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After a night at banquet in the Valley Brigit finds herself boarding a boat and heading for parts foreign. Where will her adventures take her upon this bright and frosty morning, and what will go on in the land she left behind?

Thank you Tees Valley for a great weekend, with the annual meal and the daysite. It was lovely to get to spend an evening in conversation without having to worry about a surprise fae/dark church/demon/undead attack, followed by a good day out in wintry sunshine.

If you know you were there and have been misnamed (or forgotten on the lists) please comment below or contact me at wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.


Monster Mission – Confession of a dead man

A young woman has been murdered and whilst the matter was thought settled, a new confession has come to light. A nobleman, a local judge, has confessed to the murder of the young woman – a 10 year old cold case in the area. The trial has been held and the execution arranged, but there is a concern that the aggrieved family of the girl may decide to take matters into their own hands.

The adventurers hired to protect the execution from outside influences and prevent the girl’s family from attacking the condemned man were:

  • Godman Armstrong of the Scouts Guild;
  • Ash of Stocktown of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Richter Kless of the School of Demonology; Fortescue Everbright of the Guild of Mages;
  • Sir Stafford de Bayard, Griffin Knight and King’s Champion; Sir Vincent Savage, Feudal Vassal of Berwickshire; Blaise de Neville, Feudal Vassal of Tisa Valley and a member of the Feudal Militia;
  • High Primate Lady Olivia de Bayard and Ismay Cramer of Vleybor;
  • Jem P. Wylde;

Setting out from Whitebay they headed towards the nobleman’s estate, passing through a pair of gate guards and encountering a group of Guiadonese moving building materials for the port settlement they were establishing nearby. After trying to explain what was needed in terms of permits and other legalities, some members of the local adventurers agreed to return to explain what was required or to make inquiries on their behalf to the relevant authorities.

They came upon a group of Kryganites hunting through the area, and a Longstorian shrine which had suffered at their hands, where all the faithful had been slaughtered at their prayers.

Met by representatives of their hirer their task was set out – to patrol the area and keep the aggrieved family away until the execution was conducted. On their patrol they encountered a number of Konnish with demons in tow, and a Kharachian priest who was heading to the execution to lay the soul of the condemned to rest. However she was not heading into the estate but out towards a hunting lodge. Informing her of the dead Longstorians and concerns of the demonic activity in the area bought the adventurers time to delay the execution, as some of them were convinced that the judge was not in fact the guilty party, and they continued on to the lodge to inform the officials the Kharachian priestess would be delayed. They were met by a group of out-of-uniform militia who barred their way. Under orders from the Duke they were unwilling to let the adventurers past, however they were persuaded to escort the adventurers down to the lodge so that they could pass on the message from the Kharachian as to the delay.

Reluctantly the militia escorted them to the lodge where the adventurers were unable to postpone the execution but were able to make off with the body prior to it being laid to rest (to the alarm of the militia and the anger of the Kharachian) and took the body to a Sidhean shrine for questioning before finally passing the soul onto Kharach’s Halls.


Player Mission – Off to foreign fields

Erulisse Saerwen and Nikolai were looking to travel to Llaminusia and on to Tholon to conduct matters of research and of import to themselves. They gathered together a group of adventurers in the Valley and set sail for the port of Llaminusia to speak with his Grace, Duke Colt Garrison, in regards to the site of Flax and safe passage through his domain on to the border.

The adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Pathfinder Wulfric Nolastname of the Scouts Guild;
  • Carmine “Red” Salvadore of the Blacksmiths Guild; Nikolai Grigori Sandrakken, Dragonbourne; Quallam, Runesmith;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Meror of the School of Necromancy;
  • Mother Brigit Wooller, Father John Nada, Father Leoric McColic and Gideon of Crowa; Father Finwe and Novice Bartholomew Carver of Longstor;

Arriving on the shores of Llaminusia Erulisse conducted a rite to greet the land and Brigit stayed back to observe and guard the elven ritual. When they regrouped with the others they met with the Duke and his retinue who gave them a brief update on the state of his duchy. Erulisse wished to travel to Flax, a piece of land linked to Ithron by powerful magic and the site of a portal stone. Concerned by the influx of Konnish and other threats she wished to check on the security and protections on the site, and was alarmed to hear that the Duke had not been able to spare the men to place a constant guard on the site.

Continuing on they came to the site of the portal stone with no obvious guard, but as Erulisse discovered that the stone was still active and briefly stepped from Flax to Hadsfield and back, a group of dark elves came out of the woodland and examined them intently. Quallam conducted some meditations on the stone and found that whilst it was unprotected visibly the stone was more than capable of shunning even his inquisitive mind. All this whilst the Crowans and Longstorians kept a careful eye on the dark elves prowling about them with sharpened weapons. They came to the dark elf camp and some of the party spoke with the Matriarch, trying to learn of a group of dark elves in league with the Black Sorceror. Some of her people had spoken of a new group of dark elves who had arrived at the area unexpectedly and were unaware of the uneasy accord the foulspawn had in place with the new Duke. She could not say where these dark elves had come from, only that they were hunting for bits of dragon and had just appeared, and it was decided that the adventurers would investigate should they be working with demons with portals.

A trio of men from Ymal came upon them on the road and asked them for help. Their mountain library was under attack and they needed help to push back the Konn and protect the books and priceless scrolls in their keeping. They were reluctant to go to Ithron (what with the number of Guidonese in the country) but were willing to meet with some of the party in the Llaminusian port to discuss the matter and give details so that help could be mustered.

They found the dark elves and the dragon kin they had enthralled to hunt for draconic items and fought them, leaving one alive to try and interrogate. Then they turned towards the Tholonese border and here they fought with Konnish and their demonic allies, interrupted what appeared to be a dark rite and captured a Konnish warlock bearing a document. Then they continued on their way to Oleg’s cave where a member of his dragonbourne informed them that Oleg was sleeping. He answered what questions he could, and Nikkolai and Erulisse stayed behind to seek audience with the dragon when he was awake. With the Konnish warlock their prisoner the rest of the adventurers headed for the port, with most of them boarding a boat back to Ithron. Brigit and Leoric remained in the port to meet with the Ymali and hear of the danger that beset their precious library.