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With the festival of the dead on the horizon, and warnings of the fair folk posted around the  county is a sign that a gathering of adventurers is on the horizon. And where there are adventurers trouble often follows.


IC Party: An enchanted evening

In celebration of the Night of the Dead and his recent Errantcy, Errant Thomas DePiercy invited adventurers from across the county to join him and his family in a village near Telford’s Wall. Many adventurers attended and settled in for a night of merry making and companionship in advance of the actual Kharachian feast day at the end of the month. But something was afoot, and over the course of the evening a series of strange occurrences happened. A pair of Guidonese merchants took advantage of the appearance of “wealthy” adventurers and attempted to ply their trade, some foulspawn of the White Star made an appearance to punish one who had been the cause of a sickness in their ranks, and the Kharachians and Sidheans were gifted with visions from their Gods. A travelling group of players performed a tale of an ancestor of the DePiercy family who was stolen away to fae and became a fae knight, and of the woman who he was betrothed too and who he believed was stolen from him by his younger brother. Vowing vengeance on the DePiercy bloodline it is said that he will return once in a generation to wipe out the family from the highest born sons and daughters all through the thinning blood to the lowliest base born sired by their family. And at the height of this monologue the actor drew a knife and killed another of the troop.

Until this point the adventurers were having a relatively pleasant evening and the mood had been uplifting and joyful. But as the monologue drew on the atmosphere grew darker until the glittering knife was seen held aloft and the unfortunate soul collapsed to the ground with a splutter. The adventurers seethed out of their seats to rush to his aid – some tending to his wound, others disarming his assailant, and another working on a hunch touched cold iron to the skin of a third member of the troop. With a wail the figure writhed and vaulted the stage to run haphazardly across the open green. Members of the company dashed after him but were unable to catch him before he disappeared.

And so the Fae crashed the party.

Over the rest of the evening the adventurers investigated a missing child and a body of bones, the strangeness of a fae contract and fae seemingly killing themselves on the whim of another. Questions have spawned questions, tempers frayed, the guard was kept busy. And behind all this is the threat of the fae knight of the DePiercy family and the fae snatching children away.

~ Thank you to everyone who attended our early Halloween party, provided food and drink, npc-ed, made merry or ran the night’s entertainments. I had an enjoyable evening after a long week, and it was fun getting the opportunity to sing IC again ~



Monster Mission: Fallen Ancestors

With the appearance of the Fae Knight, his threat, and a number of documents that came into the possession of the family over the course of the evening, the DePiercy family were not going to ignore such a threat. Calling together members of the adventuring community they set off into the woodlands surrounding Telford’s Wall. Those that joined Errant Thomas DePiercy were:



  • Ranger Wulfric of the Berwickshire Medium;
  • Don and a member of the Guild of Mercenaries;
  • Dr Krom Goodfellow and Pestopheles of the Physicians Guild;
  • Albrecht Crowe of the School of Enchantment;
  • Sir Vincent Savage and Errant Thomas DePiercy, feudal vassals;
  • High Father Andre of Rolbor; Tungdil Stonehammer, Devotee of Tralda;

Setting off into the woodlands they were met by a scout of the Black Diamonds who gave them word of a way into Fae. Travelling into a glade they were able to open a way into Fae – where they were observed by many types of faerie creature.

They stepped out near what appeared to be a village of elyions, the small fae creatures of joy with butterfly masks that seemed overwhelmed and overjoyed to see the newcomers. Excitable little things they spoke of a terrible lord that had come to their area, that had come burden with items that had been reported missing from the outside world. This terrible lord frightened them, but they were willing to help the adventurers remove his sources of power and provided them with a map. Urged to go hide themselves they bid the adventurers farewell, then went to hide in the woods.

The adventurers had four ways to travel – on each path they felt an overwhelming sense of weariness, anger, despair and fear that bore down upon them and fought against different types of dark fae protecting their “master” who held a stolen item and a piece of the Fae Knight DePiercy. Gathering each of these aspects (in the form of a grim doll) the adventurers kept returning to the village where an elyion waited to see what had befallen them. Each time they returned with another doll the elyion grew more distressed, asking them not to bring “him” there. The third time they found the Elyion peering in terror at a picture on the ground, moaning that “he” was coming.

Defeating the fourth aspect Errant Thomas had the aspects burned to weaken the fae knight’s hold on the area and with blood and by name he cast the fae knight from the family DePiercy. Angered, the fae knight appeared with his retinue to answer the summons made by a blood member of his ancient family. Hearing screams the adventurers returned to the village where the elyions were running in terror from the dark figure that had caused misery to overshadow them. The adventurers engaged in battle, fighting off the knight’s retinue before taking on the knight. Errant Thomas tried to duel the creature but was disarmed and wounded. The rest of the company mobbed the fae knight with the elyions cheering them on and eventually, after much pain and bloodshed, the knight was struck to the ground and did not get up. The tabard with the family heraldry on it was taken, his head cut from his shoulders and the adventurers returned to the realms of man with the stolen items and the knowledge that for this generation the family DePiercy would not be troubled again by this fiend.

Alas, who can say if he will come back to challenge the next heirs and scions of the blood?


Player Mission: Lost and found

A child has gone missing and his distraught mother seeks the aid of bold heroes given the number of foulspawn lurking in the area. The adventurers who answered Miss Jessica Perrywhistle’s plea were:

  • Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Roger the Blacksmith;
  • Miss Ember and Aoife Murphy of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Dr Leoric McColic of the Physicians Guild;
  • Meror of the School of Necromancy;
  • Sir Stewart DePiercy, Knight Commander and Head of the Knightly Griffin Order;
  • High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; Brigit Wooller of Crowa; Kai of Kharach;

The mother was able to collect herself and tell her tale of woe. She had looked away but for a moment and her son had wandered off. He was only a little boy, no older than 5, but he was all she had left of his father – a handsome young man in red. She had named the child in his honour – Benedict – and hoped to see him again. It fell to Sir Stewart to inform her that her “love”, if he be Benedict DePiercy, was dead. They agreed to look for the child but refused the money she offered them.

Setting out they fought a group of foulspawn, who Finn was sure had fought them before and one had gotten away. A short runty thing with a blindfold had run off, but the others hadn’t seen him. Travelling on they came upon a disparate group of travelers – some scouts looking for help in kicking over the foulspawn that had killed their friends, a mage looking for some help in a delicate matter, a representative of the Templar Order seeking aid in retrieving a book bound for the Gatesheath Keep, a man who had had some wares stolen and another who had been robbed of a prized possession that would kill any man who tried to steal the treasure it guarded. They offered coin, gratitude and whatever descriptions they could of the missing items before the adventurers headed on.

They were scouted up on the ridge, the blindfolded figure escaping as Finn recoiled from the sense of déjà vu and directed the Crowans up after him. The three forged ahead to try to catch the fleeing figure but the Orcs were numbered against them and they had to cut their way through. They were flanked by other foulspawn and the party clumped together as they fought off the foe. They found the hand clasping a gem by a dead goblin that appeared to have been strangled to death and carefully put the hand in a bag (until Ember decided to have a little fun shaking the clasped fist in the general direction of certain taller individuals). More foulspawn led to an encounter with a fae knight being tortured by other fae in accordance to the wishes of an open ended contract. The adventurers killed the tormenting fae only to kill the fae knight that wanted to die. This sat ill with Brigit and others who weren’t sure if they had just helped the contract on to its conclusion and the collection of the debt owed.

They came upon an orc looking to “hire” the adventurers to find the “magic elf”, of whom it had a picture. Finn had been collecting these pictures of her – foulspawn bounties set by the Seer to stop her from interfering in his visions. The adventurers refused and the orc was slain by an overenthusiastic member of the company. On the road ahead they heard foreign voices trying to conduct trade of some sort – a group of Guidonese merchants who then claimed the foulspawn they had been idly chatting to had taken their wares and robbed them. Quick, kill them, they cried but the adventurers tried to settle things amicably. Things, of course, descended into violence and the foulspawn were killed, the merchants got away, but the items were recovered including the missing book, a box, the belongings of a mage and a document on the Fae.

Pressing on the adventures came upon a strange gathering. Fae seemed to be vying for the attention of a young man clutching a tattered doll dressed in red. The young man seemed to be considering offers of employment but answered to the name of Benedict when called. Here was the missing child, stolen away to Faerie where time had passed so swiftly that he had aged from child to man almost overnight. As the fae tried to convince him to come with them, the adventurers tried to convince him to come back with them instead. A fight broke out and the adventurers were beset by fae. The boy was eventually convinced to go back to his mother to have chance to think on what he wanted to do and Brigit took an opportunity to take him away from the fae whispering in his ear. She and Leoric began to escort him home and answered some of his questions on his father’s faith in Crowa before they encountered the Templar representative and the other seekers of lost items. They waited for the rest of the party to catch up, returned the belongings to their owners and returned the boy to the village and the shock of his mother at seeing her baby all “grown up”.

Brigit agreed to return to help explain things to the boy and guide him in the faith of the Seven in the hope that learning of his father’s faith may bind him to this world and cause him to shun the enticing realm of Faerie once and for all.