can turn a character from looking “ok” to  “awesome”, and I hope to continue sharing this with you all over the next 12 months.

Raise a glass / mug to the blog. Hip hip huzzah!

~ Space_wolf


If you have anything particular you would like to see written about here on Wolfish Written that relates to general larp, kit prep, ideas or simple tutorials – shout out below!