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“Far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old …”

Brigit and Tungdil and a host of other Berwickshire adventurers headed north over the hills, braving ice and snow and sleet to venture out upon hirings near the city of Dunlirron. Mysterious thefts and disapperances and bandits befell them and more besides.

Thank you Edinburgh for another emotionally charged pair of missions. The weather wasn’t exactly spectacular and we’re still getting mud out of our gear, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.


Monster Mission – Roden under Dunlirron

The adventurers were hired by the Law Guilds to investigate a number of disappearances and thefts from the city of Dunlirron. Those who set out upon the streets of the city were:

  • Jnr Forester Henryk;
  • Roger the Blacksmith;
  • Erika Nix and Fortescue Everbright of the Mages Guild
  • Sir Stewart DePiercy, Knight Commander and Head of the Griffin Order;
  • Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

The group were informed of the recent problems of theft and missing persons and went to the marketplace to see what was known by the locals. They found that prior to their arrival the nobles’ militia had swept through the area and bought out all stocks of alchemy and the bulk of a blacksmith’s stock before they mustered out to the advancing face of the Immortal Ice, which has come far to the south in recent months. The locals were frustrated with this and the disruption and had little else to say except that the Butcher had been found slain within his shop and what an awful shame. Taking this as a lead, the adventurers went to the boarded up shop and found a horrific sight – the stench of blood and death and rotting meat laden heavily on the air and a great hole chewed through the floor. This led to tunnels underneath and Tungdil and Henryk went to investigate. They came back uttering curses, having disturbed a pair of rat men (roden) in the darkness that set upon the company as they went to investigate.

They entered a set of great tunnels beneath the city and found a local militiaman beset by roden and undead and grateful for the rescue. There was something big, she told them, so big she’d run before she’d identified it. They fought more undead and roden, the tunnels growing colder and Tungdil, praising Tralda, was forced to writhe in agony as he had the last time he had come to Lirron and ventured onto the Immortal Ice. They had to be travelling beneath it! Where did these tunnels lead? They came to a cavern where a group of roden and a redcap came against them. More roden came against them as they ventured further into the tunnel system, and all the while the tunnels were getting colder and colder as they ventured further under the Immotal Ice. There they met a fae knight with roden retinue who bid them leave the Hunt Master’s realm. Sir Stewart was not happy being told to do something by a fae, so he informed the creature thus and was cast into a slumber. His party fought off the roden and killed the fae knight before continuing on. They found a second knight commanding the roden as to their next targets – the nobility of the city – in the company of his redcap minion, and fought these too. The fae knight yielded when it was clear the adventurers were the better warriors, though when they were discussing what to do with him he stood, touched a vein of ice that split the tunnel wall and vanished. The party returned to their hirer with disturbing news which matched reports the Guard had recently received of a missing member of the nobility. They would endeavor to stop these roden from causing more mischief, but what are they doing working with the fae?

Player Mission – Greyson’s Final Battle

Lord Kinnley is concerned by reports of bandits on his land and lights sighted in an abandoned tower beyond the bounds of his holdings. Summoning adventurers he seeks the source of the problem and the lights, and the adventurers who answered the call were:

  • Wren of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Pestopheles of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Apprentice Patricks of the Mages Guild;
  • Sir Benedict of the Templar Order;
  • High Father Greyson Kelly, Chaplain Rose, and Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa;

They came upon a magistrate undertaking the execution of a criminal for theft from the King’s caravan, and upon waves of zombies that seemed unending as Brigit emptied much of her holy water over them. A body by a tree led the group to wonder if the reported bandits were around, but surprise! Dark elves sprung from the woodland and fell upon the party, leaving them fighting for their lives and tending to poisoned wounds.

They came upon more dark elves, followed by undead, and fell into what would be the pattern for the day – fight off the creatures, most of the party get dropped to the floor, the poor physician would tend to one of the warriors who would be roused and go to finish off the remaining creatures that were harassing the work of the healers. Undead tried to gnaw on the companions, a wraith prowled the ranks of the dying until Sir Benedict dismissed it through an item he bore, and the dark elves took great pleasure in taunting Pestopheles as she tried to heal her friends. Brigit found herself storming towards the dark elves alone, the cold rage burning in her belly as she decided enough was enough!

It was raised that perhaps they should turn back but the Crowans would not, concerned as they were with getting to the source of the matter. They cut through a mass of recently and hastily raised undead who looked to be locals, duelled a trio of dark elves spoiling for a fight, and came upon open ground where the sounds of something conducting a ritual rang through the gathering dusk. The party flung themselves into battle but fell to the ritual’s guardians before they could interrupt it. Pestopheles crawled through the mud and was forced to heal one of the dark elves before she could attempt to patch up Brigit, who was roused yet again with the question of “what happened?” on her lips. Shedding her heavy water logged cloak Brigit set off into the gloom to keep the remaining dark elf at bay, disappearing from sight of her companions with the name of Crowa on her lips. She returned with its blood dripping from her sword to find her companions back on their feet and Greyson’s sword arm being put in a sling. They had failed to stop the summoning and the death knight that had walked over the fallen companions. There seemed to be nothing left they could do.

Sir Benedict presented a plan, for him to locate the necromancer using a piece of the scroll that had been discarded after the ritual, and perhaps track him or stop him if they were swift. The group made a quick summary of supplies left to them, and the Crowans briefly talked on final battling with Greyson ending the conversation with a sharp word to the priestess. She was not to die today.

They tracked the necromancer and found him and his retinue of undead and dark elves. The companions flung themselves once more into battle but as Brigit tried to fight the death knight she was struck and went down. Sir Benedict was threatened to be overwhelmed and slain, for his armour was in tatters, and they had no more front line fighters. Chaplain Greyson Kelly took in the situation, lifted his arm to the heavens and called out to his Lady for aid in his final battle. Then he took to the field and wrought ruin upon the foe. Brigit was roused in time to see him surrounded by enemies and hauled herself to her feet to rush to his side, trying to cover his back as he continued his dance of sword and hammer as dusk turned to twilight and the storm of rain that had been upon them turned to tears of ice.

And when it was over, he said goodbye to his friends Sir Benedict and Brigit before surrendering his spirit to his Goddess as he embraced the priestess of his faith. The wind picked up, the trees roared and Brigit’s cry of anguish split the air as she felt him go, and the companions mourned the passing of the Crowan Priest before returning to report to the Lord.