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On a lovely atmospheric day Brigit and Tungdil found themselves on the road southwards in the company of good friends and compatriots. With danger behind them and the unknown before them, it was just another day for the adventurers of Ithron.

Thank you Tees Valley for a lovely day out of fun and adventure, and for putting up with the mini-Newcastle invasion. We all really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to coming back to your branch in the near future.

If you know you were there and have been misnamed (or forgotten on the lists) please comment below or contact me at wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monster Mission: Missing Bodies

The Kharachian Church seek the help of adventurers to investigate a number of thefts from a small Kharachian Shrine out in the wilds. A group of adventurers answer the call and gather at the Stocktown Pavillion. These were:

  • Kai of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Quallam of the Guild of Blacksmiths;
  • Witchfinder Mortimer Lowe and Meror of the School of Necromancy; Apprentice Richter Kless of the Mages Guild;
  • Blaise Neville, Feudal Esquire;
  • High Father Bill Burns of Longstor; Brother John of Crowa; Huskval of Rolbor;

Heading out of the Pavilion the adventurers were subjected to the standard permit check and search that all of Stocktown’s Lawmen undertake. As they did so they dropped a few tit bits of information to the adventurers who would listen – that the Queen had given birth to twin boys, that there had been an influx of Guiadonese merchants and there had been a group of merchants turned away from the town for incorrect permits.

Further along the road they encountered an angry lynch mob who were taking justice into their own hands with an ex-Mithran from their village. After convincing the peasants to let him go they came upon the group of disgruntled Guidonese merchants who had been hoping to gain an audience with a representative of the Ducetisa family to view their samples. After discussing the matters they were given directions to another settlement on the river that might be more agreeable to them.

Fighting through a group of undead foulspawn they came upon a pair of Rolborians who had been marked with the word “Traitor” on their foreheads and killed. After preparing a scroll Meror laid the souls to rest before Huskval called out to Rolbor to welcome his servants safely to his realm before he burned the bodies Llaminusian style. Ahead was the Kharachian Shrine whose doors had been broken open and cart tracks led away from the building. It seemed a number of bodies had been taken, but where and by whom?

On the road ahead was a group of militia men who were unwilling to discuss their noble lord’s intentions for the area. After walking around them and the trio of automata the militia moved to stop them leading to a scrap. Only one of the militia were saved for questioning and she revealed that her Lord Bulmer had put them there to guard the road. The automata destroyed, the party cut through another pair left on guard duty and continued on to the stockade. Smoke rose from a workshop within the wooden walls and with a bit of effort Quallam boosted Richter up the wall to take a quick look – the verdict? People working in a lab and automata.

Lord Bulmer was willing to talk to Blaise Neville and Witchfinder Lowe, even escorting the pair into his compound to view his lab, but once they had returned to their party a decision was made to break a way into the lab and kick over the lab that seemed to be using the missing bodies (all of the Bulmer family) to some to some suspicious purpose. As they did this, Lord Bulmer and his automata moved to stop them. With Lord Bulmer inhabited by a mute angry spirit he was difficult to subdue, though the party did their utmost and smashed most of his precious automata.

Something strange is going on, and the adventurers will surely get to the bottom of it!


Player Mission: Missing Pilgrims

A pilgrim’s trail runs through the Valley from south to north, winding its way past holy sites and shrines. Whilst the main trail is well traveled and signed, there are smaller older trails that criss-cross it, or so some say. A trio of pilgrims (the remains of a group of seven who had begun this journey) had been seen in one of the main towns taking one of these old paths, but given no word had reached the shrines as to their safe arrival at Mount Grace Abbey, people were getting concerned.

Turning to the adventurers they sought their aid, and those that answered their plea were:

  • Tungdil Stonehammer and Raven of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Nikolai and Roger of the Guild of Blacksmiths;
  • Dr Leoric McColic of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Albrecht Crow of the School of Enchantment;
  • Sir Stafford du Bayard, Battle Knight of the Knightly Griffin Order;
  • High Primate Olivia de Haviland and High Father Crag McFist of Vleybor; Brigit Wooller of Crowa;

Heading towards the woodland that the pilgrims were expected to enter, aware that the dark elves were at each others throats in their own form of civil war, the adventurers first passed a farming community who were in the midst of a heated arguement. Two of their number had gone to fight for the Mithran cause at Hadsfield and their neighbours had claimed their land and farms for themselves. The men had returned, judged by the law and under a community sentence to atone for their choices, to this. Of course tempers were going to fray. The adventurers listened to the two sides of the arguments, with Lady Olivia and Sir Stafford bidding the individuals involved to seek judgement on the matter from their liege lord, but to show due respect to any graves or family holdings on the lands now temporarily in their keeping. One of the farmers approached Brigit and Dr Leoric as they listened and asked the two Crowans if they could help “sort” his problem if he dug a couple more graves. Brigit, horrified, gave him a piece of her mind and left the village in a great deal of distress.

A dark elf approached them from out of the woodlands and gave some information on the current conflict to Erulisse Saerwen on the different dark elf tribes involved, before the party continued on. They met a group of dark elves with a demon amongst them who simply wished to pass by unharmed. They were allowed to, though the possessed one took a great deal of interest in some members of the company. Lady Olivia and Sir Stafford were able to get it alone and purged the elf of the demonic taint, before the party continued on – debating the option of kicking off at the dark elves who were clearly working with demons against refraining from entering into their war.

They were enticed into an ambush by a Roden and fought off a group of undead before they located the three pilgrims – one of whom was not entirely what he seemed. As Dr Leoric looked to their wounds, Brigit offered them water and what comforts she was able to, whilst Erulisse Saerwen determined the true natures of their faiths. The Rolborian seemed to be lying to them, which concerned all involved. Whilst they were doing this a group of dark elves came to claim their “hants” – excommunicant ghosts. Angered at the hurt these creatures had clearly caused to these pilgrims Brigit argued with the dark elves before the adventurers threw themselves once more into the fray. Once they had patched themselves up and left Roger to return to his senses after being obeyed, Brigit leant her staff to the Vleyborian pilgrim to help him back to town.

They returned with the Rolborian one bound and the Kharachian and Vleyborian pilgrims grateful to be alive, before Brigit continued on to the Sidhean Priests at Mount Grace Abbey with the pilgrims to see them on their way. But the missing members of the company worry her still – are there other hants lurking along the pilgrim’s road, and is there one of her own faith trapped between worlds?