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Trouble stirs in the Valley. Bad people seek to get away with evil deeds, but the adventurers are having none of it! Time to call in the heroes to kick in the doors …

Thanks Tees Valley for a fun day in the sunshine. A great pair of missions that certainly wet the appetite ahead of Springfest!

If you know you were there and have been misnamed (or forgotten on the lists) please comment below or contact me at wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.


Player Mission – Kick in the Doors

A group of Roden have been gathering together undead and demons in a village away from the main trade routes, intending to hold an auction for possible buyers. Learning of this, the Guards and Foresters requested a group of adventurers to brave this dangerous lair and clear them a path so they can prevent an illegal auction from taking place.

And so, on the holy day of St Alfred, the adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Jem P. Wylde;
  • Master Ash of Stocktown of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Fortescue Everbright of the School of Enchantment;
  • Sir Stafford de Bayard and Squire Daniel DeBurgh of the Knightly Griffin Order; Blaise de Neville, Feudal Vassal;
  • High Primate Lady Olivia de Bayard and Sister Ismay Cramer of Vleybor; Mother Brigit Wooller and Father Leoric McColic of Crowa; Mother Sybil Kennedy and Brother Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

Setting out with a brief sermon from Brigit in celebration of her Goddess’s holy day, the adventurers advanced on the village and encountered resistance from a band of undead. After reaching the village they were presented with a number of targets – the forge, a number of buildings and the village hall. Clearing each of the targets got them closer to their goal and prevented any nasty surprises coming at them should their enemy call for reinforcements.

They rescued some villagers from their Roden master in the Forge and learned that any villagers with skills had been permitted to live by the rats, otherwise they were turned to undeath. After curing them of a sickness they had caught by kicking a zombie (note – don’t kick zombies!), the group progressed onto a warehouse.

Inside was a mummy, a known rogue necromancer, and lots of undead. As they fought off the creatures and tried to get rid of the mummy, Fortescue and others secured the necromancer. Brigit found herself lying in a pool of her own blood as the mummy struck her down before advancing on her companions, though through the graces granted by Lady Vleybor her life was saved. The priests and Tungdil dismissed the Mummy and the party gathered themselves for another advance.

They came upon a group of people who had been diseased and locked in cages to turn into “merchandise”. Freeing them after destroying the undead, they found an Abraxian who only wished to die. The Crowans were prepared to let him stand and draw a weapon, but after he stabbed the corpse of his Roden captor, Jem stabbed him in the back to “solve” the problem.

They advanced on another building where they found a trio of demons feeding on staked zombies. Leoric drew his enchanted blade only to be wounded and as he tended to his limb Brigit took up the weapon and destroyed the demons. With the demons dead and the undead cut to pieces, the adventurers turned their attention upon their final target – the village hall, whose door was ajar.

Inside they found a group of humans claiming to be “poor villagers” but most likely seeking to trade with the Roden, Roden and their undead monstrosities and a good all-round scrap. Brigit, Erulisse and Sybil ended up chasing down the Roden mage after it cast infuriating magics on them, which led to Brigit hounding the ratty creature through the woodland as it kept trying to cast spells at her and her companions; until Erulisse was able to make it freeze in place. Brigit took advantage of its predicament and slew it so that it would no longer cause trouble.

Gathering together they shared what they had found and left the village to report to the Guards, leaving the path clear for the Law Guilds to do their job …


Monster Mission – Quallam vs The Grudge

Quallam has been making plans to remove a threat to the non-humans of the Valley (particularly threatening to Dwarves and Halflings) which is a Cyclops and it’s band of “grudge” known as Gnolls. Having found their encampment and made preparations, Quallam gathered together a group of adventurers to go and kill the Cyclops leader. The adventurers who went with him were:

  • Carlton of the Guild of Scouts;
  • Brorgar and a member of the Guild of Mercenaries;
  • Dr Leoric Llew Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • Quallam, Runesmith; Nikolai Grigori Sandrakken, Dragonsmith;
  • Master Meror of the School of Necromancy; Guildsman Richter Kless of the School of Demonology; Carmine “Red” Salvadore of the Guild of Mages;
  • High Mother Anne Turner, High Father Bill Burns and Father Finwe of Longstor; Father John de Nada of Crowa;

Having sourced a vial of dangerous alchemical goo, the adventurers trekked through the tunnels heading for the known camp of the Cyclops. Quallam made a small hole in the tunnel roof, tucked the vial inside and smashed it – bringing down the roof, part of the wall and a whole load of stunned Gnoll into the tunnel. Digging out their fellow and fighting off the dog-like creatures, the adventurers were eventually able to climb out of the rubble into the encampment. Here they fought their way through Gnolls heading towards the centre, freeing halflings on the way and having a proper good scrap against Gnolls and Foulspawn.

When not fighting Gnolls they were fighting tiny undead – all that remained of the Halflings and Dwarves after the Gnolls have had their supper …

In the centre of the camp they found a number of tents in which were Gnoll and undead – some were standing guard, others learning how to be shaman, and in one a terrified Halfling was being forced to teach its captors about alchemy as the Cyclops sat back and watched. They fought the Cyclops’s minions, destroyed his pet undead and eventually the creature itself. With him gone, the Gnolls are likely to scatter back into their holes to feed and replenish their numbers, but they’d not be preying on Halflings or Dwarves any point in the near future – at least, that is the hope …