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Another glorious autumnal day, full of sunshine and crisp golden hues. Another adventure as Brigit and Tungdil visit the city of Kirk Leigh and lend their aid to a local hiring.

Thank you Leeds Branch for running these missions and for welcoming us so warmly. It was lovely to come back and spend the day with you.

If you were at this event and have been misnamed (or missed off the list) then either comment below or contact me at wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monster Mission – The man in red

A group of adventurers were hired to locate and retrieve a rogue demonologist who had been accused of some serious offences. The adventurers who set upon this task were:

  • Percy Thrower and a member of the Scouts Guild;
  • Tom Blodwinson and Havak of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Janco Swithenbank of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Carmine ‘Red’ Salvadore of the Physicians Guild;
  • Schoolmaster Robert Sheen of the School of Thaumaturgy; R’Shiel of the Guild of Mages;
  • Brunhilda of Clan Quartzfist; Blaise Neville, Feudal Vassal;
  • Huskval of Rolbor; Brother John Nada of Crowa;

With the militia deputising Red for the day (tabard and all) the adventurers travelled along the cart road. A group of bandits could be seen in the woodland who refused to interact with them, leading to the concern that they were waiting to ambush them or other unwary travellers. Red decided to flex her new lawman muscles and demanded to see permits – at which point the first one they found in the nettles got onto the road and dashed off. Another three bolted up the hill and the rest tried to scatter.

Up the hill they came upon another group of armed individuals who seemed to be spoiling for a fight. But as the woman launched herself at Brother John with a cry praising Abraxis her companions took a step back in horror. As she was knocked out (then killed) her hired muscle either ran or were interrogated, blabbing at how they’d been hired for a fight but didn’t know they were being asked to help aid a heretic – honest!

They came upon a demon in discussion with an individual who was not the demonologist they sought, fought off a group of mercenaries hired to stop them, and came upon a trio of women waiting for their friend to return before going to a party. They might have already been at the drink … and were quite giggly as they talked about the amazing thing their friend had gone to fetch to take to the party, without knowing what it was he had gone to get. Alarmed the adventurers continued on to discover another group of mercenaries guarding a demonologist as he conducted a summoning rite for another gentleman. After convincing the hired men that their hirer was a bad man and if they continued to assist him they would be guilty of his crimes also, the adventurers were able to get to the demonologist and the demon. The demon was slain, the demonologist unfortunately exploded on them and the soul was taken by a sinister entity to the agony of all religious people there.

Heading back towards town – Red now covered in gore from the exploding demonologist – they were “ambushed” by a group of bandits waiting for the demonologist, and more mercenaries sent to stop them from returning to town. The adventurers defended themselves and returned to the town to report on all that had happened.

Player Mission – Into the proving grounds

The graveyards outside of Kirk Leigh are tended by a group of grave keepers. Its lonely work but relatively safe – or at least it was … One of the grave keepers has gone missing and his replacement seeks the help of adventurers to check out the area and hopefully find him before she takes up her duties. The adventurers who set out on this search were:

  • Tungdil Stonehammer, and two members of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Forgemaster Arthur Mason;
  • Dr Leoric McColic of the Physicians Guild;
  • Kira Morgan of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Sir Stafford Du Bayard, Battle Knight of the Knightly Griffin Order; Squire Dexter Brady of the Templar Order;
  • High Primate Lady Olivia de Haviland of Vleybor; Sister Sybil Miller of Tralda; Brigit of Crowa;
  • Joshua the bowman;

They passed through the gate guards at Kirk Leigh and headed towards the grave yard, making preparations should the worst have befallen the poor man. They got to the graveyard to find that it had been desecrated – graves emptied, markers damaged, the whole place was a mess. Dismayed the three priestesses cleansed the area with the help of their Ladies and Lord Kharach to attempt to remove any lingering taint if undead were responsible. As they did so an Elderkin was spotted watching them from the woods – and this Elderkin was to observe them all day.

It seemed that something had torn up the graveyard and left, perhaps taking the grave keeper with it, so the adventurers attempted to search the local area. However, a group of Githasians distracted them and gave some hints as to where the undead they were looking for had gone. They attempted to encourage some of the adventurers to come join them – Brigit trying to explain to them why that was not a good idea – and others decided the wisest course of action was to put them to the sword. One particularly vocal one was chased off into the woods, spared only because the Priestesses were concerned that he was deliberately drawing the Knight and devotees of Tralda and Crowa off into a trap.

However the Githasian would not leave them be and it was only when he was attacked by dark elves were the adventurers able to reach him and bind his wounds, to the complaints of others in the company that he was a filthy heretic. Sir Stafford attempted to talk to the dark elves but was attacked. The adventurers patched up their wounded, the Elderkin slew the Githasian “just because” and they attempted to continue on their way. Hounded by dark elves, harried and wounded, the adventurers struggled to hold their own against the foe – but hold their own they did, and rescued the grave keeper who had been maimed for the dark elves’ amusement.

They fought their way back through the dark elves and learned that they had stumbled upon their “proving” ground, therefore making them targets in the rite they had interrupted. An attempt at diplomacy failed, they were attacked and Lady Olivia put her foot down. Through the grace of Vleybor she prevented any from harming her so that she could tend to the wounded. Angry at this use of vile magics the dark elves tried to convince these interlopers to heal up their own people. When this was not done one of the dark elves tried to force them to do so by rolling Brigit off into the bushes (not realising that thankfully she was already healed and was just unconscious).

Once everything was resolved and the adventurers were back on their feet they heard screams. Running towards them they found the Githasians beset by dark elves before being hunted off into the woods by the lone Elderkin observer. Expecting an ambush Sir Stafford bid Tungdil to hold up the party and continued on with Brigit and Dr Leoric to “spring” any trap. All they found was a scout who had been tracking through the area and who hoped to meet High Father Harry to give her report. Urged to return to the city to make her report there, the adventurers learnt that the scout had tracked some large ogre-like tracks back the graveyard. The grave keeper was heartbroken at seeing the graveyard in such a state, and whilst Lady Olivia and the Forgemaster tried to console him, the Traldans sought guidance from their Lady on a matter most concerning to them. It seems the pair of them were overcome by a strange hunted feeling and it was most alarming to them (understandably).

Returning to Kirk Leigh they made their report, returned the grave keeper, gave a warning as to the dark elves and the strange creature. But this development is most concerning to them – has a Crystal Ogre been at the bodies and if so, what diabolical plot is afoot?