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New year, old problems. Early in the month Brigit and Tungdil set out upon separate hirings across Berwickshire to investigate disturbing reports of trouble. Undead you say? A strange sickness in a remote village? Onwards, bold travellers. Adventure awaits.

Player Mission – The tomb of Sir Lunaris

The Church of Kharach at Carlech sought adventurers to investigate a sudden appearance of undead near a small village. A tomb in the local area is known to have been disturbed, but those responsible are unknown. A group of adventurers were hired to investigate and seek out the culprit, and those who answered the Church’s request were:

  • Captain Christo Eadronhart of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry;
  • Wren of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Pestopheles of the Physicians Guild;
  • Sir Benedict of the Knightly Templar Order; Sir Vincent Savage, Feudal Vassal of the Order of the Stag;
  • Chaplain Greyson Kelly, Chaplain Rose, and Mother Brigit Wooller of Crowa;

The adventurers travelled towards the village and came upon a group of Guidonese traders peddling a symbol of Kharach and a scroll, seeking information on the local merchants to trade with and coin. Many were uncomfortable at the idea of people selling symbols of the Gods but Brigit and Greyson could see it was unblessed and reported the actions to the Church upon their return, arguing that whilst craftsmen were required to make the symbols worn by the faithful, they were never openly peddled to unsuspecting and trusting people. Brigit bought the scroll, unwilling to let it slip away in case it was important and as they continued on their way the talk turned to the possibility that the Guidonese may have recovered the symbol and scroll from the tomb. They fought a number of undead and encountered the mournful ghost of Lady Lunaris, a woman bound to her fate through her murder of her husband who now walked the world as an undead. A knight of the Black Order, a seemingly cruel man as detailed by the ghost’s account, he had been slain by her hand and laid in a great tomb in the hope the people on his lands would find peace. But alas Lady Lunaris had sealed her own fate and that of her tenants and now his rest had been disturbed the people he had terrorised in life were trapped in death. She begged their help to end their nightmare, accepting her fate for her own sin in killing her husband (even though he deserved it), but praying and hoping that she might one day reach Kharach’s Halls and end this nightmare. Brigit agreed to help her, hoping that by stopping Sir Lunaris would be enough to help the ghost, and offered a small prayer for the soul of the unfortunate woman, before the party continued on.

They came upon a dead man being robbed of his belongings which greatly angered the Crowans as the Guidonese tried to deny their actions. The suspicion that the traders had been taking things from the dead or the tomb deepened and whilst the Guidonese were allowed to leave unharmed, the party agreed to inform the Law about what they had seen. They moved the body of the dead man into the undergrowth lest others decided to pick his pockets, to send a Kharachian priest into the area to tend to the man’s soul.

They came upon a small clearing in the woods that once seemed to have a dwelling in it, and a butterfly masked Elyion picking over the bones of a dead man. The house seemed to have been burned down many years ago, but the man was recently dead. It was a trap, laid for those who would come to investigate, and the creature was sure its Lord would be pleased to know the body had been found. The man had been bound out of reach of the water and likely died of thirst, but as the physician and others looked over the bones, Brigit examined the ruined building with a sinking suspicion of what this place might have been. She took a small child’s toy from the burnt wreckage to take back to show Albrecht to confirm her suspicions, and rejoined the group to continue on their way (once they had convinced the Elyion to stop hugging Wren’s pregnant bump). As the little fae had said – four down, two to go – and Albrecht was running out of time.

They fought more undead and came upon a pair of Elderkin seeking Longstorians, but were unable to catch them before they melted away into the undergrowth. They rescued a Penal Legion recruiter from some skeletons and learnt what she was doing in the region, before facing down a shield wall of skeletons. Tattered and torn, their armour hanging in shreds, the adventurers made a plan which might save their armour for a real fight, knowing that Sir Lunaris was an ex-Black Knight and likely to have been raised to walk as a Death Knight. Known to sow fear amongst its foes, they protected their minds and approached the tomb. There, in tattered tabard and faded glory stood a death knight. Chaplain Greyson dismissed it before it could even begin to move, channelling his Lady’s power through his holy symbol. The creature crumbled to bones and dust, much to the irritation of the vampire that had raised the knight to be its minion. As it monologued the adventurers fought and destroyed the collection of skeletons that formed its retinue but struggled against the vampire as it pacted their best warrior, rendering him unable to strike. But it attacked him, breaking the curse, and Sir Savage beat it to the ground before Brigit drove a stake through its heart. For good measure she cleansed the ashes, before venturing into the tomb and cleansing this also.

They returned to Carlech with the knight’s tabard and sword and what they had observed and discovered, requesting a priest to travel into the area to make sure the dead stayed dead as they were supposed to.


Monster Mission – Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole …

A village down towards Durholme has been struck by a strange sickness and the Law Guilds seek adventurers to investigate. Is it just coincidence or has someone caused this deliberately? The adventurers who went to investigate were:

  • Ranger Wulfric Nolastname, Guild Enforcer Scout; Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Junior Forester Henryk;
  • Fortescue Everbright of the Guild of Mages;
  • Tungdil Stonehammer of Tralda;

They arrived at the village to find a physician in attendance testing a sample of the local river water and documenting the symptoms he had found. A Constable of the Guards gave them a list of suspects who had been seen acting strangely by the locals, who were confused and sick or generally disorientated. One of them was feeling great having swiped a swig of a dwarf’s brew, but couldn’t tell them where the dwarf had gone. With their list and thoughts on whodunit, they sought the source of the local water supply before working back towards the town. They came upon a group of ailing foulspawn and let them be, taking pity on the creatures in their wretched state.

They came to a marsh where they found burned boxes and remnants of bottles and alchemical substances which seemed to be sickening the local marshkin indigenous to the area. Someone had deliberately dumped this stuff here, but why? Suspicions grew.

They came upon a local lad who was running messages about the place but had taken the faith of Githas. He didn’t live very long after that. More foulspawn sick and weak were avoided and they came upon a merchant who had been carting boxes through the town. He could tell them very little but they found a coded note on his person. They met the dwarf with his strong dwarven drink that staved off the sickness and took a sample for further study, but he denied having any involvement. He told them about the Orc that had been behaving strangely, but he was sure it was just trying to drive him off the area because there was gold to be found. The nose knows after all …

They fought a group of Abraxians, were given a drawing of a bird by Grandfather Orc, and retrieved another piece of coded message from a pair of “mercenaries” out “hunting” foulspawn for coin. After solving the code they found reference being made to deliveries to a bridge, and set off to look for the landmark. They found a group of Guidonese traders and retinue loitering around and eventually escorted some of them towards the bridge after disarming them, though a pair of them slipped out of sight and away when no one was watching. They led them a merry dance looking for the bridge until admitting that the Alchemist Tabanor, who they thought they had caught, was not amongst the party and so the culprit had escaped. Vexed, they returned to the Guards and informed them of the disappearance of the Alchemist, handing over the permit they had taken from one of the men as evidence, to hunt down the individual another day. Curse you Tabanor! They’ll get you one day …