One hundred. It’s just a number, right? Just a series of digits strung together – 1.0.0. It doesn’t feel that much, not when written on a piece of digital paper and tacked up on the virtual cork boards that most blogs essentially are. Particularly not when (spoiler) the two year post is coming in a couple of weeks.

But if you look at the number and look at the context – it’s a big number. One hundred blog posts, strung back to back – week in, week out. Planned around events, around weekends away, around packing up a house and unpacking a house (yeah, we kept that one quiet, surprise!). One hundred posts without fail. And when it’s put in that context that’s a big number.

I feel like I want to write something insightful, but I think that’s coming with the 2 year “look what we did” post you can expect soon. So I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to be honest and write something a little more personal for a change.

If you had told me two(ish) years ago that I’d have picked up this blog (which is at least 5 / 6 + years old starting back in the rambles pre-larp) from the tattered mess it was in and have kept it alive, nurtured it, and made it a weekly habit – I’ll be honest, I’ll have probably laughed. Then again, if you’d have told me two-ish years ago that I’d be writing kit posts and walk-throughs and tutorials some people might actually use (!) I’ll have probably laughed my socks off. Sometimes I still do.

I’m proud to have got here, and am proud that you guys come by, potter around and enjoy reading what goes on up here. Thank you.

So, please join me and raise your mug of tea / coffee and toast another 100 more!